All alone ragini episode 44 (no more its just ragsan)

The episode starts with people doing flower decorations.
Swara and laksh making baby swing decorations.
Sanskar is holding baby and roaming here and their.
Sujatha comes and takes baby and asks him to get ready as they should sit for puja.
Sanskar gives baby to sujatha and knocks room door.
Sanskar:-its me ragini.
Ragini:-one second and comes and opens door.
Sanskar enters and sees ragini.
Sanskar:-untill now u didnot get ready.

Ragini:-i am cant u see i am already dressed i should just wear jewellary and goes towards mirror
And says first u get bath and get ready otherwise u will get late.
Sanskar about to go but comes back and hugs her from back and say u too come naa so that u canGive me company.
Ragini:-i will but not another day and turns and pushes him to get ready.
Swara is decorating and laksh pitches her stomach.
Swara shouts and looks at laksh angrily.
Swara:-pinches on leg…
Laksh too shouts and sees swara
By rubbing leg.

After few seconds both laughs.
Sanskar comes out in towel and sees ragini taking few clothes from cupboard for him sanskar goes back and taps on her shoulder and she turns sanskar immediately shakes his head and all water get sprinkled on her face.
Ragini stops him from doing and asks wat u did sanskar u were making me wet.
Ragini cleans herself and her face.
Sanskar is seeing her cleaning Self and sees few drops on her lips and neck he moves towards her which makes her alert and she too moves back and finally hits clothes rack.
He finally comes close to her and holds her waist and drags towards him slowly and makes her face lift by holding her chin and kisses lightly on lips to just remove water drops and on neck and comes back to normal position.

Both sees each other with so Love. They both hug .
Sanskar:-because of this all we are having a baby and u still get shy and nervous of my touch as it new and tickles her.
Ragini laughs and pushes him and says i am beautifull to u or became old..
Sanskar:-you were always young and hot to mee..wify.
Ragini:-in that same way if we became old also ur touch makes me feel as if its new.
Sanskar:-ha ha you too becoming romantic.
Ragini:-what to do my husband making me like him and smiles.
Sanskar about to catch her but he pushes him and runs.
Sanskar also gets ready and comes out.

They both does pooja by keeping their baby on lap.
Pooja completes .
Dp takes baby and smiles playing with baby..
Pandit asks family member wat name they want to keep for baby.
Sanskar:- ananya maheshwari.
And tells 3 times in baby ears.
All shouts hello ananya.
Laksh:-i will call her anu.
All smiles seeing laksh playing with baby like a small kid.
Ragini helping with ladies in kitchen slowly.
Ap and sujtha both looks at eachother and sighs and looks towards swara.
Sujatha:-dii we got our princess from ragini wat if we got prince from other side and sees towards swara who understands and blushes.
Ap and sujatha blesses her and leaves from their.
Ragini smiles seeing swara face and goes towards her and shows her face in one steel plate.
Swara:-wat r u doing.
Ragini:-just look at your face you turned into red by blushing and Laughs .
Swara tries to hit her but stops her
And says wat to do my love is not as fast as like your and yaa my husband gives me time to sleep and winks at her.
Ragini understands her sentences and hits her.

Ragini:-chii shutup .
Swara:-comes close to her and says how many are their in list ..
Ragini:-widen her eyes and about to hit her but she moves back and Hits sanskar and laksh.
Sanskar:-ochhh see and walk naa swara oh my god u hitted me hardely.
Laksh:-come on bhai she wont hit that hard.
Ragini:-may be u got habituated of it but for not my husband naa so he will feel pain.
Sanskar and ragini laughs.
Swara:-so mean laksh say to them that i will not beat u daily.
Laksh:-wat r u saying yar as if u will beat me occasionely.
Swara hits her head.
All smiles.
Laksh:- now what.
Swara:- nothing and she goes from their.
Laksh looks at ragini and sanskar.
Sanskar:-go and plead her ..
Laksh:-what i did and for wat
I should be sorry.

Precap:-a good news from swara side

I changed my ff name as ragini is no more alone she now having a loving family and wonderfull husband and a sweet baby

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  1. Awesome epi. And I had the exact same name for the baby

  2. I had feeling u would do ananya and I was going to tell u to do it

  3. Awesome

  4. wow ananya is my favorite name and my cousin name. Srry this my last commant 15 days more fr public bt read ur ff without fail. Missing u bye

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  5. very nice …

  6. wow…awesome episode…sindhu i will miss u bye now onwards i cant comment…coz 10 days more for my exam n special thank to you for supporting me by ur comment for my ff swaragini my soul…bye tc love u…miss ur ff a lot…

    1. Welcome dear and all the best for your xams

  7. I’m also a tejaswi fan n used to read ur ff. thanks for making such a lovely creation dea

  8. Oh my godddddd!!! I really get a feeling as if the name is kept for me☺️☺️you make me feel so special Hahahaaa…I love you for that!!! I love that name btw??…and Yaa I might not be able to catch you episodes for some time as I am having my boards but still I will try..once again tysm..

    1. Thank u so much
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  9. amazing

  10. Awesome

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