All alone ragini episode 42

The episodes starts in hospital.
Chopra starts to say their drift between them and varmas.
Chopra:-we also have construction bussiness we dealed with them in a construction of few building for schools. We handled cement test by one of our emoply but varmas brided them with money with our kniwledge .while construction building automatically collapsed and 1 worker died and many of them injured then case went to cbi. And they made few tests and declared that because of low quality of cements and this all happened.they arrested me then pradeep had a frd in cbi and with his help he brought varmas out and he made arrested his son.
But mr varma dont knew that his son did this he pleaded us to take case back but we were not ready because here some one died and his family came on road thats why pradeep made him arrested which Made him more angry and warned him by saving that he will make pradeep feel how it will feel when our family members or dear ones gets hurt infront of us.
Pradeep:-and he did it i will not leave him he tried to touch my wife .if he hurted me i may leave him but he tried to touch my wife and unfirtunately u got hurt .u and sanskar were good by heart thats why nothing happen to u and wat if … i cant imagine.
All looks at him meanwhile he gets a phone call and goes from their after few minutes he comes back and says they have arrested them and hugs chopra …
Sanskar is filling few papers regarding ragini discharge papers
He completes and turns and sees pradeep who stands their with tears falling from his eyes.
Sanskar goes towards him.
Pradeep:-i accept that i want to take revengue from u by hurting u And ragini but not ur baby or by not killing anyone trust mee.
Sanskar goes towards him and hugs him and says i knew my frd will never kill anyone haa he may hurt but not kill.
They both hug eachother happily.
Next day morning ragini and sanskar comes to home by holding their baby.
All gives arrti to them and welcome them.
They take baby to room where are All younge people present their playing with baby .
Ragini is resting to another side of bed where sanskar sits with her and sees them fighting for baby.
Laksh and swara are fighting meanwhile uttara silently takes baby and comes to sanskar side and they all laughs seeing them fighting.their smiles make laksh and swara alert and smiles in embarresement.
Sanskar:-both of u want baby right.
Laksh and swara:-yes.
Sanskar:-it was in your hands then.
Sanskar looks at ragini who smiles at swara innocent answer.
Sanskar:-come on swara try to understand naa how can i say if u ask me directly…
Ragini laughs loud….
Laksh and swara first looks at them confused but later understands wat they ment and Feels embarresed and looks here and their by seeing them ragini and sanskar starts laughing loudly.
Ragini feels somepain lightly and touches her stomach .
Sanskar asks her are u ok just then pradeep comes with priya and says .
Pradeep:-u have to be carefull ragini because u had surgeory u should not pressurise on stiches
Ragini:-ok .
Sanskar smiles at him .
Priya sits next to ragini and thanks her for saving her life by risking her life.
Ragini:-when pradeep is my brother then u were my bhabi right and u were also my husband special sister so u were also special to me.
Baby starts to cry ..
All leaves ragini feeds baby and makes her to sleep and sanskar comes inside and sits next to
Baby and cares it.
Sanskar:-ragini do u want to ask me any questions.
Ragini:- haaa
Sanskar:-say it …
Ragini:-wat name are u thinking to keep for our babyy..
Sanskar:-not that one ragini ..
Ragini:-do u belive me.
Sanskar:-more than me.
Ragini:-i trust u like my dad and yaa i knew u want to here about that photos matter right.

Sanskar:-haa ragini that photos were blurr and that person iss..
Sanskar:-how u knew it.
Ragini:-may be her face is blurr but not her clothes or her stomach.
Sanskar:- i didnt understand.
Ragini goes towards him and hits him on shoulders and smiles…

Precap:-cute moments between baby and family

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