All alone ragini episode 41

Sanskar cups her face and says nothing will happen to u and sends her inside operation theater and says to her that .
Sanskar:- go ragini go inside and come with our baby .i am waiting for u both ok and smiles ragini also does same.
They take her inside sanskar smiles to her untill door closed.
All looks at him emotionally
Sanskar breaks down on collapsing on chair and closes his Eyes and starts crying pradeep sees him and feels bad.
Laksh goes towards sanskar and keeps hand on his shoulder and consolling him.
He sits like statue mumuring something to himself.
Dp signs rp to go towards him.
Rp sits next to sanskar and calls him.
Rp:-sanskar dont worry everything will be ok nothing will happen to them.
Sanskar hugs him and cries.
Sanskar:- dad i am getting afraid dad i cant live without her dad i dont even want baby dad ragini is enough for us we can adopt any child dad but i cant live without her dad i will die with out her .
All cries seeing him in this state.

Rp:- nothing will happen u will only see na by seeing your love towards her not only me even all will say that she wont leave u ok.
Sanskar stops crying after Sometime but sits silently by placing his head on rp shoulder.
Soon they hear a baby crying voice all gets happy but still they were silent and curious to knew about ragini state.
Doctor comes out sanskar goes towards him.
Doctors:both baby and mother arw fine and congrates its a baby girl.
All gets happy and hugs each other.
Sanskar:- doctor can i see her plzz.
Doctor:-we will shift her to normal room then u can even talk to her and leaves from their and we will show ur baby their only.
After some time all goes to ragini room.sanskar goes and sits next to her and holds her hand.
By his touch ragini comes to senses and sees him and smiles
All family members sees them and gets happy

Nurse brings baby which is covered by a blanket baby is white and pinkish with closed eyes.
Every one curioes to see baby.
Sanskar makes ragini to sit properly .
Nurse handles baby to ragini and sanskar leans towards baby.
Both were havng tears and kisses baby.
Baby went threw all hands when it comes pradeep turn sanskar about to stop but ragini holds his Hand and stops him.
Sanskar stops and ragini says wont u see and bless your sister baby.
Pradeep gets happy with guilt and sanskar looks at her with shock.
And smiles because of her innocense
Sanskar in mind:-you were unbelivable ragini and sits again goes towards her ears and say i love u so much .
Ragini turns her head and smiles Says love u too.
They both again holds their baby
Sanskar:-i love my princess .
Baby immediately holds sanskar little finger and opens her eyes and sees him and smiles cutely.
Sanskar and ragini gets happy.
Elders goes to home.
Laksh is playing with baby by catching her hand and baby too smilez and reacts with laksh.
Sanskar is giving ragini medicines.
Sanskar:-now tell me wat happen.
Ragini says everything.
Sanskar thinks in mind:-if pradeep hand is behind this then why he will hurt priya instead of ragini.
Pradeep comes with police and takes complete sketch of goons .
Police:-dont worry pradeep chopra we will arrest them were ever they hide its our promise.
Pradeep:- make sure they should arrest as soon as possible because he touched my sister and
My wife.

Police accepts and leaves from their.
Pradeep closes his eyes and breathes in and out .
Meanwhile mr chopra comes their and asks pradeep.
Chopra:-wat happen pradeep and how.
Pradeep:-dad this all was done by
Varmas men they only send them to hurt us hurting priya but unfortunately ragini took
Bullets .
Chopras goes and blesses her and her child.
Sanskar:-who are varmas uncle.

Precap:- harted between varmas and chopras .
Pradeep guit feeling

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