All alone ragini episode 40

The episode starts with sanskar as always leaving to office but feels restless and hugs ragini .
Ragini:-wat happen sanskar why u look different today.
Sanskar:-promise me that you will take care of urself.
Ragini:-pulls him close to her by his tie and kisses him on cheecks and says i will take care of my self ok and if u stay restless then how can i be peacefull sanskar.your sweet and cute smile makes my Day peacefull and happy so fastly give me that smile so that i can be happy like always..
Sanskar smiles and kisses her on forehead and leaves to office.
Pradeep watches him going and calls to someone.
Swara takes ragini and priya to garden in their house and they were just walking .
Suddenly few goons comes their and shows them kniefs and treats them to give their jewellary and One of the goon from them sees a priya photo and sighs to others .
Three removes jewellary and swara collects it and gives to them
They all eyes each other and takes a gun and points towards priya.

All gets shocked swara tries to stop then but they pushed her aways and she falls down.
Goon:-because of your family and your husband you r going to die know.
Priya gets worried and touches her womb.
Ragini:-u cant do it she is pregent how can u kill her are not humanbeings do u dont have feelings
Goon:-oye gyaani devi just shut your mouth other wise u will also go with her.
Like buy one get one free.
Goon2:-kill one and another dead body free.
Three gets afraid of them and look At each other.
Just then pradeep comes their and sees them pointing gun at priya and gets angry and call to his goons whom he hired.
Goons:-yes we r coming we r stuck in traffic few more minutes we will come.
Pradeep gets shocked and realises these are someother goons and they want to hurt priya.
Goons pulls trigger priya closes her eyes pradeep runs towards Them .
A gun shot is lisened goons gets shocked and pradeep stops running beiging shocked.
Swara shouts ragini…

Priya opens her eyes and sees ragini infront of her who took bullets in her shoulder .
Pradeep runs more faster and even whole maheswaris comes out lisening to bullets sound and gets shocked seeing wounded ragini.
Ragini about to fall and pradeep comes and catches her from falling.
He cares her and asks her open her eyes with tearedy eyes.
Pradeep:- ragini plzz open your eyes meanwhile laksh also reaches their.
Pradeep lifts ragini and asks laksh to take car out fastly.
He takes ragini by lifting and asks swara to bring priya also with her to hospital.
All starts with their cars to hospital.
Ragini is holding swara hands and feeling pain.
Pradeep is seeing her from front car and feels bad.
Laksh call sanskar.
Sanskar:-laksh says wat ever happened and asks him to come to hospital fastly.
Sanskar stands from seat and tears falling from his eyes and starts sweating.
Sanskar:-first you give phone to ragini laksh.
Laksh gives phone to ragini.
Ragini:-hello sanskar i am fine plzz u wont drive fastly u promised me naa that u wont drive fastly.
So many are their with me plzz slow drive and sanskar i need u
And cries in pain.

Sanskar also closes his eyes and feels the pain which ragini is having.and says i will eeach to hospital directly.
They about to take ragini inside but she refuses to go untill sanskar comes.
Sekhar:-ragini dont do like this u need treatment u were losing blood its dangerous to you and baby.
Ragini:-i want to see him dad before i go inside wat if anything happens to me ..
Pradeep :-nothing will happen to u ragini u were like my sister today u were in this condition because of Saving my wife from goons i promise u i wont leave that goons who shooted my sister.
Laksh looks at him in shock.
Meanwhile doctors says its urgent we have to take her inside other wise baby and patient life will be in dangerous we will unable to save both.
Meanwhile sansar comes running their and sees ragini in that condition and goes to her.ragini tries to get up and hugs him

Precap:-all are waiting outside operation theater Sanskar is sitting on chair with tearedy eyes following next to laksh who is consolling sanskar.

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  1. Really superbbbbbbbb. ..

  2. Rags u r awesome dr

  3. I don’t want anything to happen to ragini or her child…..and Pradeep is not a bad guy infact he actually like priya

    1. Yes maya pradeep is not that bad

  4. Superb but plzz nothing should happen to ragini nd her child

    1. Thank u and ofcourse not

  5. Mind blowing yaar. Was truly awesome plz upload another epi today

    1. Thank u
      I will try

  6. awesome update nxt part soon…

  7. waiting 4next…..

  8. Superb and waiting 4 next episode

  9. amazing …

  10. sindhu rm u’re the best if it was in the serial right now i bet they would have killed ragsan unborn child thanqq for not doing so waiting for next epi 😉

    1. Ha ha ya u were right and thank u
      Its means a lot

  11. male: if i leave and go what will u do. Female: everyone around me cry and make me cry but i will not means she will DIE so that she cant cry when every one cry. Male misundetstand that she is brave and say selfish. Female: s ur right thays y not giving life my parents but fr ur self( to male betrayal)

    1. Ok i got it
      Idiot boy

  12. superb
    so emotional part
    waitng fr nxt one

  13. awesome i love ur ff wenevr i was free ….simply read ur ff from begining

  14. superb episode and Di you r the one who wrote ff ek anoki kahani was awesome.i think r love ragini a too di .i am waiting for the next episode .please make it fast di

    1. Yes its mee and i like her a lot

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