All alone ragini episode 4


Sanskar lifting ragini and entering into hospital.
All follows him.
Sanskar makes ragini lay on bed and doctors are checking.
Sanskar waiting outside and roaming here and there.
Dadi:-sanskar untill now u didnot answer to our questions.
Sanskar:-its not right place to answer dadi plz wait for sometime i give all answers to u.
Doctor comes out and scolds all.
Doctor:-she is having high fever how can u negelect her health like that .
Shekhar:-we r sry but how she now.
Doctor:-i gave injection to her she will get senses within 2 hours after that u can take her home but u have to be carefull untill her fever gets control.
Sanskar:-ok doctor i will take care and can i see her.
Doctor:-who r u

Sanskar:-i am her husband.
Everyone looks at sanskar consern towards rags.
Dadi and dadu looks at each other and smiles.
Dp:-will u answer now.
Sanskar:-can u wait untill we reach home or shall we make a scene here.
Ram prasad:-sanskar mind your tongue you r talking to my brother.
Sanskar:-brother dad i hope after knowing truth also u will say like this or not lets see and after wat ever he did with me still u r support him.
Ram:-wat ever u fid for that only u got punishment.
Sanskar:-so u still believe that i did that and turns to laksh and says see laksh they r not beliving me do u want to say something or still want stay mum.
Swara looks at laksh who is bending down his head and starts thinking wat he did.
Sujatha:-i dont know who is right and wrong sanskar but before trusting u i trust my upbringings but today wat you fid with ragini .. is not good sanskar.

Doctor comez and patient is ok u can take her home but still she is feeling dizzy so becarefull.
Sanskar goes inside and bring her out.
Shekhar and dp stops him and asks where r u taking her.
Sanskar turns and says with confidently i am taking my wife to my house untill now she tookcare about me and now its my turn .

They both gets shocked .
Sanskar leaves to maheswari mansion and places ragini on bed in sanskar room and covets her with blanket and comes out.
Sanskar:-u want my answers right fine.
He goes to dp .
Sanskar:-u fixed laksh marriage with ragini before that did u ask him whether he likes her or not.
Dp:-wat need to ask him we now what is right and wrong and we thought she is right for him.
Sanskar:-u thought seriously badai papa u thought about whom about your self if u thougbt about them then u should ask their opinion and yaa parents kniw wat is good and bad but here its a life of two people u can devide but u should also ask their decision after marriage if they are not happy then .then u will be the reason of their lifes who spoiled it was u who spoiled their lifes.
Dp starts thinking.

Sanskat points all and say by knowingly or unknowingly u all hurt ragini a lot even me also.
Sanskar goes near swara and says
Sanskar:-can i ask u one question swara no need to answer just think about it.
Swara nodes her head.
Sanskar:-when laksh proposed u then u also started lovong him about u were unable to accept him by thinking about laksh right in that time ragini stood up for and brought u both to one right. When u were unable to confess u may feel like suffocating right u do ever thought when ragini is supporting you both the same suffocated feeling may be she also felt but still she smiled and u wat u did u asked her r u happy with this marriage.
And laksh.

When will u change man u used her publicaly by ennouncing once u will marry her and once u wont again u will what the hell do u think about her if u felt wat the pain she felt u will never do it but u dnt want to know others pain than giving pain to other.
When swara regected u u felt very bad and want to die right do u thought atleast for a moment that when u used her and regected her wat she will face and how will she face the regection pain.
Laksh has tears and remembers all the scenes from starting to ending.
To shekar and sumi .
I am pointing u but u were very happy about your second daughter marriage and u neglect ur daughter pain i not saying that u were wrong because ragini acted well that she is happy but why u didnot notice that and only few people noticed her paon behind her fake smile.
To sujatha and ram
Mom and dad did u both didnot realise her pain did do didnot think that she is acting like being happy.
Ram and sujatha seez each other.
All bend down their head.
Dadi has tears in her eyes.
Sanskar even me also gave her pain. I want to give her all happiness which she deserves but i choose a wrong path by marrying her without her permission. But i am sure i will love her and make her to love me.

Dadi comes towards sanskar and blesses him and says
God bless me my son ftom know i will be in peace because i know that u will take care of my ragini like yours.
They all leave to their respective rooms.
Laksh stays behind their.
Swara about to go but stop seeing sanskar coming towards laksh.
Sanskar :-wat were u did with me laksh i am not going to forgive u
Laksh:-then i was small bhai i got afraid to accept.
Sanskar:-untill know laksh u still afraid u know wat laksh u r selfish u never think about other .
I am going to prove my innocense and u cant imagine wat proofs i am going to show and goes from there but stops and turns ok let me accept that u did in childish way but know u were not anymore kid but wat to did u played with a girls emotions.

Sanskar goes to his room and sits beside ragini and carering her by keeping hand on her forehead.
Sanskar:-ragini i know that i choose wrong path but my intensions are not wrong onces i reach my destination and prove my innocences i will explain u everything but ragini i will give u all happiness and from now i wont allow anyone to hurt u .they should reach first me to reach u .
Get well soon and he to slowly takes wet cloth and started cleaning her face and checking her temperature.
Sujatha and ram are seeing them from window and gets happy to see sanskar concern yowards ragini.
Ram:-finally sujatha ragini is getting all happinesswhich she deserve.
Sujatha:-but how will she face laksh and swara in same house.
Ram:-sanskar is there naa sujatha his love will give confidence to ragini to live again happily.
Ram:-i am prouud of my son.
Sujatha:-our son.

Precap:-all family members realises that they unwantedly hurted ragini.
Swara comes and sees sanskar sleeping near ragini insleeping position and smiles with tears in her eyes.

Thank you frd for liking my ff thank you so much u made my day love you all frds
Once again in this ff main leads are rag and san remainig will just stay thats it .
I am sry if i hurt anyone

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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