All alone ragini episode 39

Episode starts with pradeep roaming here and their and thinking something and call someone and plans something.
Sanskar and laksh sitting in balcony.
Sanskar goes to flash back.
Sanskar:-in our group priya is also their pradeep joined in between and he and sruthi used to love each other but he is a big flirt with priya always once he crossed all Limits.We are in farewell party.
All were enjoying pradeep is drunk and eyeing priya evily we ever unware of his intentions and we all left by our self to our homes we dont knew that priya left behind.
After some time we all came into conference call but priya is not lifting .
All sudden we are lisened priya voice to save me we all get tensed and traced her mobile threw gps but unfortunately before we reach

There priya is in very bad state and pradeep is lying next to her in unconsious state due to drugs.
We all boys turned our head and kavitha and lalitha rushed to her and covered her with our jackets and dressed her.
We lost our control and dragged pradeep to out and started beating him and arrested him.
Priya is getting treatment in hospital then pradeep father mr chopra came and begged us to Pradeep and he asked forgiveness from priya by holding his hands and said i will try to give u justice if u have no problem then marry pradeep.
Priya family is backward and very strict family and made her to marry her.
Pradeep didnt felt guilty and didnt accept to marry her which made us more angry.
Priya is always like sister to me and i dragged him onroad and we Started beating him untill he accepts her to marry and finally sruthi also slapped him hard and left him their .
Pradeep had no choice and married priya but he had a grudge on me. He said that he will return and he too said….
Pradeep:-i wont leave u sanskar because of my one mistake that too which is happened without my knowledge u gave a big punishment to me by snatching My love from me i just enjoyed with her thats it .if u dont like then close your eyes if u too want too enjoy then..
Sanskar slaps him hard and catches his throat when all comes to rescue him from sanskar.
Sanskar:-when u cant understand the meaning of brother and sister relation ship then u were good for nothing about
All frds finally frees him from sanskar.
Pradeep marries priya and while leaving he says.
Pradeep:-i wont leave u sanskar i will pray to god to make u meet me again to fullfill my revengue.
Sanskar:-i too pray to god not to see u again so that their will be no murder happen with my hands.
Flash back ends.
Sanskar is fuming in anger.
Laksh :-he is blo*dy basterd bhai chii
Sanskar:- i am afraid that he is taking My revengue by hurting ragini .
In that case i will kill him.
Laksh:-bhai control.
Sanskar:-u knew naa wat ever happen today with ragini i had a feeling that his hand was behind this.
Laksh:-we cant think about past instead we have to be carefull for future.
By seeing photos also ragini didnot get anydoudt she even didnot ask explaination from u Bhai u were so lucky to have her.
Sanskar:- yes i was lucky too have her and i am so lucky that she loves me and trust me blindly and its my duty to save her and our baby.
Laksh:-i am with u bhai and we will save her .
They both hugs each other and leaves to hall.
Sanskar goes to room and checks ragini who is sleeping peacefully hugging a photo frame.
Sanskar goes towards her and slowly takes photo frame and sees his photo and has tears .
Sanskar cares her hair and says
I promise you ragini i will keep all evil eyes aways from u .
I love so much.
Ragini who is in sleep takes his hand and hugs it and sleeps again.

Precap:-ragini tries to save priya from some goons and hurts herself while laksh and swara taking them to hospital and ragini is crying in pain where on another side sanskar is driving car fastly with tearedy eyes.

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  5. talk btween two lover. Male: if i leave u and go. Will u cry. Female: no i will not every one around me cry and make me cry i will not. Male: ur selfish naa. Female: yes i m selfish thats y i leave my beloved parent and DIE not baring ur betrayal

    1. I didnot understand but onething i guess in this message girl rocked

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