All alone ragini episode 38

All were gathering at breakfast .
Priya about to serve ragini cashenut but she stops her by saying she is higly lergitic to it.
Sanskar:-yaa priya no nuts to her .
Priya:-i am sorry i dont knew that .
Pradeep smirks and takes few nuts and smashes them into powder and mix them in break fast and passes it to priya and asks her to feed her instead of cashew nuts.
Sanskar about to stop her but mean while she eats breakfast with priya hand.
After few seconds she started coughing badly and choacking.
Alk gets worried and sanskar checks her symtons and calls doctor and says medicine name and asks her if its ok to her and her baby if this medicine is given doctor says ok and bring her today for check uo.
Sanskar runs immediately towards ragini and injects her and takes her head and hugs her and talks to her.
Sanskar:-its ok ragini only few minutes more everything will be ok.
All gets worried priya says sorry.
Swara says how cashew nuts came in her break fast.

Sanskar checks her plate and sees pradeep angrily.
After some time they take ragini to her room.
Elders go with her.
Laksh observes sanskar anger towards pradeep.
Sanskar goes and catches his collar.
Sanskar:-i am warning u again i will kill u if u even try to hurt my wife.
Laksh comes and tries to control sanskar.
Laksh:-bhai wat happen to u why he will do it .
May be its a mistakenly bhabhi may ate it.
Bhai leave naa.
Pradeep:-removes his hands from his collar and says learn sonething from your brother its a mistake which is done by ragini jii sanskar jii.
And leaves from their.
Laksh:-what happen bhai why r u blaming him infact i observes you both are eyeing each other weirdly.
Sanskar:-i will say to u first you and swara come with us to hospital.
Laksh nodes.
They four were in car.

Ragini is seeing sanskar worried face and says.
Ragini:-why r u so tensed i am fine.
Sanskar:-i am sorry ragini i should have checked your breakfast because of me.
Ragini:-no its my mistake i should have sense that taste.
Sanskar:-wat ever mistake is mine i have to solve everything before its late.
Laksh:-wat happen bhaii.
Sanskar:-sighs him later.
Ragini gets a message she opens and sees a few photos where only sanskar is clearly seen that he is hugging some one girl and kissing her in forehead.
She checks phone and thinks something and shuts the phone.
They reach to hospital doctor says everything is fine but your bp is high its not good at this stage so be calm dont take any tensions ok.
They nodes and reaches home and they say elders that ragini is fine.
Sujtha:-sanskar make ragini to rest i will bring juice for her.
Sanskar makes ragini sits and about to go but she stops him .
Ragini:-are u ok sanskar u looking so tensed.

Sanskar:-,i am fine ragini and u dont take any tension plzz for my sake u love me naa.
Ragini:-ofcourse i love u a lot and i promise i wont take any tensions ok.
Sanskar and ragini smiles.
Sanskar kisses ragini on forehead.
Ragini keeps sad face.
Sanskar:-what happen .
Ragini:- shows her fore head and asks for whom this kiss belongs to baby or me.
Sanskar:-thinks and says for baby.
Ragini again puppy face.
Sanskar lightly kisses her on lips and says this special kiss is for my baby mom and my dear wify.
Ragini and sanskar smiles and meanwhile sujatha comes and gives juice and brings oil and about to touch her feet ragini jwrks immediatelt.
Ragini:-maa wat r u doing.
Sujatha:-look at your feet ragini is swelling and massaging with oil is best medicine at this time.

Sanskar also sits with her and about to apply and scolds ragini to sit silently and lean back.
Sujatha:-and finger on your lips.
Ragini does same and they both applies and finishes.
Ragini is having tears in her eyes.
Sujatha :-wipes her tears and kisses and goes from their.
Sanskar kisses on her eyes .
Ragini hugs him and pradeep is watching this all from outside and fumes in anger.
Pradeep :- i send her photos instead of doudting on him she is roamcing with him these people are idiots i think i should plan something else.
And leaves from their.
Laksh lisens to him and says wat the hell why he want to take revengue on sanskar and ragini bhabhi andcwat kind of photos he is talking.
I have to talk with bhai before its late.
Laksh goes and knocks door.
Sanskar ask him to come inside.
Sanskar:-what happen laksh.

Laksh sees ragini sleeping and talks slowly and says bhai i need to talk to u urgent right niw.
They bith go aside and laksh says everything wat he lisened.
Sanskar:-photos wat type of photos he sees ragini phone and takes it and comes and checks.
Laksh and sanskar gets shicked seeing his photos with girl.
Laksh:-bhai who is she.
Sanskar:-sees clearly and says my god she is priya but why her face is blured and wht someone will send this type of photos to ragini.
Laksh:- bhai are u seriously not understanding and hits him and says to make misunderstanding between u and ragini and did she ask anything regarding these photos.
Sanskar:-no she is normal as always.
Laksh:-bhai wat made pradeep to take revengue on u by hurting ragini u have to speak its better
For all of us infact mainly for ragini.
Sanskar looks at him and ragini.

Precap:- flash black to college days.

Frds give me time tomorrow i will try to update
Whole flash back at single episode .
I hope i am satisfing uu all

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