All alone ragini episode 37

Sanskar watches pradeep in anger and leaves from their to inform to family about chopras arrival.
In maheswaris mansion all were preparing and arranging rooms for chopras.
Sanskar is waiting outside of hotel .
A girl comes and stands near and shakes sanskar hand and says
Girl:-u were sanskar mamu right.
Sanskar bends down and says yes i am sanskar but who r u cutie.
Girl:-my name is namitha.
And a voice comes from back saying and her mother name is priya bhaiyaa.
Sanskar sees priya and hugs her and says how r u i missed u so much.
Priya:-i am bhaiyaa.

Sanskar sees her condition as 6months pregant and kisses her on fore head .
Some one is clicking their hugging photos and when sanskar kissed her thst photo also.
Pradeep and mr chopra comes and says lets go.
Sanskar is driving and finally reaches to their house.
Sanskar introduces whole family to all members and he introduces ragini to priya .
When sanskar about to say that she is like hus sister.
Pradeep interfers and says so you were sanskar maheswaris wife hmm goes towards his ears and whispers slowlyhave to say it she is beautifull,when it came to your turn you selected hot chick and u will do injustice to
other very bad sansky and your wife wow man.

Sanskar:-mind your tongue and your mind if u hurt me its ok but if u even think to touch her u will see that time sanskar again even improved sanskar also.
They both eyes angrily each other.
Priya is talking to ragini.
Pradeep comes and holds her hand tightly but smiles fakely and says excuses us raginijii
My wife lost her senses by continusly talking so i should take her or she wont take care of her and drags her.
Priya too shows fake smile.
Ragini looks confused.
Swara comes and asks dont u think he is behaving weird.
Ragini :-haa dont knew why but i think his love towards her is fake.
Laksh:-i think in this time u should not think too much instead of that take rest.
Ragini nodes and goes and sits on bed and taking rest sanskar comes and kisses her on fore head and leaves to freshen up.
They all reaches to dinning table.

Priya is walking her self where pradeep walks a head of her without helping her.
Meanwhile sanskar brings ragini by holding her hand and makes her sit.
Priya get tears in her eyes but hides it from all.
Pradeep gets angry looking at sanskar love towards ragini and thinks in mind.
Pradeep:-because of my one mustake which done unknowingly u snatched my love from me and made me marry this dumb head and you were get happiness by marrying to your love .
I will make sure that your happiness will not longlasting so enjoy today sanskar maheswari from tomorrow your count down starts…towards your sadness.
At night.

Sanskar turns to her and asks wat happen why r u shouting
Ragini :-u were not lisening to me nor seeing at me while i am talking with you.
Sanskar:-its not like that i was just busy in this project any way say wat u want to say.
Ragini:-i dnt knew why but i dont like pradeep and his behaviour also so weird.
Sanskar:-u dont think about him and sleep and he too sleep with her and thinks to himself.
Sanskar:-no ragini i cant say anything to u now u will take so much tension now and it will effect your health and i cant take it and i promise i will say everything to u once i prepared u slowly and kisses on her fore head and touches her belly and he too sleeps.

Precap:-ragini coughs repatedly and gets difficutly to breath sanskar runs to room and gets a injection which brings her to normal state.
Which makes pradeep fumes more in anger

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  1. today epi as sweet like u plz dont make ragini het hurt

  2. please I don’t want anything to happen to ragsan or their child….and please post the next part soon. and I must say that ur ff is getting interesting day by day. please don’t end it soon..

  3. Awesome epi.

  4. Awesome episode

  5. yeh it is awesome.your ff is so good. i am waiting for next ragsan

  6. Awesome epi

  7. nic episode..

  8. i want twins 4 ragsan

  9. Varsha Darshini

    Ya di will sure get good marks in my exams as I am happy only by reading your FF (actually I have problem in my personal life) and I will stand on my own to get a name from the society…

  10. Yeah pradeep bhi na badtameez kaika

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