All alone ragini episode 36

Hi frds thanks for all your love towards me.
And i got a requst who is asking a twist
I will think about it just give me time.
Episode starts with ragini standing and checking her stomach infront of mirror.
She wakes up sanskar.
Ragini:-sanskar wake up naa plzz and shakes him.
Sanskar:-wakes up suddenly and says wat
Ragini takes him to mirror and shows her stomach and takes his hand from behind and places on her stomach and see my stomach came front
Ragini turns to sanskar and keeps a sad face and asks see i becoming fat
Sanskar laughs and cups her face .
Ragini pushes his hands and moves to another side.
Sanskar stops laughing and makes her turn to his side and says my wify is more beautifull than before .

I love u wify.
Ragini and sanskar about to hug but moves away because her big stomanch is stopping them.
They both look down and smiles and sanskar side hugs her.
They both goes out for break fast
On the way rp comes ragini about to take blessing but rp stops her and kisses her on forehead and says my blessings are always with you.
Days passes all were taking care about ragini.
In 8 month.
Sanskar is keeping hand on ragini stomach and moves his eyes here and their and ragini also does same
Sanskar shout hiii i senses her kick ragini yes she kicked me wow.
Ragini gets happy by seeing sanskar excitement.
All gets inside because of sanskar shouting.
Sanskar brushes his hair by realising his shoutings made them tensed.
Ragini explains entire situation to them.
All gets baby kicks all gets happy and all leaves to their rooms.
Swara and laksh were sitting swara also gets baby kicked and she too gets happy.
Laksh about to come but stops thinking .
Ragini signs him to come and asks him to sences baby kick.
Laksh sees sanskar and sanskar nodes in yes.
Laksh too gets happy .
All gets happy.
Sanskar gets a call goes and comes back happily

Sanskar:- ragini i got a big contract
All congratez them.
Sanskar says tomorrow i had a meeting with them plz wake me up early
Ragini nodes and all goes to their respective rooms.
Sanskar kisses ragini forehead and she wishes him good luck.
Sanskar in office
Sanskar welcomes dealers .
Chopra:-oh sanskar jii i am very happy to deal with your company.
Sanskar and chopras shake hand
Chopra:-if u dont mind my son will handle this and welcones his son pradeep chopra.
Sanskar and pradeep are shocked to see each other.
Pradeep is fuming in anger and sanskar also but they both pretend and shake hands .
Sanskar:-i prayed to god that i should never see his face again but chii.
Pradeep:-i prayed to god to show me his face and u did it i promise i will ruine u sanskar maheswari.

Chopra after meeting asks sanskar a good and well mannered hotel address and sanskar about to say but pradeep interferences and says.
Pradeep:-come on dad we are offical dealers and its sake of few days so we can stay in sanskar maheswari house and its good for my wife also as she is having 6 month.
Sanskar has fear and also welcones them.

Precap:-some thing is going to happen but nothing bad means no one lossing baby ok

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  1. Ohhh nice nice

  2. okk then fine i don’t want to see rags sad anynore and currently seeing the ongoing track i really feel bad for our ragu hope she gets someone new in the show and your ff’s just awesome

    1. Mee too i am very sad about wat happening i

      When ragini is good she only ger betrayel
      And i too hope someone else should come for her

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  4. Amazing epi

  5. no separation plz…

  6. nxt update today plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz.what wrong sanky and pradeep

    1. I will upload after sometime

  7. Lovely epi

  8. sinduji ur love marriage and ur husbandji software enginear

    1. Mine is not love marriage dear
      Its just a marriage

  9. nic episode…

  10. i loved this episode it was really good but pls make it a bit longer and pls make the baby come out soon and pls addddddddddd moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ragsan scene plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ur the best writer i also wait for ur ff pls add 2 a day instead of one plsssssssss and make sure its longer

    1. Kk but give me time i will do it today

  11. It’s really good yaar and I’m happy that u r bringing a twist because it’s gonna make your ff more interesting….

  12. Nice episode

  13. Waiting for next update.

  14. Varsha Darshini

    Dear di actually I cnt read for my xams unless n until I read ur ff as i m addictd to it luv u loads di n waitin fr nxt epi…

    1. Thannk u so much but study well
      Studies are very important
      We girls should stand on our own legs
      Girl power u knew

  15. superb dr ….one more request plsssss I want one more ff …..dr plsssss dr ek ff or start karo plsssss with fresh and new love story …

    1. I am thinking manvi but still need time
      I hope u will understand me

  16. hey dear nice epi. But plzz start One more ff in that plzz concemtrate on swalak. Plzzz dear. It’s a request. If u can

    1. I will try dear but i love ragini a lot its not like that i dont like swara
      But i will try

  17. Awesome dr

  18. nice …

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