All alone ragini episode 34

Early morning all are preparing for haldi functio.
All appilies to uttara and karthik
And sameera and ajay.
Sanskar getting ready for office ragini comes from back and hugs him.
Sanskar too hugs her by holding her hands and kisses on her hands and turns.
She does his tie and gives his bag and all
Ragini:-when will arnav and khusi dii will come.
Sanskar:-on marriage day .
Ragini:-why so late.
Sanskar:-bhai has some meetings.
Ragini:-then ask jijju to send khusi dii.

Sanskar turns her and pulls towards him by holding waist and asks.
Sanskar:-if samerhing happens with u and will u go leaving without me.
Ragini smiles and says nooo.
They both hugs…
Ragini:-tomorrow is your bday wat gift u want from me.
Sanskar:-when u became mine completely wat ever u give it will be awesome.
Even if its a small or long kiss also.
They both smiles.
Sanskar kisses on her forehead and says to
take rest and goes from their.
Ragini and swara are sitting and talking
Ragini feels sick and vomit wat ever she had.

Swara gets tensed and say from three days u ever not feeling well i will call mom and about to go.
Ragini stops her and says i have a doudt on my health first i want to conform later we can say to all.
Swara doudtely asks do u think u were …
Ragini:-i think so as date also passed.
Swara:-lets go then and they both takes permission from elders and goes to hospital secretely.
Doctor checks ragini pulse and conforms her that she is pregent.
Swara and ragini gets happy and hugs each other.
Doctor asks her to take some tests and a scan
All tests were done and everything is perfect.
They are having reports in their hands .
Ragini is smiling and has a special blow in her face.
Swara asks her when will u say this to sanskar.
Ragini:-first tomorrow is sanskar bday i want to surprise him but i will tell everything to all today.
And yaa u plz dont tell to laksh .

Ragini:-laksh will call him says everything so plzz.
Swara says ok.
They both reach to mansion.
All ladies were sitting in hall and chitchatting.
Swara:-sits with ap and sujatha were ragini is standing infront if them.
Ap:-wat happen ragini why r u standing like that keeping your head down .
Ragini and swara both are keeping their heads down and tries to control their smile.
Swara:-sujatha maa u knew naa from three days ragini health is not good u knew why.
Swara:-because doctor said that she is not eating properly u knew wat she said .
Ragini said tgat these days she is feeling sick vomit sensation getting tired easily and doesnt want to eat food.
Ap and sujatha starts scolding her that she is not taking care of her by taking whole famiky care and turns to swara and asks wat else doctor said.
Swara:- these symtons will continue and it may increse .
Sujatha:-wat type of doctot with out treating her he is saying it may increase.
Swara:-he said that this will continue untill 9 months.
Sujatha:- i think he is mad….turns towards swara.

Ap and sujatha says wat u said.
They both laughs.
All understands.
Sujatha goes towards ragini and cups her face and ask are u pregent.
Ragini nodes.
All gets happy and hugs her.
Ap and sujatha makes her sit and cares her.
They about to call sanskar.
Ragini:-maa plzz dont say anything to him i want to surprise .
They all smiles and teases her.
Then we cant say to laksh also.
Sujatha:-why dii.
Ap:-he cant keep any scretes.
All laughs.

Dp and rp comes and asks thecreason behind their happiness.
They say everything to them.
They both gets happy.
Ragini goes and takes blessings from them.
Rp stops her from bending and says.
Rp:-no more work u shoukd not bend ok our
blessing will be withu always so no bending.
Dp:-from now u should just took care of u and this baby ok no more working so hard.
She accepts.
Ragini in her room rolling reports and tieing a
red colour ribbon to it.
Sanskar and laksh also comes.
They both sees all are very happy and asks
Sujatha about to speak but ap stops and says .

Ap:-we wear happy because uttara is going day after tommorrow.
All seez her and nodes their head and says yes.
Laksh and sanskar both sees and looks questioningly.
They both go and gets ready.
Sanskar sees they are taking care of ragini and
asks her r u ok.
Ragini says i am ok.
In their .
Sanskar is sitting on bed .
Ragini comes and sits next to him by holding his hand and resting her head on his shoulder.
Sanskar:-u sleep ragini i have work it will tske time.
Ragini:-i want to wish u at 12.
Sansjar:-if u dont wish me at 12 nothing will happen u can wish me tomorrow.
Ragini:- i want to wish u first that too at 12 that to first me only.
Sanskar:-ok then u sleep i will wake u up at 12.
Sanskar:-pakka promise.

At 12 .
Sanskar slowly wakes up ragini by brushing her hair back.
Sanskar:-ragini ragini wake up wify u want to wish me naa.
Ragini wakes up immediately and hugs him and kisses him on cheeck and wishes him happybirthday.
He too kisses her on cheecks and thanks her and stops her when she about to go.
Ragini:-i will bring gift for u.
Sanskar. Drags her and holds her by waist and says i said that if u give me kiss also enough.
And kisses her on lips .
Ragini is holding his shoulder and another hand is on his hair near neck.
Sanskar one hand is on her waist and second one is at her back.
He keeps on kissing her by pulling her towards him.
All gathers at outside of sanskar room to lisen his excitement when he lisen about ragini pregency.

Laksh sees this all and says wat happening why u all are so excited this time .
They says about ragini.
Laksh about to shout but dp and rp shouts his mouth.
All hits him and asks him shut his mouth and laksh shuts his mouth with his hands.
Sanskar and ragini breaks their kiss.
Sanskar leans forward towards her neck
Ragini stops him and go and bring that paper and ask him to open.
Sanskar:-dont tell me u wrote a song or poet for me and opens it and reads it and eyes ragini shockingly and adks.
Sanskar:-u were … u .. were pregent.
Ragini nodes her head in yes.
Sanskar shouts loudly by lifting her and hugs her tightly.
Sanskar :-thank u wify thank u
U gave me wonderfull gift for mee.
He kisses her fore head and leans towards her stomach and touches it and says thank u baby for coming into our lifes thank u so much.
Sanskar stands up and says come we will inform to whole family.
A knock on door .

Sanskar opens and sees whole family shouting happybirthday and congralutions.
Sanskar:-u all knew
They all says yes.
Sanskar hugs her family .
All goes to their rooms.
Ragini arranging bed sanskar comes back and hugs her and kisses her neck and says thank u ragini for making me dad.
Ragini turns and hugs him and says thank u sanskar for coming into my life for loving me unconditionaly and giving me worlds best happiness by making me mother thank u do much.
Sanskar lifts her head and kisses her again on lips this time he bends down and lifts her pallu from stomach and kisses it and says one kiss for my baby and another kiss for my baby mother and he catches her waist with both hands and kisses her.

He stands up by kissing from waist to untill neck.
Ragini is holding his shirt tightigly.
He sliwly removez ragini clothes and oramenta.
They both rest on bed.
He is on ragini he takes her hand and kisses it continusly slowly he kisses her whole hand and they again consumate.
Ragini as always resting her head on sanskar chest.
He is brushing her hair back and cares her while she sleeping.
He kisses on her forehead and say to sleeping ragini.
Sanskar:-i love ragini .
I love u so much. Thank u for coming into my life by becoming everything and making me dad.
I promise u that i will be worlds best dad and husband.
Ragini by opening her eyes and says :-i knew it.
Sanskar:-u didnot sleep.
Ragini:-when my life is awake than how can i sleep and smiles kissing him
Sanskar too kisses her and takes her into his shoulders and both sleeps peacefully….

Precap:- marriage rituals and sanskar caring towards ragini.
Arnav and khusi entry with special guest

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