All alone ragini episode 32

The episode starts with all ladies in kitchen preparing bbreakfast.
Ap:-ragini and swara you go and make uttara ready rathods may come at any time.
Ragini and swara goes to uttara room and makes her ready.
Sanskar and laksh also gets ready.
After a while ragini and swara goes to their room and they also gets ready.
Rathod family comes and they welcome them .
They all are sitting and talking.
Ragini. Brings uttara and she serves coffee to all.
Ajay and uttara are talking to each other.
Ragini is going and sanskar drags her to corner and says.
Sanskar:-wify because of uttara marriageci am remembering our marraige days ans hugs her.
Ragini:-what r u doing wat if any one else watch us.
Sanskar breaks hugs and says oh my god u were right and keeps his hands on his mouth and says wat will they think and runs from their

Ragini smiles at his act and about to leave but sanskar comes back and kisses her on cheecks and goes from their.
Uttara and ajay are sitting next to each other
Sameera and karthik are sitting next to each other.
They all decide their four marriage dates.
After a while they all went for shopping.
Ragini swara uttara sameera are doing shopping at ladies area.
Boys are waiting outside and sanskar is seeing inside and observing ragini.
Laksh:-dont worry bhai ragini went for only few hours she will come back.
All laughs and sanskar hits him.
Uttara shows a white mix yellow colour sarees to her and says.
Uttara:-babhi u will look awesome in this saree .
Ragini remember are their moments by seeing white colour and selects it.
Later after all shopping they all went to food area.
Later they all leave in their respective cars.
Ragini:-we have very less time in all rituals dont knew how we will manage.
Sanskar:-wify dont worry everything will be ok .
They both smile at eachother.

In thier room.
Ragini shows all her shopping sarees and his sherwanis after all that she keeps everything in cupboard and goes and sleeps with sanskar by hugging him.
Next day early morning
All gets ready as its their engagement day
Whole house is decorated by flowers
Ragini gets ready and makes sanskar ready by wearing him brouch on his sherwani.
They exchange their rings .
All showers flowers on them.
Sanskar is teasing ragini by threwing flowers on her also.
After sometime all went to lunch.
Ragini is adjusting all things in kitchen and helping swara by passing vessels.
Suddenly she feels dizzy.
Ap observes this and makes her sit and scolds her for working from morning without having anything.
Sanskar lisens all this and entres kitchen.
Ap says this all ti him and goes from their.
Sanskar sits near by taking a glass of milk and makes her drink.
Ragini:-says no i hate milk i dont want.

Sanskar:-dont behave like kid have it for my sake.
Ragini drinks all milk from sanskar hands .
Sanskar:- promise me that you will take care of your health.
Ragini:-i promise.
They both hug eachother.

Precap:-another rituals

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