All alone ragini episode 31

The episode starts with ragini sleeping on sanskar chest and they both were covered under bed
Ragini wakes up due to sunrays and about to go but sanskar stops her by tightening his hands around her.
Ragini:-let me goo or else i will be late
Sanskar:-no and drags her more close and turns her to side of bed and he turns on top of her and says .
Sanskar:-no wify no way first give me a kiss and then hmm i think u can go.
Ragini smiles and kisses him on his forehead and says good morning and leaves to washroom to get ready and sanskar continues his sleep.

Ragini comes out and gets ready and pushes sanskar to washroom and leaves to mandir.
After sometime all gathers at mandir and after
pooja they all are sitting and having breakfast.
Sameera comes with bandaid and talking on phone.
Sameera:-nothing happened bhai i promise its a
small accident i am fine i already talked with u

on. Skype then chill bhai .
Karthik comes from back and scolds her.
Karthik:-what the hell are u thinking yourself what type of driving is that and wat do u think in this whole world only u were doctor..and shouts continuesly.
Know sameera has tears in her eyes and and says.
Sameera:-thank u for understanding me and my reason behind becoming doctor and leaves from their.
Sanskar :-cant you control yourself first u can ask her how is she but no u just keep on shouting.
Ap:-u didnt allow us to speak to her also.
Dp:-what type of behaviour is this karthik.
Karthik realises his mistake and goes to his room

Sanskar kisses ragini on forehead and about to leave but ragini stops him with her hands and says.
Ragini:-just talk to karthik and ask him to clear sll issues with her right now.
Sanskar:-wify know i am going to him only hmm u also come and takes her.
Sanskar ragini laksh swara all comes to karthik room and sees him wiping his tears.
Laksh:-i knew that u were conserned about her but the way u showed to her is not right way.
Ragini makes him turn and says wat is the reason for her to become doctor bhaii.
Karthik looks at her and says
Karthik:-when she was 5 years old her and her mom met with accident because of noservices of hospital and treatment her mom died with minor injury but severe loss of blood and this all happen infront of her eyes infact she sensed her mother last breath from that time she wants to become doctor and today she is successfull and best doctor in the world .inspeat begini a billionar their whole family belives in charities and all.

She is ready to die for her profession after knowing that also i behaved like mad.i knew that i conserned but not in this way but wat happens to me when ever i see her hurt.
Sanskar:- because you love her.
Karthik:-love plzz she us my best frd.
Laksh keeps his hand on his shoulder and says u love her karthik close your eyes and i can say that u definetly u see her image.

They all leaves to their offices and rooms.
Karthik closes his eyes and sees sameera he feels happy by thinking that he loves her and runs towards her room and sees her with ap who is feeding her and sujatha cleaning her wound .
Sameera eyes him angrily and turns her head karthik smiles and goes towards her and catches his ears and says sorry sameera immediately accepts him.
Ap and sujatha leaves them alone and goes.
Karthik:-sameera i want to say something to u.
Sameera:-say it and say in her own mind i hope u will say i love you but u will never realises that we both were in love buddu.
Karthik:-i love you.

Sameera:-hmm haa wat u said are u joking.
Karthik:-i am not joking will u marry me.
Sameera widen her eyes and says iam waiting for i love you from u but u proposed me for marriage .
Karrhik:-that meansss.
Sameera:-budhu i love you too.
They both hugs each other.
They both go and inform to ragini and swara.
They both gets happy and swara calls to laksh and says everything.
Ragini calls to sanskar.
Sanskar:-yes wify u again wants a kiss.
Ragini:-i want to say u that.
Sanskar:-karrhik and sameera confessed to each other.
Ragini:-how do u u really can guess
wat i want to say..
Sanskar:-ofcourse sweet heart thats wat i am saying and kisses her threw phone and smiles
thinking how laksh informed him threw phone
before ragini.
My lovelybuddu wife.
Scenes shifts to dp.
Dp says that they accepted uttara for ajay

rathod now we should ask our family members
and uttara.
Sameera and karthik went out for dinner.
Dp shows ajay pic to all and they all accepts by
seeing sameera rathod good behaviour and that
too her brother also good looking.
Ap asks uttara .
Uttara says if u and my brothers think that he is
good for me then i m ok with this marriage.
Everyone hugs eachother.
Dp gets a call and gets happy and turns and says rathod family are coming to india for
rituals and to see uttara and their daughter.
Sammera gets a call about marriage fix for his brother to uttara and gets happy and informs to karthik.

At night at sanskar room.
Ragini is serously adjusting her cupboard and sanskar watching her by sitting on bed.
Sanskar:-now a days my wife is not kissing me or even hugging me herself hmm and keeps a sad face.
Ragini smiles and sits with him on bed opposite to him.
Sanskar:-i am feeling bad and you were smiling and here me who comes to knew everything before my wify speaks and i can even guess wats she thinking and wat she wants to say but uu
Ragini:-why dont you say that laksh called u and said about sameera and karthik .
Sanskar smiles and says how do u knew.

Ragini:- even i can guess u and wat u were thinking in your mind.
Sanskar :-catches her by waist and says achaa now i think u knew wats going in mind so need to say anything to u and about to kiss her.
Ragini cover her face with sarees she is having in her hands and laughs.
Sanskar pulls saree from her .
Rags pushes him and moves back.
Sanskar:-so u were challenging mee haa then today u will see sanskar maheswari.
And they both are ruuning.

Finally sanskar catches her pallu and pulls by that ragini is having only blouse and shirt.
Both looks at each other sockingly.
Ragini immediately turns and about to go soon she feels a hand passing her bare waitst and that hand which settled at centre of hers and he drags her towards him.
Ragini turns and hugss him so tightly as always their both bodies were became one he lifts and they both go to bed and makes some romances.
After a minute they both were hugging eachother their skin are feeling eachother warmness .
Ragini:-from tommorrow marriage celebration will start naa and all will be super busy.
Sanskar:-thats right thats why today itself i should romance enough with my wife for sake of few days from tomorrow she wont care for me and suddenly he sense some wet and sees ragini is having tears and says.

Hi ragini i am just joking maa im not serious.
Ragini:-u dont understand me that for me how much important u were without you i will die.
Sanskar:-cups her face and says even without u my life is incomplete and sorry i will never say like this in joke also and kisses her on fore head and makes her rest on his chest and he covers her with his shoulder.

Precap:-introduction of rathod family and few rituals

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