All alone ragini episode 30

Sry frds to day i was so busy so sorry.
I will try to update a long episode.
The episode starts with all are going to dinner
And they reach to a resturanent.
Laksh:- guys my one of my best frds will join if u dont mind then only.
Sanskar:-haa we dont mind wat say.
They all node.
They all orders their fav dishes.
Mean laksh frds comes a girl and boy .
He introduces to them.
Boy gives shake hand to sameera and says you were looking damm hot.
Sameera feels awkward and just gives a smile.
Karthik gets angry because of his comments.
Girl gives same comments to karthik and goes and sits next to him and starts moving close to him which makes sameera anger and when she tries to add speak that girl talks in between and diesnt allow them to talk to each other.
Karthik looks at her face which turned into complete redish.

She turns face meanwhile boy ask her a question
Boy:-hey wat do u like to eat my beautifull .
Sameera gets angry and shouts :-who knews.
Boy:-i am asking your favotrite dish and you were saying that u dont knew.
Sameera:-yes i dont knew do u have any problem haa and why i should say to u wat i like …and about to continue she gets a call and goes from their by seeing angrily.
Karthik follows her but girl stops him.
Karthik:-i hope you should mind your own bussiness and leaves from their.
Sanskar:-oh my god first time i am seeing her anger ohhhh my god.
Boy:-i should say thank u god from saving from her beatings.
All laughs.
Ragini:-sanskar whats happening .
Sanskar:- haa and sees laksh signs him no.
Swara hits him and asks him to speak wat they both r doing.
Ragini:- sanskar plzzz.
Sanskar says his whole truth and their plan.
Swara:- scolds them but ragini cuts her and says
Ragini:-no swara its awesome plan infact super plan and hugs sanskar.
Laksh and swara lifts their eyebrows and coughs.
But they both lost into each other hugs.

And after that they came into their senses .
Karthik and sameera were laughing and coming.
Swara:-you planed it for hours and they patched up in few minutes.
And starts laughing.
Sanskar and laksh eyes her angrily but ragini
holds his hand and says this time plan
something like jeously or it may not work also.
Raginj:-if they trust eachother deeply then
nothing can make them feel jeously.
Swara:-lets make them missing each other
because sonetimes staying dar from eachother brings them close and may be they realise their
feeling towards them.
Sankar:- nice plan.
All smiles and changes topic and they are having dinner .
They all started to homes.
Sanskar and ragini reaches their room with remaing people.
Sanskar gifts her a dress and says that u
promised me a dance today.
Ragini goes and changes.
A short top and a long shirt and her waist is visible and she leaves hair
She comes out and sees whole room is
decorated with candles and whole room is in dark also.
He comes and hugs her by saying that she is looking hot..
Ragini blushes and hugs him tight.

Sanskar takes a head phones and keeps one in his ear another in her ear.
Ragini:- why this.
Sanskar:-we cant play songs loudly and dance because…
Ragini:-we were staying together.
Sanskar nodes and plays some songs and know they both were dacing by hugging eachother slowly and they were unable to moves another step because of head phones.
Sanskar hands are clushing and holding ragini waist .
And her hands were tightly grippen on his back.
They both falls on bed.
Ragini hair falls on her lips .
He takes it with his fingers and kisses her on lips contiuesly
Rags is cluching his shoulder as he is kissing her hard. He slowly moves towards neck and kisses her.
Rags moves her head and kisses on sanskar cheecks.
He closes his eyes and feels her lips on his cheecks.
He turns on another side of raginis neck and kisses her.
He slowly drags blanket over them….
Night passess.

Precap:–a accident
But all were safe nothing seroius

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