All alone ragini episode 3

Swara is sleeping in arms of laksh.
Sanskar is sleeping by holding pillow
Rags is sleeping on bed by holding her moms photo.
Sumi gets a call from ap.
Ap:-sumi jii we are doing a poja in our family goddess temple plz your whole family should reach there by 9 kk and plz dont eat anything untill we all complete pooja its good for swara and sanskar.
Sumi says ok and informs this to all family members.
Dadi and dida and siiting together.
Dadu and shekhar are sitting together.
Dida:-sumi untill niw ragini didnt get is she ok.
Sumi:-she is ok maa may be she got tired thats why she is sleeping.
Dadi:-when did you check her.
Sumi:-how can u say that she is ok.
Dida:-what happen to her is she ok.
Shekar:- ragini is ok na.
Dadu:-shekar as usuall your maa wake up at 5 and went to ragini room she is hugging her mom photo and sleeping when you maa went to wake up her she is burning with fever .
Shekhar:-maa u r saying this now.

Sumi:-haa why u didnt wake me up then only.
Dida:-its your duty to check your child sumi.
Sumi:-but maa.
Dadu:-and shekar u r asking your mother that why she didnt say but i am asking u untill now why u didnt ask about her.
Dadu:-its ok shekhar now i cant argue with u.
Sumi:-i call ap and say that ragini will not come.
Rags :-i am fine maa i will come.
Sumi:-no ragini u are so weak u need rest.
Rags:-no maa in our community this pooja is very impirtant for newly weded couples so plz let me do it for swara happiness and its matter of few hours .
Dadi in her mind the one person who snatched everything from you and still thinking about him i will never forgive you laksh i hate u.
Shekhar:-but .
Rags:-plzz dad no more arguments.
All gets ready to leave for temple.
Swara is geeting ready laksh comes from back and hugs her.
Laksh:-my wife is looking so hot today.
Swara:-my husband is becoming romantic and haa.
Laksh:-wat to do i cant control my self by seeing a beautiful lady i mean girl infront of my eyes.
Swara hits him and says very funny and hugs him.
Sanskar watches this from window when he is passing from there. He thinks to himself while getting down from stairs.

Be happy laksh and swara when u built your happiness by making someone sad that happiness will never and ever last i promise i will make sure laksh u get punishment for your doings and i will bring your truth out.
For this i have to hurt you ragini .
Even i am going to hurt u but i promise i will give u all happiness as a frd but i dont know why i hatting myself to hurt u .
But i am helpless ragini .
I am sorry
But my mom and dad will take care u as you r their own daughter and uttara she will love.
No one can hate u ragini .
Any one can fall for u but sorry wat ever going to happen with u today .
Sujatha shakes sanskar and asks wat r u thinking.
Sanskar:-acts like mad and say i want my frd.
Ap:-wat is this sanskar u cant be stubborn.
Sujatha:-plzz dii i will handle my son.
Ap gets shocked for her answer.
Sujatha:-sanskar she said that she will wait for u at temple so go and get ready so that we will leave early ok.
Sanskar claps hands and rund to his room and gets ready.
Ramprasad comes into room and watches sanskar and laughs because he didnt get properly ready.
Sanskar:-am i not looking good why r u laughing dad i wont come and sits on bed angrily.
Ram:-goes to him so u dont want to meet your ragini.
Sanskat nodes in yes.
Ram:-i will make you ready so my son will look most handsome man in the world ok and he arranges very thing including his shoes.
Sanskar:-sorry dad but i love u dad just few more days dad i will show laksh truth to u all and prove mysrlf innocent.
Ram:-makes him ready and leavez to all.

Maheswaris family and gagodia family reach to temple.
Swara goes and hugs all members and laksh takes blessing from them but dadi hestitates but ragini signal her so that she blesses him.
Laksh smiles seeing ragini and ragini does same.
Sanskar sees this and says i dont allow u to hurt ragini i promise and signals to pandit .
Pooja starts rags feel weak because of her fever but still continues to sit.
Sujatha:-ragini and catches her hand and say oh my god u have high fever but why u came ragini.
Rags:-its ok aunty i came for sake of swara.
Sujatha:-smiles and says atleast do u take medicines.
Rags:-haa aunty .
Pandit:-says to ragini to hold sindoor plate and this mangalsutra so that laksh to apply sindoor and wear this one to swara its good for them.
Sumi:-but she already have it naa then why again this.
Pandit:-its good for their newly wedding life.
All agrees confusingly .
Pandit starts pooja
Ragini is standing near god remaining all are standing little back .
All are closed their eyes and praying.
Sanskar moved close to ragini and standing infront of her.
Suddenly pandit turns and starts doing marriage mantras and rags and all opens their eyes .
Rags opens her eyes by feeling a hand over her neck and shocked to see sanskar making her wear mangalsutra and immediately he applies sindoor on her.
All gets shocked and dp shouts sanskar.

Dp:-sanskar do u think its a joke do u know wst u did.
Sanskar:-chill badaii papa i know wat i did itts a marriage right then ya i m married to ragini from now she is ragini sanskar maheswari.
Ragini is in shock.
Sujatha:-sanskar u r ok.
Sanskar:-laughs and says i am always fine mom i know by watching towards laksh and say so many wants me to be unwell but i am fine see i am not mad.
Ram prasad comes and slaps him and says how dare u sanskar how dare u to act as mad
How dare u to do like this with ragini.
Sujatha:-in anger lisen sanskar this is not a marriage by applying sindoor and mangalsutra that doesnt meant that your are married.
Sanskar:-i know mom you will say like this
Do u remember before coming in to temple me and ragini take rounds around temple actually i made her to took 7 rounds thatbmean our saath phere completed.
All gets shocked shekar about to slap but sanskar holds and say dont uncle u have no right.
And now mom while i am applying sindoor and mangalsutra pandit jii completed mantra and turns towards pandit and ask him to say whether they are married or not.
Sumi and swara goes and stands with ragini .
Pandit:-yes they got married with all rituals from now they are husband and wife.
All gets angry and shocked at same time.
Rags is in tearz and goes towards sanskar.
Sanskar :- turns to her and he watches her with courage .

Rags about to ask but she feels dizzy because of her fever and shock she fall unconsious but sanskar holds her and all rushes to her.
Sanskar stops them by showing hands and says i can take care for her and u people after knowing he had high fever u still brought her here so plzz stay away from my wife and lifts her and takes her to hospital all follows them.

Precap:-sanskar scolding every one and laksh .
Shekhar and sumi lisening to sanskar and dadi blesses sanskar and leaves from their.
Sanskar is sitting next to ragini who is getting treated in home

Credit to: Sindhu rm


  1. Riya

    Really no word to appreciate .really really loved it .upload next part soon waiting for it.:-) 🙂 🙂

  2. manisha

    Awsm it should be the real.story of swaragini then this serial would have no 1 serial ur awsm writer

    • Ha sure but in my ff my mainn leads are rags and san as i really fed up with swasan pairs ff 10 ff are there in that 9 are swasan only.
      I m writing this for ragsan i hope u will like it

  3. Lily

    Oh god!!! I can’t believe sanky and rags together omg!!! Sindhu rm thanks for the ff where only ragsan are lead…. you rock!!! I have also read ek anokhi kahani but never commented but reading your this ff and specially this episode I couldn’t resist my self….pls continue and update next episode asap….ty for such a lovely ff!!!

  4. Anaita

    Very nyc sindhu… ragsan wow.. trully saying fed up of swasan… plz continue nd waiting for ur nxt epi…

  5. manvi

    awwwww so cute sanky not bad. hmmmmmmmmmm….I love u ragsan this ff is awesome …..oh my god u r amazing writer I love u yaar I love u so much plssss update next part

  6. Hey u r awesome….thank u thining z same lyk me bcz…i serial also if she is didi mistakes but she is not at all happy in her heart….nd if story goes lyk uas…swaragini would b in 1 in trp.

  7. anonymous

    wow awesome…i was a silent reader till now but ur ff on ragsan compelled me to comment.thanks for this amazing ff..i also like ur ek anokhi kahani ff but this one i just love it..please continue

  8. manvi

    omg …..u r amazing ……wonderful writer yaar I love u so much and ur ff is awesome …..superb ……amazing …..fabulous …..interesting ……

  9. Shruthi

    I really liked ur ff… Concept is nice … But 1 thing is not clear y do u make shekhar and sumi negative I mean y r they not showing concern towards ragini … Their attitude is not like that in the serial ….

  10. manvi

    mein apke ff par bahut sare comments karna chati hu ….because ur ff fabulous yaar …..and yeah agar aise story hoti toh aaz swaragini no. 1 pe hota ….plsssssssssssssss yaar upload next part soon and make it lengthy ……because aap kitna bhi lengthy banalo dr ……hmara man nahi bharne wala

  11. Elina

    Wow its awesome fabulous wow ur fan fiction is really beautiful I love ur ff wow u have great writing skills am fed up with swasan every where only swasan am bored with this swasan I like ragsan a lot in ur ff update soon dear I can’t wait for next part plzz plzz plzz plzz

  12. Taiana

    Woww really superb… I really lik the way u portrayed ragini here… N i luv sanskar in ur ff… Keep it up… Pls post next part soon…

  13. Porkalai

    omg dis s awsm…. actually i m out of de world after reading ur ff….
    I too luv ragsan….
    u r tooooo good….
    thank u so much for dis brilliant ff…..

  14. Lila

    Ur ff is the BEST. I have read other ragsan ff they are very good. But this is the best seriously I would have loved it if ur ff was actually happening in the actual show but they turned swasan show and I hate swasan. I would have loved and excited to wtch the show everyday if ur story was running. This is how it should have all been in the show. Eagerly waiting for next ep.

  15. Twinkle

    Are you gone nuts!! How can you atleast think of ragsan!! This is really bullshit!!
    These swalak fans don’t change at all!!
    Don’t ever try to separate our Swasan!!
    They r made for each other!!
    We can’t see Sanky with that Ragini!!
    Nd they really don’t make a pair!!
    Swasan and raglak are forever!!!

    • joya

      show some sport spirit………
      dis is a story…….
      don’t behave like a child……
      varun kapoor don’t have any copy ri8 on d name of sanskar……
      so plz……………

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