All alone ragini episode 28

the episode starts with
sameera smiling by words of laksh.
sameera suddenly hits karthik.
karthik:- ochhh wat i did now.
sameera:- i forgot that i was angry on you because of your stupid plans.
karthik: arey baba i resumed them and see if these two are with me means they all are together naa.
sameera:- hmm ok.
sanskar:- lets go to our house.
sameera:- hi its ok i had booked room for me .
laksh:- first u come to our house later u decide.
karthik :- but.
sankar pulls his hand and says dont worry once if we reach home badai mom and mm wont allow her to leave so chill.
karthik:- ok.
they all sits in car.
laksh and sanskar are sitting infront

karthik and sameera are back.
sameera informs his brother that she reached mumbai safely and she is with karthik.
they all reach to their houses
sanskar and laksh leaves inside.
sameera:- i feeling uncomfortable karthik i dont knew anyone of them.
karthik:- u knew my mom right then you have to feel free with her brothers also.
sameera:- ok.
all are eager to watch
karthik comes with sameera.
all smiles by seeing her and thinks she is beautifull.
she takes blessing from all and karthik introduces to all to her .
all sits on sofa.
dp:- what r u parents doing sameera.
sameera:- dad and bhai are living in london they have bussiness in all over seas .
dp:- wat about your mom.
sameera gets teary eye and karthik notices this and holds her hand.
by this she composes immediately and says she is no more uncle infact she died when i was 5 years old.
dp:- im sorry beta.
sameera:- its ok uncle.
ap comes and sits next to her and says never think like you dont have mom i am infact by showing sujatha and says we are their na.
sameera smiles and they both jug
karthik sees her happiness ansd he too smiles.
ragini takes sameera to guest room and leaves from their.
sankar drags her to room.
ragini:- what r u doing sanskar all are their .

sanskar :- so wat and keeps his hand around her waist and says madam u gave me something in phone todays afternoon do u rember.
ragini:- wat me to u wat i gave and acts innocently and tries to hide her smile.
sanskar :- nodes his head teasing way and drags her towards him and makes her turn and kisses her in fraction of seconds before ragini realises whats happening . sanksr and ragini are kissing passionetly when sannkar slowly moves her hand from her waist to down side ragini gets alreted and pushes him and goes.
sanskar smiles and about to come but ragini comes again and lifts her toes by placing hands on sanskar shoulder and whispers in his ears to clean lipstick marks from his lips and runs away.
sanskar goes to mirror and takes tissues and cleans and moves from their smiling to hall.
sameera comes out wearing blue and white kurta and legin with white chuni.
karthik sees her and both smiles.
dp sees her and karthik and thinks somethink.
sujatha:- di she is just sp pretty naa dii.
at diining table.
ragini is serving laksh and opposite to sanskar .
sanskar teases her by lifting eyebrows.
sameera watches this and shows to karthik .
they both shows to swara and laksh.

all smiles.
rp:- sameera by the way wats your father name.
sameera:- suresh rathod and bhai name is arjun rathod.
dp:- you mean to say that A&S rathod company.
sameera:- ya uncle u knew them
dp:- actually yaa
sameera:- wow.
after dinner
sameera gets ready with doctor eqiupments and leaves by saying to ap and sujatha.
sujtha:- if it possible come home fast.
sameera:- aunty sorry to say this but untill early hours meeting will take place because at this time only doctors will have free time so.
ap:- its ok beta but be care full.
sameera leaves.
at night all younge people are sitting at garden.
karthik is busy in phone.
sanskar and laksh both eyes to each other and winks.
before laksh could speak swara hits him and asks him to shutup.
sanskar about to speak ragini eyes him innocently and nodes her head in no manner.
sankar immediately stops.

ragini:- bhai stop seeing phone and talk with us naa.
swara:- haa.
karthik:- eera said me that she will keep msg once she reached their idiot untill now .. oh yes she messaged me thank god.
all smiles by his reaction.
swara:- do u call her eera.
karthik:- haa and she call me karuu.
all sayss hmmmm.
karthik:- why u always say like this to gether.
sankar:- u will come to knew.
karthik:- in that case ok.
at night .
ragini is sleeping on sanskar chest .
he is brushing her hair and reading checking files.
ragini:- sanskar sleep na these days u were not sleeping on time .
sanskar:- arey my dear wify last page ok after that i will also sleep.
after some time sanskar keeps that file and sleeps holding ragini and he kisses her on fore head and he too sleeps.

ragini clushes his shirts and starts stammering no no
sanskar gets up and sees ragini state and wakes her up.
sanskar:- what happen why r u sweating like this did u see any bad dream.
ragini: looks here and their and hugs sanskar and says i saw my mom falling from stairs infact herr death happen infront of my eyes.
sanskar wipes her tears and sweating and makes her drink water .
he makes her head rest on his chest and he kept his hand around her shoulder by holding her and keep on talking to her to chnage mood finally ragini sleeps and he makes her to sleep well and covers her with blanket and he too dozes off.

precap:- dp and ap talking about suresh rathos and ajay rathod.
karthik see sameera sleeping like a kid and cares her .
sanskar and laksh decide to make him realise that he is in love with her
sameera introduces all family members in skype.
suresh and dp smilis looking at each other

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  1. awesome epi ! but is somethign going to happen with ragini the bad dream isn’t a sign for something na??

    1. No nidhi nothing like that just her mom death happens infront of her thats it
      Nothing more than that

  2. Ohhh so cute sanky

  3. Awesome epi??

  4. very nice

  5. superb

  6. Nice episode!!

  7. make ghost entre plz.who become pregnent first swara r ragini

    1. Wat ghost ha ha
      And thank u
      U have to wait

    1. Superb episode

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