All alone ragini episode 27

The episode starts with all going to their respective rooms.
In ragini room.
Ragini goes and takes cloths to change
Sanskar seez her and closes door slowly and hugs her from back by holding her waist tightly.
Rags:-sanskar let me fresh up naa.
Sanskar:-how many days it passed yar we didnt freshen up both at a time.
Come lets go we will freshen up.
Rags:-escapes from his grip and says no way and runs and bolts washroom door before sanskar could reach her.

After a while ragini slowly opens door and keeps her head out side and looks her and their and talks to her self.
Ragini:-where is he and slowly comes out by walking sliently and open cupbroad and get shock to see sanskar inside and sbout to shout but sanskar shuts her mouth with his hand.
Ragini:-removes his hand and keeps her hand near heart and says wat is this sanskar i got afraid .
Sanskar keeos his both hands on her shoulders and says oh my sweet heart got a heart attack.
Ragini smiles and about to go.
Sanskar holds her hand and he turns towards her and hugs her from back by placing hands on her waist and on her hand.
He slowly passes his hand on her hand and takes saree from her hands and keep it aways .
Then he slowly takes that hand into his and with another hand he cluches tightly on her waist.
Ragini closes her eyes and breathing heavily.
He removes her hair and kisses from his shoulder to neck.
She turns and hugs him.
He senses her shivering and her body which is turning warm.
Sanskar whispers in her ears.
Sanskar:-still my touch makes uou shiver ragini and you were blushing like its our first time.
Ragini:-you touch is always new to me sanskar.
Sanskar:-i love you.

Ragini:-i love you too.
Sanskar:-hii do u observer karthik turned into pink when hevis talking about sameera.
Ragini:-haa he is blushing.
Sanskar:-i think he font even knew that he is in love.
Sanskar:-any way why we are waisting time in discussing and takes her to their bed by closing her eyes and opens her eyes .
Ragini smiles seeing pillow arrangwments and smiles.
Rags lays on bed and sanskar on her.
They again consummate.
In laksh room.
Laksh and swara also dicuss about karthik and sameera.
After a while swara about to ho.
Laksh stops her and asks where are u going.
Swara:-to change.
Laksh:-no need u can directly change tommorow morning and pulls her towards her .
Lufts get off.
Their consumation
Next morning.

Sanskar and laksh and karthik goes to jog and comes back.
And sees ragini doing rangoli.
Karthik smiles and goes to her.
Karthik:-its just simple and beautifull like you sister.
Ragini:-thank u.
They all goes to their rooms and ragini goes to kitchen.
Dp:-beta wats about your bussiness why dont you shift here.
Karthik:-mamaa actually i had a branch here and i made it main branch also .
Rp:-hmm then you were goingvto be with us.
Karthik:-no its ok i will shift to room.
Ap and sujtha one hits her head and another catches his ears and says no need to do overaction you were our son and u were staying here only understood.
Sanskar:-for us two neither maa or chotai scolds but for him double dhamakka at same time.
Laksh and sanskar both laksh facing eachother closily.
Sujatha also joins her face to them and says wat u saying.
Sanskar and laksh composes and says nothing.

Rp:-sanskar and laksh untill his bussiness didnot settled you both stay with him ok.
They both nodes their head in yes manner.
As always sanskar kisses ragini in room and says bye.
All three were in car.
Karthik get a call.
Karthik:-haa prateek say na.
Prateek:-hi karthik sameera is coming kolkata in evening she has a seminar for three days and if she knew that i said to u she will kill me .
Karthik:-i will manage that and thank u dude .
Laksh and sanskar she excitement in his face .
Laksh:-it is about sameera.
Karthik:-how do u knew.
Sanskar :-i need to wear googles laksh his face is brighting and that light rays are falling in my eyez i m getting disturb yar.
Karthik:-nothing like that i am just excited and i have to go to airport by evening.
Sanskar:-i not we.
Karthik:-you will also come.
Laksh:-the way u explain and described about her even to are dying to see her and say na from yesterday we are asking is she beautifull.
Karthik:-smilez and says yes.
Sansjar:-haa finsly u said that .
So we all are going by evening ok.
At office in afternoon.

Sanskar us working in laptop and gets ragini call.
Ragini:-what r u doing.
Sanskar:-working yar or else wat i can do.
Ragini:-hmm so much work is their can i say something to u.
Sanskar:-i love u too sweety.
Ragini:-how do u knew i m going to say i love u .
Sanskar:-i just knew it my dear,wify and yaa a news for u.
Sanskar:-sameera is coming make some arrangements in guest room and inform to all family members that she is a very very special frd to karthik.
Ragini:-ok my dear husband.and kisses him on phone.

Sanskar:-if u do like this i will come home after that wat ever is going to happen dont point at me.
Ragini:-smiles and cuts phone by blushing.
Sanskar falls back on his chair my wify is driving we carzy.
Ragini goes out and informs everyone about sameera to all.
Sujatha:-bestfrd or something else and smiles and sees dp and stops.
Ap smiles.
Dp:-make arrangements for her and goes from their.
Swara:-chotai maa even we are excited to knew about sameera and karthik feeling towards her
And u will be in our team now.
Both hi fivez to each other.
Ragini and ap smiles and doing arrangements for her.
At airport .
They lisen to announcesment that hyd flight had reached.
Sanskar and laksh are smiling and sees karthik while he roaming here and their.
Sanskar:-bro relax she wont eat u.
Laksh:-hi look someone beauty is coming is she sameera.
Karthik turns and sees no one is their and says stop teasing me.
Sanskar:-tell me about her wear abouts.

Karthik:-she always wears salwarr suit and that too free style she wont wear tights as she feels suffocation.
Her hair is soft and lovely but she always does pony only flats but not heals.
Laksh observes a girl coming towards them and looks exactly like karthik saying.he about to say but that girl signals no .
Sanskar and laksh understands that she is sameera.
And she comes and stands behind him and lisening his description about her.
Karthik while saying he says i hope she forgive me for my stupidity.
Sameera:-why u do stupid things and why u fear that i wont forgive u.
Karthik turns and hugs her .
Sameera:-how r u karuu.
Karthik:-fine eera and i miss u yar.
Sameera sees sanskar and laksh goes to them and introduces herself.
Sanskar:-how u knew us i mean u may knew our namez but how u knew whom sanskar and laksh exactly.
Sameera:-he showed me photos also sooo.
Laksh:-cuts the way of sanskar and karthik and says by the way u look awesome beautifull and shake hand with her.
She smiles .

Precap:-she entres maheswari house.
Dp asks her a question and observes tearz in her eyes and says sorry.
Which gives shock to all family members and they stand

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