All alone ragini episode 26

The episode starts with
Karthik and ragini and swara are smiling at each other in confused state.
Laksh:-leave it dont put pressure on your mind it will hurt if you start thinking.
Sanskar and laksh hi fives to each other.
Ragini comez close to laksh by holding spoon and swara with plate.
They both widen their eyes and Says chill we are just joking.
Sanskar:-by the way ragini are u serious about the wepeon u choose to hurt us.
Ragini sees spoon in her hand and smiles in embaressement.
Swara and karthik also laughs louder.
All family member sees this full scene gets senty.
Dp:-because of my ego i kept karthik away from our family .
Ap:-dont think about past wat weHad done think now and make sure that we give him all happiness ok.

All smiles.
In room their nok jok continues.
Laksh:-tell sonething about your girlfrd i mean bestfrd.
Karthik:-wats their to say she is very special to me in every situation she is like a guide trainerz well wisher some times when i stuck to taje decision she helped me always .she Wonder full person .
I miss her because i fighted with her un necessarily.
Karthik:-when i said my plans towards your family she didnt accepted infact she said to me that i should go indeep to knew about your family without seeing and knewing twoside stories dont do anything.but i didnt lisen to her infact i said that you cared about some unknown and left pain ofYour best frd.
Laksh:-thats so mean.
Karthik:-haa i knew and excitedly he sits onbed and says she us a doctor and you knew she always says when you cant change someone lifes then you have no right to ruine soneother lifes.
I miss her i should call her tommorrow.
Swara:-why not now.

Karthik:-today she will have night duty.And i dont want to disturb her.
All says hmmmm.
Sanskar:-nothing gallai mai karach hai.
Karthik:-all at a time.
Laksh:-viral hogaya thats why all
Get at a time.
Karthik:-gallai mai kich kich tho vicus kalo.
All laughs.
Laksh:-if it given by doctor sister hand then i am ready to take.
Swara:-e doctor sister ki patient bhai challe shut up.
All laughs.
Laksh keeps sad face and says ragini u too.
Ragini:-u can joke on me but i should not even laugh at u .
Karthik:-she has a point.
Sanskar:-e point ki bachiii now itself say you were on which side.
Behans side or brother in laws side.
Karthik:-behans side.
Laksh:-fine we will take doctor sister on our side.

Then what about me.
All turns and sees uttara.
Uttara comes and hugs all and sees karthik and asks who is he.
Sanskar explains everything.
Uttara and karthik shake hands to each other.

Laksh:-so choti bille say on which side you were.
Uttara:-ofcourse bhai not on your side i am on bhabhi side.
Laksh and sanskar opens their mouths and say fine for us doctor sister is enough.
Karthik:-think onces guys she is very sentistive by jokingly also she wont hurt any one.
Sanskar:-goes near him and keeps his hand on his shoulder and says u knew wat the way u were explaing and talking about her it makes us excited to meet her.
Laksh:-is she beautiful .
Karthik reminds her smile and her Eyes and says she is wonderfull person i never met.
All smiles and understands that he is in love with her without his acknowledge

Precap:-some romantic moments and all teasing karthik at airport

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  3. what sanky say when karthi say she has night duty i didnt understand anything

    1. Throat infection in hindi
      Adv they used say naa irretiation in throat
      I hope you understand now

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