All alone ragini episode 25

sry frds as i could not comment on each and every one
i am not feeling well actually i am feeling home sick and i m married
i just want to share my saddeness with you .
any way uttara character will introduce today but she is not pair for karthik.

episode starts with all are getting ready.
ragini room.
ragini:- are u sure about your plan sanskar.
sanksr:- hmm i am sure and no will get hurt ok.
infact everything will be fine after today.
ragini:- hugs him and says all the best.
all gather at hall and wishes dp and ao\p.
after some time
all outers leaves when about to dp leave sanskar stops him.
dp- what happen.
laksh:- we want to show u some thing.
and starts projector.
it slowly shows first dp then rp pics later they show their sister pic.
vedio stops.

sanskar:- loving someone is not bad thing right badai papa then why u are not accepting maasi.
rp:- when u dont knew anything then dont opne your mouth.
laksh:- who said we dont knew any thing and starts speaking.
laksh:- when i loved swara as she is bengali first u apposed later u come to knew that her heart and family are good people and u accepted us.
sanskar:- but in those times u did not attempt to knew about maama. if u would enquire about him then i hope you will definetly accept him.
laksh:- he is great person dad you too knew it thats why you are living in peace right dad.
sanskar:- because you knew that he belongs to bussiness family and whole family are very good then why u did not accept them
laksh start another pic its shows a small boy pic images untill he grown up and it turns to be karthik.
every one watches him by turning their heads.
sanskar:- u knew that karthik rao is your sister son still u kept quite why and dad u too kept quite.

laksh :- to karthik
karthik i knew that u were angry on dad and chotai papa as they didnot respond your call when maami is dying but truth is fifferent they came to hospital and met your mom and dad but secretely in fact they gave blood and money also by being rights of her brothers
karhik is having tears in his eyes he about to confess but sanskar hugs him and says,
sanskar:- dont karthik we knew that why u came and we too knew it if we were in your postion we too react like that only and your were our brother in law.
ap and sujtha comes towards karthik and keeps hands on his head and cheeck.
sujatha:- still i am thinking that manasa is a kid but see dii she has a big son.
ap:- haa we missed you all so much beta.
dp and ram also comes and hugs him
karthik wipes their tears and says.
karthik:- mom used to say that she wont like tears on their brother and babhi eyes and hugs them.

at night.
karthik is staring outside window
sanskar and laksh comes and takes him by closing his eyes and takes him to a room and opens his eyes
laksh:- this is your room.
sanskar:- you like it.
karthik:- i love it.
ragini and swara comes to karthik wih food all sits down and having dinner .
laksh:- yukk i knew it this dinner is prepared by you right swara but why you do all experiments on me.
sanskar:- oye shutup .
swara:- haa its good only hena karthik.
karthik widens his eyes and says ofcorse good and loks here and their.
sanskar and laksh laughs .
sanskar:- by first day you frightened him swara but its ok karthik have this some its will be good after all my wife prepared it.

all looks at him with shock and ragini smiles.
karthik:- how do u knew that ragini prepared this one instead they didnt mention also.
sanskar looks at him and thinks wat to say.
laksh:- its called love babu u will come to knew when it comes to u.
karthink:- hits his head and says shit i forgot i should call sameera she will kill me.
sanskar and laksh kifts their eyebrows and says sameera who is it haa.
karthik:- she is my childhoos best frd.
again they both really.
ragini hits sanskar and laksh and says dont pull my brothers leg ok.
karthik side hugs her and says thank u ragini behan
swara:- then mee
ofcousre you also swara behan.
karthik:- she is resemble of ragini so calm and haa when she get angry thats it will be like a lava brust .
i have to call her but at this time no i will call her tomorrow.
sanskar:- when you call her you just inform me.
laksh:- me also.
swara:- why you both.

sanskar:- we want to see our sister.
ragini:- sister
sankar:- you wont understand leave it.
karthik and swara and ragini watches each other and smiles.

precap:- some family time and fun between brothers and sisters.

sry frds once again i didnt reply to u each one
thanku u all for commenting me .
today as i said my mood is not good wat ever it came to my mind i typed it
i hope i didnt disappoint anyone
if in that case a big sorry for all

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  1. Uttara will bd best na yaar

    1. Ya may be but i thought sone else hayathi
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  2. Nice epi. Get Well soon

    1. lila r u writing any ff

  3. So interesting
    Waiting for their masti

  4. Very nice epi

  5. very nice

  6. nice …

  7. Very nice..get well soon

  8. interesting, reveal the pair for karthi plz plz plz. Is it uttra r sameera

  9. srry i did see uttra not pair for karthi. Sindhuji ur feeling bored means u shall concentrate more on ff. And ur husbandji is a software enginear. One more news my mom too started to read ur ff. And she liked it very much. Today epi was only really nice.

  10. get well soon. Myself and my mom prey for u

  11. get well soon. Myself and my mom prey for u. See u back with other epi

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