All alone ragini episode 24

The episode starts with ragini waking up sanskar.
Ragini:-sanskar plzz get up otherwise u will get late to your work.
Sanskar:-let me sleep na ragini.
Ragini comes near to his ears to shout meanwhile sanskar remenber that he should collect dp call recording he suudenly gets up and hits ragini head with his head both shout ochhh.
Sanskar:-what r u doing.
Ragini rubbing her head and says i came forward to shout in your ears to wake u up but u all of sudden get up and hitted my head .
Ahhh its paining.
Sanskar drags her close to him and kissed on her head and says pain gone.
Ragini:-i am not a kid sanskar u do this so that i forgot my pain.
Sanskar:-who said that u were kid infact you were at that age to give me a kid.
Ragini shy and says shutup sanskar.
Sanskar :-why u wont give me.
Ragini hugs him and says ofcourse i will give.
They both hug .
Ragini breaks hugs and sends sanskar to washroom and turns.
Sanskar holds her hand and says u to come na it passed so many days we didnt get freshen up together.
Ragini hits his hand and says not now and runs.
Sanskar keeps his head on door and says hmm first i should solve this problem then u and me definetly .
After some time
Laksh and sanskar checking few call recording.

They find a number which called often and they taje information about that number.
And came to knew that number was from hyderabad.
And hires someone to knew more details about that person.
Ap and sujatha goes out to do shopping .
Ragini and swara are buying some things to home.
Swara:-i hope this problem got solved early.
Ragini:-hmm when it started no one is in peace.
Some person is talking to someone and says at time car should turn and remember if she got hurt then u gone pay for your mistake by leaving you life understood.
Driver nodes head and startz car .
Ap and sujatha are standing near road side and waiting for ragini and swara.

They are opposite to eachother on road and waiting to cross.
Suddenly a car comes towards ap all shouts at her and she sees car coming so fastly towards her and gets panic and stay statue.
All runs towards her meanwhile a person comes and threws ap towards sujtha and accidently he fall on stone and gets hurt on his forehead.
Sujatha and ragini and swara comes to ap and makes sure that she is fine.
Ragini sees that person is bleeding from head and goes towarda him.
Ragini:-oh my god u got hurt sir and takes him and makes him sit and starts giving treatment to him.
Person in mind :-you were very sweet ragini more than i think and by relations u were my sister and swara also. I promise that in my revengue i wont hurt u both and keeps on looking at her.
After treatment ragini watches him and asks why r u looking like that and why r u crying us it hurting.
Person:-by seeing u i thought that my own sister is treating me thats it.
Ragini and that person smiles.

Ao comes towards him and blesses him.
Person takes blessing from her by touching her feet and thinks mom said right that u were so sweet badai maami.
Sujatha:-come to our home beta u got hurt you will get treatment.
Person nodes head and says himself choti maami.
They all goes to house.
Sanskar and laksh gets full information about that caller and her family infact their photos also.
They both comes to knew full story and gets angry on dp s ego.
Sanskar:-i knew that badai papa has ego but this level that he dont care about her own sister.
Laksh:-unbleiveable but bhai dad helped them by being sponser which is dont knew by that family thats why their son want to take revengue.
And laksh gets a call from swara she explains everything wat hsppen to them at market.
They inform to dp and rp.

They four reaches to their house.
Sanskar and laksh sees that young person and get shocked and sees each faces.
Ap says everything and makes him introduce to that boy.
Dp:-thank u so much u saved my life .by the way wats your name.
Person:-my name is karthik rao.
Rp:-hugs him and says thank u for saving babhi.
Sanskar and laksh comes forward and shaje hand with himand sees a pure smile on his face which indicates that he was happy to meet them.
Ragini takes him to guest room and asks him to rest .
Karthik:-if u dont mind can i think u as my sister.
Ragini:-ok bhai and leaves from their.
All ladies prepare dinner.
Sanskar:-he has a reason laksh but he dont knew complete truth thats why he hating .
Laksh:-bhai but maasi wants to meet their brothers last time which dad and chotai papa fidnot do it.
Sanskar:-they met her laksh but he dont knew i enquired hospital staff.
Laksh:-then lets say truth to him ofcourse he is our cousion bhai.
Sanskar :-we will tomorrow and its also badai papa bday so lets bring truth out in different way.
Swara:-hi brother come for dinner.
They all went into hall.
Sanskar:-where is ragini she is not here.
Swara:-she went to give medicines and food to karthik.
Laksh:-in that case we all aavompany him wat say.
Dp says ok.

Ragini serving him food in plate and sits with him.
Meanwhile all comes their with their plates and sits with him.
All starts their dinner.
Ragini:-bhai start your dinner.
Karthik nodes and raises his hand and all looks at him as he has injury on his hand and sturrgles to eat.
Ragini sees this and keeps her plate aside and goes towards him and tries to feed him.
Karthik:-its ok i will eat ragini.
Ragini:-u called u sister and u are not eating by his sister hand.
Karthink get emotional and eats with her hands.
Sanskar and laksh get emotional and sees hus tears.
Laksh:-what happen why r u crying.
Karthik:-actually few years before i lost my mom and dad when ever i got injured my mom used to feed me after death of my mom dad used to feed me after his death also i all of suddwn became orphan if it pains or happiness i used to eat myself some times i used to sleep with hunger akso but now ragini took my mom place.
Ragini gets emotional and feeds him completely.
Swara thinks that this person is sonewhere attached to our family.
After a time all goes to their rooms.
Ap comes with tumeric milk and feed him with her hand and invites him to dp bday party.
He too accept.

Swara says to laksh about her feeling towards her .
Laksh reveals her about karthik truth.
In sanskar room.
Ragini comes and sits on bed where sanskar is already lying on bed and talking with her.
Sanskar:-today morning i said that u to give me a kid and you immefiately gave me a instant grown up kid wow .
Ragini laughs and hits him.
She rests her head on sanskar chest.
Sanskar says everything to ragini.
Ragini:-with tears oh my gid he faced so much and he dont knew actual truth that why he is thinking to take revengue and come lets go and reveal all truth to him.
Sanskar stop her and says her about their plan and asks her to wait.
Ragini nodes and sits and starts thinking.
Sanskar slowly moves towards her by passing his hand on raginis waist .
By his touch rags gets jurk and says wat r u doing.
Sanskar kisses her neck and says dont tell me u dont knew what i am doing in that case let me show you wat i want to do.
Ragini gets shy and turns and hugs him.
Sanskar too hugs her and slowly he drags her and makes her on bed and now he is on ragini both lost into eachother eyes.
Sanskar sees rags lips and kisses them.
While kissing they slowly removes their clothes and initimate by turning off bed light.

Precap:-karthik truth out.
Ap and sujatha hugs him and three have tears in their eyes.
Dp rp and karthik apolizes to each other.
Sanskar laksh and karthik hugs eachother

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