All alone ragini episode 23

The episode starts with .
All are in kitchen.
Ap asks ragini to bring new utensils from store room .
Ragini goes to hall and goes in store room and start searching for utensils and finally founds it in corner and goes their and pulls a box.
By pulling it remsining all boxes also falls.
She hits her head and start arranging boxes back to their places.
Suddenly she watches one box which is completely different from other which has some girl clothes and photos.
Where two boys and a girl are their.
Few dolls and few gifts which is written on them as
For our loving sister from her brothers.
Ragini:-badai papa and papa has a sister but no one knews about sanskar and laksh knews it or no.
And suddenly starts thinking wat ever happening in our family may be its related to this photo.
What happen to their sister.

I should show these photos to sanskar instead of assuming myself and runs towards sanskar and laksh who are standing at balcony.
Sanskar and laksh see ragini coming by running and gets worried.
Sanskar:-what happen why r u running.
Ragini shows photos to them.
Sanskar and laksh both sees and sees these are two their father but who is she.
Ragini:-that means you both dont knew about her.
Sanskar:-not clearly but i think i had a blur vision about her .
Laksh:-we have find about her bhai what if she related to that matter what ever happeninig in our family.
Sanskar:-i think she is close to us thats why these three took photo.
Ragini:-lets ask maa about this.
Laksh:-will she answer bhabhi.
Sanskar:-but we have too.
Ragini goes and brings ap sujatha and swara.
Sanskar shows photo and asks who is she.
Ap and sujatha gets tensed and asks where they get this photo and takes from them.
Laksh:-maa if u dont say it can be a problem what if she is the main readon for our problems.
Sujatha:-shutup laksh she cant be problem to any one and u both talk with respect about her.
Sanskar sits and holds their hand and asks who is she maa.
Ap:-she she is your fathers sister sanskar.
Sanskar and laksh gets happy and says what we have a buaa untill know you did not say why maa.
Sujtha:-because she did intercast marriage.
Sanskar:-so what.

Ap:-it means a lot sanskar u knew na your badai papa he will die when it comes to his respect in society.
They used to love her a lot your buaa name manasa. They used to love their more than their lives but one day she brought a south indian boy and said that she loves him.
Your both dads didnot accept .infavt they housearrested her and forcifully wanted to marry another boy in our community but before marriage day she ran away with that boy.
Sanskar:-after that .
They got angry and they did not even try to find her infact on that day they cleaned all her stuff and burried by thinking as she is dead for them.
Sujatha:-you were very small at that time sanskar she used to play with u a lot infact u uused to be with her only than me and laksh u were months boy in that time thats why u fidnot remember her at all.
Laksh:-you said that their is no things left about her but how come these photos came.
Ap :-we saved it laksh.
Sanskar:-what about her family maa.
Sujatha:-dont knew anything about her after she left our house she even didnot call us.
Laksh:-maybe she did and u dont knew.
Ap:-may be.
Ragini:-i think we have to get information anout her but how.
Sanskar:-i had a frd in government department who gathers information about population i will try to get ingo about her from their.
Laksh:-bhai first we should try from south side as buaa loved south indian.
They both leaves fromm their.

Sanskar gets information about her and laksh gets infornation about her place.

Sanskar:-laksh manasa buaa is no more yar she died last year and she had a son name is karthik rao and his dad is krishna rao he is a government employ.
Laksh:-bhai i got their address they used to live in hyderabad but they vacated from their and its being 6 months now his dad is also no more bhai. I enquired surrounding people they said that they dont knew where his son is now.
Sanskar:-i think that karthik wants revengue from us but why.
Laksh:-bhai their is a reason when bua is not feeling well people used to say that she wished to meet her family but no one came.
Sanskar:-what the link in that if we knew about it we will definetly go naa.
Laksh:-wat if we dont knew at all expect papa.
Sanskar:-can badai papa do it to her own sister in ego.
Laksh:-dad can do anything for his name in society.
Sanskar:-lets check badai papa call revording and even office onces also as it is old from years .

Precap:-that man next move and sanskar and laksh getting call recording of dp and gets shocked by seeing it

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