All alone ragini episode 22

The episode starts with
Laksh swara and ragini sanskar went to dinner out.
At resturent.
All orders their faviorate dishes.
Four enjoys all dishes by sharing abd enjoys a lot without knowing wats twist is waiting for them.
Ragini and swara entres home and sees evey one is in tension and goes towards ap and sujatha.
Sanskar comes and laksh also dp gets angry and goes towards him angrilyand starts scolding.
Dp:- laksh today you proved that you were good for nothing.
Laksh:-what happen dad wat i did.
Dp:-i gave u to a file and ask it to keep secrerely and u failed in that.
Laksh:-i kept it in safe dad.
Dp:-then how it reached to oppents and about to slap him.
Sanskar holds his hand and covers laksh.

All gets shocked.
Sanskar:-laughs and says u will never change badai papa never what ever u lisen from other u will only belive them but u dont belive your own people wow.
Dp:-what the hell r u speaking.
Sanskar:-i should ask that question to u how can u slap without lisening to laksh.
Dp:-what their to lisen he is careless and he left that file open thats why we lost it.
Sanskar:-do u saw him leaving file open .
Dp:-achaa u do observe him keeping file in locker.
Sanskar:-hmm if u think once with trust then we can see him keeping file in locker.
Dp:-what do u mean.
Sanskar:-come on badai papa cctv footage dont tell be you were busy in not beliving him and forget about cctv .
You knew what u wont believe any one of us thats why u never thought that we r not wrong and this attitude made u to forget that we can get proof from cctv.
All gets silent.
Laksh has tears in his eyes as for first time someone is taking his side.
Dp calls to office and asks them to bring cctv footage.
Laksh hugs sanskar and thanks him.
Sanskar:-you were my brother lucky i believe u more than me.
Laksh and sanskar has a smile.

By seeing their trust on each other all smilez except dp.
After a while they all sits and sees cctv footage and seez laksh keeping that files in safe .
After that they see someone entering and opening safe with cutter and taking file.
Dp apolizes to laksh .
Laksh:-u never trusted anyone dad and me u will never trust even in your dreams its better i should stand on my own.
Sanskar keeps his hand on his shoulder and calm him down.
Sanskar:-we have to find who is that personand callpolice.
Police arrives .
Police:-do u have any enemies .
Dp:-inbussinesz its common sir but whom we can judge without kniwing.
Police:-first we will collects finger prints ftom safe and we will check if he is ourlist or not.
And goes to office with laksh and sanskar.
Dp:-whom might be it.
Ram:-dont knew bhai who might have enemighty on us.
Dp:-gets a call.

Person:-hmm for u all are wrong expect you right .
You and your ego i will smash everything.
First i target u on your bussiness and next your family but wats use of family because you wont care about them.
Poorlaksh with out trying to knew truth u were about to hit him.
Whom u love durga prasad maheswari expect your own ego.
What ever you do your sins are over now its time to bare .
Time starts tic toc tic toc .
Boom .
Dp gets angry and starts thinking my past sins.
Laksh and sanskar both goes to their rooms.
Laksh sits with teara in her eyes swara comes and consoles him.
Laksh:-why swara why me always am i that bad that no one trust me dad always scolds me but never thought to understand me.
After a while says may be the way i hurted ragini that why i paying for it.
Ragini and sanskar comes their with food and lisens to their conversion.
Ragini:-who said u that you did a sin by hurting me.if u marry me without interest then it will be a sin because our four lifes may get spoiled.

And haa dont think again like that no one understands you ok and signals sanskar.
Sanskar sits next to him and says by making him to eat.
Sanskar:-really u want to stand on your own.
Laksh:-haa bhai i slways dream to open garments for fashion desining even i made arrangements also but dad stopped me.
Sanskar:-i will support u laksh if u want to start no infact you have to stand on your own.
And you knew naa badai papa is always like this only after knewing also.
Laksh hugs him and he too makes him eat.
Ragini and swara both smiles looking at their love.
Laksh sleeps on lap of swara.
Ragini is taking clothes to change sanskar stands near to her from back.
Ragini:-what happen why r u seeing me like this.
Sanskar:-thank u ragini and hugs her and says i love u so much .
Ragini:-tightens her grip and says mee to love you sanskar.
Next morning.
Police calls sanskar and says person finger prints are not matching with their records.
Sanskar says samething to all

Fp gets thinking about yesterdays call and thinkings in mind
I dont knew why but i feel this person is hurted because of me thats why he want yo take revengue.
Sabskar to him srlf i think that person what to take personel revengue from badai papa.
First i have to knew about badaipapa past and leaves from their with laksh.

Precap:- ragini us instore room
A box falls from top and rags sees it and gets shocked by seeing some photos and runs towards sanskar and laksh who were in balcony

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