All alone ragini episode 20

Episode starts with .
Ragini sitting alone and thinking about her past bitter moments with sanjay and soon tears starts flowing from her eyes.
Sanskar comes and sits with her.
Ragini realize that he came and he didn’t observe the time.
Ragini:- sorry sanskar I did not see time and getup to bring water for him
Sanskar makes her to sit and takes her head nd rest her head on his chest.
Sanskar:- what happen ragini why you worry about him.
Ragini:- he used to be my senior he a crush on me and a huge madness about me.
He used to do all unwanted things to make me to him.
I was unable to fight because ones he locked me in stroam room and tried to force me to accept him that day I got frightened and said everything to my dadi and dadu.
When next day they came to school at that time he is already forcing me by taking me to corner they slapped him by seeing me in that position .principle sir threw him out of school.
While going he warned me to pray god that he should never see me again .if he see this time he wont leave me and today I again saw him I am getting afraid of him.
Sanskar:- come on ragini that time what ever happen was in chidish age now I knew him as a business partner he changed and he is married also I think now he is good person don’t get afraid now u both r matured right.

Ragini:- how can be sure about him.
Sanskar:- don’t u believe me.
Rags:- I doo but the way he sees me I feel uncomfortable.
Sanskar:- ok ba baa from now I will make sure that he wont meet u again ok .
Now cheerup.
Rags smiles and hugs him
Rags thinks in mind I don’t knew why but my heart feels something bad he going to happen

Sanjay:-I hate u sanskar maheswari I just hate u by seeing your wife I hate u more now .
He snatched everything from me wat ever projects we do but always u took first place in business world and now u took even my first love if she is not mine then she will not even belong to u
And turns and sees a women who tied and cries saying plzz leave me why u do with your wife like that.
Sanjay:- I said I hate people who is unprofessional after knowing my timing also u bring my tea late that’s why and he opens her thread and leaves.
Wife rubs her hand and see sanskar and ragini pic and think I have to save u from this mentally retared person and thinks of arnav informing about it.
Next day sanjay prepares him self as wearing gloves and starts from home.
Wife call arnav and informs him about it .
Arnav calls asanskar both leaves to home in hurriedly and arnav informs this to khushi
Arnav:- go as fats as u can to ragini and says complete situation and says I think we disconnected their phones its not connecting.

In sankar home.
Sanjay slaps hard on ragini check and she fells on floor by breaking few vases on table
She is badly injuried and says
Ragini:- plzz leave me why u came back I am living peacefull plz leave me.
Sanjay:- achaa u love sanskar so much right then u decide your self u want your life or his life
Ragini:- pleads again.
Mean while khushi comes from window and hits him on hand which haves gun and threws him out.
Khushi see ragini conition and cries by hugging her .
Sanjay comes back about to stab ragini by throwing khushi aside
They both closes their eyes
Arnav and sanskar breaks door and gets shocked by bullet sound.
Sanjay turns and sees his wife shooted him and falls on floor
Wife goes near to him and shoots him all bullets and sits on floor and cries.
By seeing this all and due to blood loss ragini is in shock.
Police comes and arrest her wife and takes complaint .
After few days they realse sanjay wife in case of self defence by proofs and by statements of ragini and khushi.
Ragini stays silents and becomes sad.
By seeing her state sankar blames him self by thinking that he is main reason.
Arvan:- why do think like that sanskar we don’t knew about him.
Sansky:- she said about sanjay yesterday I should have been more carefull and he took advantage of being her alone if she lived in koltaka their will be more people and it may not happen what if anything happen to her I may die .
I cant live without her bhai and hugs him and cries
Arnav:- consoles him and says the change your business to koltaka and ya by leaving alone also she gets bore.

Sankar:- I am too thinking about it bhai.
Khushi:- places hand on him and says this is the actuall time sanskar that you have to take a stand and stay with her ok and make her normal with your love.
Sanskar node and goes and sits next to ragini.
Ragini:- sanskar so much happen in just one day.
Sanskar:- ragini I am planning to change my all business in to Kolkata I will make my main company their what u say.
Ragini:- because of this there is no need sanskar I am fine.
Sanskar:- no u stay alone what if some another day he may not feel well then whom will be with you staying with all is needed ragini and I don’t want to hurt you by anymeans and yaa if u ok only we will leave to maheswari mansion and stay with all.
Ragini:- I would love to stay with all and and mainly my lfe completes staying with you only and hugs him.
Sanskar:- so we will start in 5 days ok .first I will leave you later I will come.
Ragini:- no I wont stay without you how many days it will take let it be I will come to mansion with you only.

Sanskar:- ok.
In maneswari mansion
All elders get frighted by liesening wat happen to them
Ram comsole sujtha by saying with in two days they will come here and stay with us for ever ok
Sujtha nodes her head.

Precap:- family consoling them.

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