All alone ragini episode 2

Episode starts with
Swara gurah pravesh all sits together at hall all are very happy..
Ap:-sujatha take sanskar to his room he will rest.
Sujatha:-haa didi turns to sanskar and asks lets go.
Sanskar:-leans back and says no i wont come.
Swara tries to talk but sanskar shouts more loudly no no.
Ram prasad comes to him and says.
Ram:-fine sanskar dont lisen to us but lisen to your dosti wat she said to u.
Sanskar:-to lisen to u as u r my dad.
Ram:-will come with me and forwards his hand.
Sanskar takes his hand and goes from there sujatha follows him
Ap says to parinethi and sujatha to prepare room for laksh and swara.
They both go and arranges everything and takes swara .

While getting ready .
Parinethi teases her by saying see chotai maa some one is turning into red tomato.
Pari:-for first two to three times u will feel like this only but afterwards u will get habituated yo it and then no more shyness.
Swara:-personel expresence didi.
Pari keeps angry face and then they both laugh and watches sujatha who is thinking deeply.
Pari:-maa wat happen wat r u thinking.
Swara:-dont worry maa sanskar will be ok.
Sujatha:-thank you swara haa he will be ok and lucky because he got ragini as a frd to takecare he will be ok and leaves from there.
Swara and pari watches each other confused.
Swara sits on bed and laksh enters bed room and lock door.
He moves close to swara and she is breathing heavily.
Rags sits on floor with her mom photo and crying and breathing heavily because of her tears.
Laksh removes jewellary of swara one by one by kiising her .
He kisses her on neck and swara immediately
hugs him.
Laksh says i love u swara.
Swara says i love u too.
They both break their hug a watches into each
other eyes and laksh and swara sliwly fall on bed and candle blows away by their consumation.

In sujatha room .
Sujatha:-after all betrayel from our family still
ragini is ready to help sansjar jii wat a girl.
Ram:-haa sujatha he deserves all happiness but she is the one who facing all problem.
Sujatga:-,if in case sanskar is ok i will definetly
make her as my bahu wat say.
Ram:-haa sujatha who wants to loose a girl like her i too hope her to be our bahu.
Scene shifts to sanskar room.
A person is stanfing near window ewith tears in his eyes and says why god why you always keep happy that person who snaches everything from other.
Laksh who snached my love and happiness he is now very happy by getting married to his love by making ragini sad and that swara she snached everything from ragini and she is also very happy by leaving her in tears.
And he reminds ragini and says to him self.
Wat type if girl she is untill now i didnt see like her.
First after knowing that swara is a daughter of sumi and shekar by cheating her mom still she accepted them as her mom and sister and lucky played two times with her feeling publically but still she made him to marry to swara.
This girl making her life dark and giving others light to walk but she is digging herself in darkness.
Why do i care about her so much why
Why do i feel bad for her postion
Why do i feel like breaking their bones when ever i see her to be ignored by other.
Why her tears affecting me.
Why i want to say her truth that i am fine.
When ever i saw her crying i am unable to control my self and i just want to go to her snd by placing my hand on her i just want to say
I am there for u.
Why ragini why u affect me so much why do i forgot about my revengue when ever you r with me.
What is this feeling.
After so many betralyel also u r not getting angry
Ya i am wrong persong or you are mahan.
And after some time he to go and sleeps.

Precap:-dadi and dida scolding sumi
And a puja at laksh house.
Ragini praying to god by holind sindoor plate and by closed eyez and all gets shocked by seeing towards ragini and even rag get shockef by touching her head.

Thank you frds for liking my ff and encouraging me and yaa i am a big fan for ragini and sanskar and yes once again i am saying her rags and san are main so all importance goes to them only and for remainig little importances

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    jab neone aapka ff padha toh mere niagara se ek hi word nikla and the word is wow just wow ……..ur both ff is fabulous ……mein apka ff ka or ck1234 ke ff ka hmesa wait karti hu

    1. Thank you so much for your love towards us

    2. Thanks… That ‘s so sweet of you…

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    1. Thank you and welcome

    2. Sry that was my sister commented it
      Thank you once again

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    interesting precape
    update soon

      1. Update next part today. .. Plzplzplzplzplzplzplz….

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    1. Done dear you have to wait untill it gets uploaded

  17. Hi sindhu. I just loved it. It was amazing. Pls post soon. Thank you.

    1. Thank you sathya

  18. Sindhi can u explain the precap I didn’t understand plzzxzzz explain

    1. Sry aditi i am really sry i saw you comment lately and ya i updated next part read it u will understand

  19. I wish this could be the real story ……. thank u for writing this ff …thank u so much

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