All alone ragini episode 19

The episode starts with sanskar coming home and looks around home in doudtedly and sees room which has a lightings he goes inside and see room he fully decorated with small small candles.
A smile occupies on his face and see ragini who is wearing a very small dress and opens his mouth when she turns towards him

She signals him with eye brows and he immediately shuts his mouth and pretends that it doesn’t effect him he goes and opens his coat and close his eyes and says don’t sanskar don’t don’t accept that easily haa I knew that she is looking dam my god how should I control my self and closes his eyes.

Suddenly he senses some hands passing from chest and opens his eyes and sees ragini hugging him from back and breathes heavily and finally removes her hand and moves from him and moves forward and removes his coat and turns to see ragini in tears a nd he rushes to her and cups her face and says I am sorry ragini I am just joking plzz dont cry.
She slowly starts smiling and says I saw ur face by hiding and shows towards mirror.
Sanskar looks back and turns to her and says uu and now go I will not talk seriously and starts to move but she stop him by holding his hand by her hand and she turns and hugs him by making his hand place on her waist which is visible .
Sanskar can feel the soft skin of ragini which makes his hand to move smoothly.
She plays song from hai rama hai kya hua
Sanskar laughs by turning anotherside of ragini
When ragini tries to watch he stops laughing immediately and he goes to sit on sofa ragini follows him and keeps her hand on his shoulder and slowly moves toward his chest and he again moves from their by pretending .

She comes and hugs him and kisses him near at corner of his lips which makes him loose all his control over her but tries hard to be strong .
This time rags gets angry and stops song in between and starts to leave,.
Sanskar watches her leaving and holds her hand and makes her turn him around him and sees this time as she is really crying and her nose and eyes became red.
Sanskar cups her face and makes her to watch him .
Ragini:- I don’t knew that I hurt u this much without my knowledge really sorry and catches her ears.
Sanskar removes her hands from her ears and wipes her tears and kisses her eyes and says I am sorry I over acted to be angry on u .
Ragini:- I cant bear ur anger sanskar and hugs him by saying I love u a lot .
Sanskar: I am sorry ragini and I too love u and how u think that I will be angry on u. haa.
Ragini:- u acted to be angry naa.
Sanskar hugs her more tightely and says I love

The tight hug bring them more close their both bodies are touching eachother and their feeling their body warm and sanskar says by the way you were looking wow in this and hugs her
Ragini get shy and hides her face in sanskar chest.
And moves from their sanskar holds her hand and makes her to pin against wall and slowly removes hair from her back and starts to unzip her dress and slowly passes her hand inside to it
Which makes ragini shiver and more shy .
Sanskar start kissing her on bare back .
He tries to remove dress and ragini and feel his hand on her body and turns towards him and sees him not having shirt and gets shy and hugs him.
Sanskar lifts her and says the work u started let us complete it and takes her to bed and lay her
Soon he too lays on her soon he draps blanket on them
Sanksar starts to kiss on both side of neck and slowly he kisses her on her throat and when he about to move from throat
Ragini stops him and eyes him and they both share their lip lock.
And that night ragini and sanskar make their night widely.
Next morning
Ragini is wearing pink saree and sanskar is getting ready for office some one rings bell door and ragini goes and opnes door and gets shocked to see a person
Ragini:- what the hell are u doing here.

Sanjay:- ragini u were sanskar wife unbelievable
Ragini about to shout on sanjay meanwhile sanskar comes and asks hi sanjay what r u doing here.
He welcomes him and introduces him to ragini and ragini to sanjay.
Ragini:- I knew him sanskar he used to be super senior in my school days and hee.
Sanjay:- I don’t knew that time that she will be my best frd wife or else I have been her frd then only and forwards hand but she does namastai.
Sanskar observes both of them and starts thinking why ragini is not liking him I have to knew and soon they both leaves to office.
Ragini waves him bye.

Precap:- ragini rests on sanskar and says her flash back moments about how sanjay teased her and how dadi and dadu helped her .

Frds sanjay will be on for two episode that’s it and sanskar will act positive only

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