All alone ragini episode 18

morning in hurry sanskar leaves from house to his office by kissing her on cheecks and goes
rags waves bye to him and shuts the door.
after a while khushi come and takes her to shopping
they both shops and buys sarees
khushi drags her to short dress section
and selects few dresses for her and ragini.
and ask ragini to select a dress
ragini:- dii but i dont wear this type of dresses
khushi:- even i wont wear this type of dresses but and comes close to her and says in ear this type of dresses will be used for us to change mood of husbands when they are andry on us and winks at her now u understand.
ragini:- smiles and select 2 dresses.
finally they reach to their houses.

ragini hides that dresse to surprise sanskar.
and she goes near door and surprised to see ram sujatha and swara and laskh dp and ap
she gets happy and takes blessing from all and hugs swara and welcomes laksh inside.
after a while sanskar comes home.
swara opens door
without seeing sanskar leans forward to hugs her by saying hi my looooo and stops by seeing swara who jerks back.
and sees all family members and gets happy and takes blessing from all.
and see ragini angrily (fake anger)
i will go and get freshen up and goes from there by seeing her.
after he leaves all laughs and ragini goes to kitchen and then store room where sanskar is waiting for her .

by seeing her he immediately drags her towards him and keeps his hands on her waist.
sanskr:- cant u call me and say that they came.
rags:- i too dont know that they r coming they came all of sudden to give surprise that to before 30 minutes u came.
sanskar: tuuchh you were lying and what if i kissed swara and keeps his hands on his cheecks.
rags:- drags him by his tie and says i have only rights on you and u cant kiss any one do u get that.
sanskar:- achhaa then do something special for me tonight in our room so that i will get impress and forgive u .
rags:- ok and kisses him on lips and run aways.
sanskar:- leans back to wall and says hmmm. haaaa what a kiss kashh kiss may be one more minute.
ragini ap and sujatha and swra preapares lunch went to out for site seeing.
while walking sanskar catches ragini hand both sees each other and leaves suddenly as swara drags her from their.
sanskar:- what is this yar ragini is more beautifull today than always may be because of this separation.
ragini sees back and goes from their with sad face.
all takes photos together.
all are in their rooms
sanskar is sitting on bed and doing work.
ragini comes and sits beside him but he moves away from her.
rags:- i am sorry yar.
sanskar:- whole day u didnot care for me.
rags:- u see na we didnot care each other because of our familes and i want u to show some of my shopping but.
sanskar:- u did shopping show me.
rags:- u were angry on me why i will show.
sanskar keeps his laptop on aside and says achaa and drags her towards him and hugs her from back in sitting position

he keeps his chin on rags shoulder and rags shows her all sarees and dress.
sanskar:- wow u will look s…y in this dress show me now.
rags:- not know once they leave then i will give surprise to u.
sanskar thinks and says ok and watches rags packing clothes and sanskar slowly lifts his chin and starts kissing her by fighting his grip on her waist and by pulling her towards him from back he slowly moves his hand inside of rags dress which makes rags shiver and closes her eyes and slowly they both go under blanket .

next 3 days rags is full busy in these days and not even spend a time with sanskar and he acts like to be angry onher so that she will wear that dress
rags waves bye to him and thinks he is still angry on her thats why he didnot kiss her and keeps sad face
and sits on sofa and keeps on changing channels and suddenly she get a idea and goes towards their room.ime inour
sanskar calls ragini and says today its official dinner is their he will eat and come and says her not to wait for him and cuts call.
sanskar smiles and says i dont want to waste time in our dinner aand then cleaning them
as i knew u will start your plan when i came home.
get ready sanskar with fake angry u should not bend that easily .
rubs his hands
rags:- lets see after today my surprise to u at night after sseing that i will also see how long u will be anger on me
and starts preparation

precap:-a full of romantic moments between sanskar and ragini.

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