All alone ragini episode 17

ragini and swara takinng with each other on phones
ragini describes whole house to swara.
swara:- i am very happy for u ragini .
ragini:- thank u swara
bell rings and say ok i think sanskar came i will talk with u later and cuts the call.
she goes running towards door and opens she see arnav and khushi and gets happy and welcomes them
khushi hugs her and arnav hugs her from side.
ragini call sanskar and informs him to come fast.
sanskar:- why sweet heart are u missing me or you want something haa.
ragini:-sanskar arnav jijju and khushi dii came thats why am calling nothing else.
sanskar:- thats rude i thought u r missing me thats why y u called me i got hurt .
ragini:- ofcourse i am missing u .
sanskar:- really then say it.
ragini:- sankar dii are here.
sanskar:- if u love me then say it.
ragini:- if i say will u come now.
sanskar:- haa.
ragini: slowly i love you sanskar and haa i am missing u .
sanskar:- i love u too i am starting now in 55 minutes i will be there.
ragini:- no i mean plzz drive slowly for my sake.
sanskar:- ok sweet heart i will drive slowly ok.
ragini goes and serves them coffee and water.

arnav:- ragini where is sanskar.
ragini:- i called him jijju he is coming.
sankar comes and greets them
arnav:- small bro from office to your home it will take 15 minutes but u came in 30 minutes wats matter haa
sanskar:- your saali ordered me to drive slowly .i should follow naa.
khushi:-good boy and rubs his hair
after some time rags and sanskar stops them for dinner.
khushi and ragini starts preparing dinner .
sanskar and arnav are talking.
khushi:- whats sanskar likes ragini.
ragini:- he wont like or dislike particular dishes he likes to eat all.
khushi:- is it or he likes to eat all what you prepared.
rags smiles and khushi hits her with shoulder fuunliy but rags slips and arnav catches her
arnav:-are u b ating my saali .
khushi:- noo.
arnav:- u r not cooking and not allowing her to cooking untill now u didnot completed atleast one dish.
khushi:- first of all u donot knew how to cook and u r saying me that i wont cook fastly.
arnav:- i will i mean we will cook and show u .

rags signals in noo kitchen will spoil.
arnav and sanskar watches her angrily.
ragini bits her tongue and says i mean u both will get tired.
arnav: dont worry about your kitchen we will cook and clean it also.
finally they both starts to cook by help of online
and does good but they make kitchen in complete mess.
arnav and khushi invites them to their house.

ragini goes to kitchen and sees kitchen state and keeps hands on head.
ragini:- my god my kitchen.
sanskar: hugs her from back and says our kitchen so we will clean together.
ragini:- no need you cooked na thats enough i will clean.
sanskar:- i will help.
rags:- no.
sanskar:- plzz.
ragini: ok.
sanskar start to clean floor which has vegetables and ragini cleans floor which is covered with atta.
she unknowieingly cleans all stuff on sanskar who is near her and all atta falls on his head.
rags stops his laugh by seeing his face and sits near him.
and starts cleaning his hair by her hand and he keeps on watching her.
she removes atta from his face by her hand and feels bit nervouse by the way sanskar looking at her.

and keeps her head down and cleaning floor her hair starts to fall on her face.
sanskar brushes her hair back while rags closes her eyes he takes all her hair and ties back.
she gets up and about sweap floor sanskar stops her and says servants will come tomorrow so that they will clean lets go and clean ourselfs.
ragini:- i cant see kitchen like this untill servents come i will clean it.
sanskar stops her and says in that case that u cant see kitchen like this so so.
ragini:- so
sanskar:- i will keep u busy untill morning naa
ragini:- with innocent face asks how.
sanskar: smiles by her innocent question and say dont ask me that directly yarr i am getting shy and closes his face with his hands .
rags gets sanskar point and hits him and goes from there.
rags comes out changing clothes
sanskar :- you all alone freshened without me cheating lets go again and about to touch.
rags moves backwords and say no no dont touch me i am already got fresh and u are keepy weird expressions and says chii.
sanskar opens his mouth and says u said chii to u mee now u see what i will do once i came outside after changing my clothes and goes inside.
rags thinks something and goes.
sanskar comes out and sees rags sleeping he goes near to her and observes her eye lid moving and thinks something and says loudly.

oh oh ragini slept already i think she got tired its ok i will go and do my remained work and pretends to go
and comes next to her and sits on bed slowly and starts smiling.
rags slowly opens her one eye and then another one then see slowly turns her head and see sanskar smiling and shouts in fear.
sanskar laughs and rags feels awekward and covers her self with blanket.
sanskar hugs her in that position.
finally rags opens her face and smiles at him
they both dozes off to sleep.

precap:- sanskar tries to kiss ragini and gets shocked seeing his whole family who is laughing at them and
rags and sanskar watches each other in awekwardly

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