All alone ragini episode 16

The episode starts with sanskar getting up and went out in search of ragini. Ragini is in kitchen
He goes and says good morning to her and sits on kitchen floor and starts talking.
Ragini gives him bed coffee and sanskar says he will go office and come after that they will go around delhi.
Ragini going to office is that important.
Sanskar smiles and says because if someone i didnot went to office for few days and winks at her.
Rags also smiles.
Sanskar gets freshen up and comes out and does breakfast
While going he gives her kiss and goes.
All time passes by rags at home and sanskar at office.
Finally sanskar comes home and hugs ragini who opened door.
He comes and freshen up and sits with ragini with tea .
Sanskar:-so get ready we will see few places in delhi.
Rags:-first u fullfill your promise do u remember.
Sanskar:-haa yar panipuri right done.
Rags smiles and says you remember.
Sanskar:-how can i forget darling and kisses her on cheeck.
Rags goes and gets ready in white and red colour salwar.she open her by tieing.
Sanskar sees her and hugs her from back and
kisses her neck.
Sanskar:-i said u not u wear white i cant control and u are testing me by wearing this.
Rags pushes him from back to out.
They both sat in car and roams all city.
Finally they take few selfies.
They are sitting on car and eating chat and all.
Finally they had their dinner and comes to home.
Rags is taking orananents sanskar comes from back and hugs her and says come lets go and freshen up and shows towards washroom.
Rags escapes from him and says no u freshen up i will not .
Rags:-i am tired so i will sleep directly.
Sanskar:-hitting his hand with another and says thats why i am saying u have to freshen up and tries to catch her hand .
Rags moves back.
Sansjar:-areyy and again tries to catch .
This time also she movez back and smiles.
Sanskar :-so your r teasing your husband.
Rags:-no i am loving my husband .
Sanskar and rags runs and he finally catches her and lifts her on shoulder and takes her inside and closes door .
After some time they were both on bed.
Rags is sleeping like a kid with smile.
Sanskar is looking at her with smile and says to him self that i promise ragini i will never let this smile go from your face i promise and kisses her fore head and he too sleeps.

Precap:-i have to think frds untill then u wait i will also wait untill something strick to my mind

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  1. plz can u add a few swalak scenes in

    1. I will try definetly ok

  2. Hi sindhu I really love ur ragsan scene but pls make it a bit more longer and can u upload ragsan scene 3 times a day instead once bcoz I’m really eager for ur next epios ide can u pls update it today pls I beg u soo much I just love it and make it a bit more longer pls I just love it ❤❤❤

  3. we need only ragsan scenes nice episode

  4. Wow very good ep. I liked it

  5. Superb episode .I’m also want only ragsan scenes.

  6. Sindhu dear I only want ragsan scene plsssss ..plsssss ….plsssss …..plsssss dr its my request and order both lol….sry yaar I m just kidding ….plsssss yaar make it lengthy plsssss …..

  7. Wowww sanky lice towards her awesome

  8. precap is funny ok we will wait and u also wait until something stuck on ur mind………….

  9. waiting for nxt…

  10. nice …

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