All alone ragini episode 15

Sanskar and ragini does all packing.
Rags and sanskar takes blessing from all.
Ragini goes to sujatha and asks them to come with them.
Ram:-no beta i have to be with bhaiya and help him in his business and coming to my son snd touches his cheek and says you were there naa to look after him i have no doudts on it that he will be very happy person because you will be with him.
Sujatha:-we will visit often naa andceven u will say that plz stop coming frequently u were disturbing us.
Rags:-maa and shys and says never maa parents will be happiness to kids not disturbances.
They go and take blessing from dp and ap.
Then sumi and shekhar.
Pari and adarsh.
Rags goes with tears and hugs swara.
Swara wipes her tears and says no more tears ragini this is the time for your happiness.
Rags and swara smiles.
Rags finally sees laksh and waves him bye.
Laksh also waves her bye.
Sanskar and laksh hugs.
Laksh says in ears of laksh
I am sorry bhai.
Cant u stay here.
Sanskar says my all business are in delhi laksh.
And ya i am no more anger on u ok.
Arnav and khushi also takes blessings from all.
Arnav says may be ragini is my saali but she is no more less to my sister and when it comes to sanskar and ragini.i will support my ragini only and winks at her.
Sanskar:-dekho na babhi.
Khushi:-bhad mai deklaingai sanskuu
Lets see which gang will win.
Saali and jijju
Babhi and devar.
All laughs
And bid bye to them.

Arnav and sanskar are sitting front.
Khushi and ragini are sitting back.
They normally talking and laughing .
Finally they reach to delhi.
They leave first to sanskar house .
Then arnav and khushi left to their place.
Sanskar takes rags near house front door and rings bell.
One of the servent comes to open door.
Sanskar:-i said servent to clean house its became a month now.and holds her hand says our house is not a big mansion like in kolkata its a small and beautifull thats it.
Rags:-sanskar i want to be with u in our this small house infact i love simple and cute things and says thats why even i loved u.
Sanskar takes her hand and kisses her and says thank u.
Servant opens door and rags gets shocked and sees sanskar.
Sanskar:-as i want to see your shocked face i just love it.

House description.
A big hall with white painted wall and brown puffy sofas after hall their is a dinning area big table is their .
By attaching to it a swiming poll is their which is separated by glass door walls.
Sanskar takes their bedroom
A puffy bed with so many pillows are their
And she goes towards a wall which has so many photos .
She goes near to it and gets shocked to see her photos in different angel but she see one photo of her eye with tears and looks at sanskar.
Sanskar smilez and comes forward to her and hugs her and says i made this photo to remind my self that not to see tears in your eyes again
She turns and hugs him.after a while.
Sanskar :-a surprise for u and takes her to
another room.
And opens her eyes.
Rags sees this and says u want to show washroom what soecial is their.
Sanskar:-see we have a bathing tub .
Sanskar:-what so now it will be free for us to bath together see how big is it.
Rags gets shy and hits him chii.
Sanskar:-again u said chii let me repeat my words then about to say.
Rags shuts his mouth and hugs him
I love you sanskar.
Sanskar hugs her back and says
I love you ragini.
Sanskar help her to keep her things in room
After a while they both had dinner.
Rags comes from washroom by changing dress and sees sanskar arranging pillows around bed.
Rags:-what r u doing.
Sanskar drags her close to him and says see now their will be no place between us and we will be close to each other.
Rags smiles.
Rags see tv and says
We already had in hall right then why again here.
Sanskar makes ragini turns and hugs her from back and says .
What if we want to see horror moviez they both look into eachothers eyes and rememberz that night and laughs.
Rags about to go but sanskar holds her hand and drags to wards him and kisses her and while kissisng he takes her to bed.
Because of pillows around them they were really close to each other.
They slept into each other arms by hugging each other.
Night passess.

Precap:-funny moments between them.

Hi frds thanks for commenting and ya i am sry i could not able to reply dont knew few msg are not posting although i am giving replies.

And ya i want to remind you again this ff is only for ragini and sanskar .
As i said swalak will just be like that as guest roles .
Arnav and khushi also guest roles
I hope you understand because many of them are asking to show swakak moments thats why i am clearing to u again.
Thank you once again

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