All alone ragini episode 14

Episode starts with marriage pandap .
Where sanskar is waiting for ragini in cream colour suit and red pant.
They lisen foot steps and turns around.
Sanskar smiles looking at ragini who is wearing red colour lehenga.
Comez and sits with sanskar one by one ritual done.
He comes close to ragini to wear mangalsutra and whispers in ears without anyones notice
Say i love you ragini sanskar maheswari.
Ragini sees him with full love finally he applies sindoor and they both reminds how sanskar first applied sindoor and mangalsutra to ragini.
All blesses them.

Bidaii overs.
At night.
Sanskar is waiting for ragini who is in washroom.
Sanskar:-come on ragini how much time u will take yar.
Ragini wears the white saree and leaves ties her hair up and white stone studs on her ears .
Light pink lip stick.
Sanskar:-will u come or shall i come out.
Rags:-no i am coming and comes out.
Sanskar opens his mouth and asks what is this.
Rags is shown completely covering her shoulders with pallu.
Rags:-what type of blouse is this sanskar i wont wear like.
Sanskar:-come on yar its just infront of me naa i want u to see like that thats why .
And pretends to be sad and say its ok if u wont like and about to go.
Rags stops him and takes that pallu from her shoulders.
Her whole shoulders are shown and back only knot is there.
Frds think like she is looking damm cute.
Rags:-turn sanskar and say me am i looking same exactly like u want or not.
Sanskar:- turns and widen his eyes and smiles and goes to her.
And cups her face and says you r more beautifull than what i imagine ragini.
And kisses her forehead.
Rags closes by touch of his lips.
Sanskar slowly moves towards her lips and kisses them softly.
Then he moves towarda her eyes and kisses each other.
Sanskar leans towards her neck by holding her shoulders and kisses her.
Rags jerks and runs from their towards bed..
Sanskar follows her and keeps his hand passing inside of saree from her pallu which makez rags shivering and he immediately pushes her back towards him with his full pressure.
Her back hits him .
Which makes her hair fall.
He slowly removes her hair and kissess her neck.
Rags is still closing her eyes by holding sanskar hand which is on her waist.
Sanskar slowly removes her blouse knot and passez his hand on her bare back.
And makes rags turn towards him.
And lifts her on bed and finally he is on rags.
Sanskar one hand is in rags hand which both are holding by fixing their fingers.
Sanskar is kissing on rags neck continously.
And then lips.
Their are consumating their marriage and tears drops from rags eyes.
Sanskar observes it and says .
Sanskar:-what happen ragini are u ok is it.
Rags:-shuts its mouth and says these are happiness tears sanskar which u gave me unlimited happiness thats why u cant understand.
Sansjar:-takes her hand and says i can rags because right now i am also feeling same.
They both have a deep eyelock and and again starts their consumation and finally night passes.
Its sun rays are hitting them.
Their clothes are spread all over room.
And they both wrapped in bedsheet rags is hugging sanskar and sanskar holding her.
Rags:-watches time and says oh my god.
Sanskar:-what happen.
Rags:-about to get up but stops realising their positions and says because of u i didnot slept .
Sanskar:-drags her towarrds him and says because of u even i didnot slept and shows his shoulder which has nail marks and asks see wat u did.
Rags hits him and says shutup even u did it.
Sanskar:-achaa show me then .
Rags:-covers her and says no and close your eyes.
Rags:-i want to go to washroom for bathing.
Sanskat:-even i want to bath.
Hmm lets both go.
Rags:-chii i wont come.
Sanskar:-wat ever happen between us yesterday u still getting blushing and saying chii.
He comes close to her and says ok tell me one thing that is anything reminded that i didnot watch or touch.
Rags gets more shy and hides her face on sanskar chest and hits him.
Sanskar laughs and lifts her to wash room.
While rags is still blushing.
After some time they both are getting ready.
Rags is wearing violet. Saree and.
Making sanskar shirt buttons.
While he keep on disturbing her.
Rags finally does and about to go .
Sanskar drags her by hand and turns her to another side and kisses her hardly bacause of that rags shouts in pain by holding his shoulders after 5 minutes they both comes normally.
Rags runs from their when he about to kiss again.
Sanskar sits back by brushing her hair back.
She comes to kitchen.
All sees her and smiles.
Swara and khushi are searing here and their on her.
Rags:-what r u doing.
Khushi:-we want to conform if their is anymarks are not.
Rags:-shyss and says no.
Khushi:-but a mark is their on your waist.
Rags:-immediately says wat but i covered it as it is … and realises what she said and coverz her face with her hands.
Khushi and swara both laughs and hi five to each other.
All are serving break fast to them.
Sanskar is watching rags and smiling when she serving to all.
Arnav and laksh observes it.
Arnav:-hits sanskar and says stop seeing her like that otherwise u will caught by whole family.
Sanskar:-keeps his head down and smiles.
Laksh smiles and thinks finally u both r hsppy and mee too happy now.

Precap:-sanskar and rags moving to delhi with arnav and khushi .
Rags hugs each one and cries

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