All alone ragini episode 13


the episode start with ragini wearing yellow lehanga
sanskar in yellow suit.
in maheswari mansion
sanskar taking in phone are not lisening to all as they are calling him for function
khusi get idea and starts shouting so that he could lisen
khushi:-its ok naa let him come when he wants after all complision of his haldi then only we can goto ragini right bechari shoud wait now.
sanskar immeditely cuts call and comes and sits for fuction.
khusi:- so hurry to meet ragini right and by the way you cant applie accept u all can apply.
sanskar: dii come here and speaks in her ears i will apply to her like bhai applied to u remenber.
khusi: laughs and hits on his head badmashh.
sanskar too laughs soon they all reaches ragini house.
gents sits down and
all ladies starts their function

all appilies to ragini.
arnav and laksh too comes.
arnav say i want to apply to my sister
laksh says even i too apply to my babhi.
arnav applies and smiles and ragini to smiles
laksh comes and applies to her and she smiles just like that.
laksh notices this and smiles and says bhai is waiting for u in your room he wants to meet you.
ragini nodes her head and smiles.
she looks her and their and finally reaches her room and looks for sanskar .
sanskar signals her to come to corner.
ragini:- what r u doing here that too in this corner what if any one watches us.
sanskar:- that why i called u to corner naa and he comes forward her and she goes back. sanskar keep what expression on his face and drags her toward him
rags:- what r u doing.

sanskar:- i promised khusi dii that i will apply haldi to u that why.
ragini:- ok but on one condition.
sanskar:- u should not apply by hands or by cheeks.
sanskar:- what is this yar and starts to think.
rags:- smiles and about to go but
sanskar stops her and says i got a idea see how i will apply to u.
rags:- how.
sanskar:- wait and watch and he goes and brings haldi in hand full and shows.
rags says i said u not by hands.
sanskar: appiles some haldi on his nose and lifts his eye brows.
ragini:- leans her head down and smiles.
sanskar comes forward and first applies on her both cheeks then on forehead and in hands.
and sees rags is closing her eyes and wind blows because of it her hair starts blowing back he leans forwards and applieson her nose.
and blows air from his mouth towards her face and rags jerks back and opens her eyes.
they had a eye lock.

swara call ragini she about to go but sanskar stops her and asks u wont apply to me.
rags takes haldi from his hand and applies to his cheeck ans this time sanskar closes his eye by feeling her touch and about go but comes back and kisses her on his cheek and goes from the.
sanakar smiles and says 2 more days ragini lets make this kiss along one and goes from their.

scene shifts to mehndi day.
rags wearing orange and gold colour mix saree for mehndi.
sanskar talking to someone on call and sits next to laksh who is in drivers seat
khushi:- these days you r talking in phone too much is any other girl .
sanskar: what how can u think like that dii i cant think anyone else accept ragini .
all laughs
sanskar gets angry and says go i am not going to talk with how can u think about me like that and its seems your are forgetting that my whole business is in delhi and i am in ng from kolkata i should manage everything from here only and uu and even i am missing her alot i am just counting days when it will reduce u have to console me but no u are every busy in teasing me.
all looks at him y widening their eyes dp and ap laughs.
khusi:- just see yar what r u talking.
sanskar:- i dont and turns head towards windown and bits his tongue by realising what he said.
rags keep on watching at door

arnav watches this and come and sits with her.
arnav:- dont worry i called khusi they r almost near and yaa she too said that he is angry on them.
rags:- why.
arnav:- u only ask him when he comes here.
rag:- ok and smiles.
arnav and rags keep on talking on different topic meanwhile mehndi wala comes and applies
sanskar and family comes and sanskar and rags smiles at each other.
mehndi programs starts
swara and khushi takes him and makes him sit next to ragini.they both smile at each other.
sanskar:- your r looking as beautiful as always.
rags:- but u r looking angry why wat happen.
sanskar:- who said to u
rags:- arnav bhaiyaa.
sanskar: explains everything.
rags: starts to laugh sanskar gets more angry.
rags observes this and says sorry.
sanskar: sorries are not accpeted
rags:- then what u want so that u forgive me.
sanskar see at her and smilies rags understands and says ok but on one condition .
sanskar:- what
rags:- u have to find your name in my hand within one chance.
sanskar :- done.

he starts to search on her hand and all are observing him
at last he finds with in seconds and shows to every one.
and winks at rags
while all are eating rags goes to sanskar who are waiting at room.
sanskar:- leans towards wall by eyeing ragini romantically and says see i find out so easily and where is my gift and drags her towards him.
rags kisses him on cheeck
sanskar:- what is this yar.
rags:- kiss.
sanskar:- every funny i know that wat and shows his cheeck and says here.
sanskar:- you asked me to kiss but didnt said where to kiss and laughs she about to go but sanskar drags her and oins to wall.
when he about to touch her hands she signal him by saying my mehndi.
sanskar smiles and touches near her shoulder and expands her hands.
and comes close to her by seeing her lips.
rags: sanskar if any one watches what they will think.
sanskar: what they will think that husband is kissing her wife.
rags about to speak but sansky shuts her lips with his finger and leans so close to her lips and by finaly he takes his finger and plants a kiss on her lips.
after that they came to their senses and lost in each other eyes.
sanskar makes rags head rest on his chest.
sanskar: can i ask u a question

rags:- hmm.
sanskar:- as my bussiness and evry thing is in delhi i think after marriage we should leave to delhi.
rags:-i have no problem sanskar you will be their naa if u r with me then i will come to dessert also for me u and your love is enough.
sanskar hugs her more tightly

precap:- marriage preparation and rags and sanskar consumation

Credit to: sindhu rm

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