All alone ragini episode 12


the episode starts with
arnav getting miggle with all family members.
arnav gets a call from sanskar.
sanskar: i hate u bhai i thought u love but no and starts to crie.
arnav:- no chto i love bhai wat happen why r u crying.
sanskar: do u really love me then do one thing for me.
arnav:- ofcousrse i will say what u want.
sanskar:- i want to meet ragini and laughs.
arnav: pagal i will give u a tight slap for crying idiot i got afraid.
sanskar:- plzz bhai u promised me.
arnav:- so hurry to meet her.

sanskar:- yesterday we proposed each other and yesterday only u people separated each other
in name of marriage that to four days.
arnav:-thinks something and ask him to come to shopping mall.
and goes inside and takes shekhar permission and take swara and ragini to shopping.
on other side sanskar brings khushi and laksh.
arnav call khushi and says a plan
khushi:- lard governor i thought u as a dumboo but today by making this plan u proved that u r
so romantic.
arnav:- u think me as dumboo.
khushi:-laughs and says e can fight later first let sanksar meet ragini.
arnav and swara select few dress for ragini finally they gave few dress for her
arnav :- try all dress at a time no need to come out for every dress ok
ragini looks at him doudtedly and swar also
arnav watches them and says

arnav: gogo fastly i am geting hungry.
swra: bhai getting hungry or feeling hungry.
arnav:- wat ever yar hungry is hungry wat their if it getting or feeling.
rags laughs and turns to go inside changing room.
arnav shouts no no.
rags and swara both gets afraid and asks wat happen
arnav:- not in that room go in that room and shows by pointing towards a room.
rags:- both rooms are same naa.
arnav:- that room wastu is good thats why.
rags ansd swara keeps wat expression on their faces.
arnav:- arey plzz yar go to another room na cant u do it for your brother sake.
rags:- ok bhai i will go and go to another room.
and bolts and turns and sees sanskar about yo shout
but sanskar immediately comes close to her and shuts her mouth with his hand.
ragini:- what r u doing here and about to go.

but sanskar stops her.
i want to meet u i am missing u badly and takes her face in his hands and says
your eyes are saying that u r missing me.
rags hugs him and says yes i missied u alot u know iam unable to sleep with out your presence.
sanskar:- oh really.
rags:-hits him and gets shy.
sanskar point towards dress and say your are going to try these all dress now and i will select them
rags:- what i have to change infront of u no and hides her face from him.
sanskar goes near to her by keeping both hands on wall and tells her
sankar:- i promise i will not see anything i will close my eyes when u wear them u call me then only
i will see but i want to select your all dress for our marriage.
rags: sees at his eyes and nodes in yes.
sansakr goes back and closes his eyes
after every dress she ask him few dress he selected for her.
rags takes a saree but sanskar holds her hand and says not this and he show her a white saree with green mix with whilte stones

rags:- wow sanskar its beautifull.
sanskar :- i want to wear it but not now this one is for our first.. u know what i mean rags gets blushing. i want to see u directly on that day if i see u now in this saree
i cant control my self thats why.
and now u wear that lenga and show me
rags : wear that lenga and asks sanskar to open his eyes.gini:
sanskar:- super
rags taking that lenga but unable to open hook of her blouse and tries her best to open
sanskar:-how much will u take ragini
ragini:- its not opening sanskar.
sanskar:what not opening.
ragini:-my blouse hooks.
sanskar:- u want me to help.
ragini:-no i will call someone.
sanskar:- ha ha call so that all will come to know that u and me are in same room.
ragini:- oh my god know what and sees at sanskar who is still closing eyes and says here i am in tension and u r still closing your eyes
sanskar:- u didnot say to open my eyes na.

ragini smiles and asks him to open and help her.
sanakr open his eyes and points finger toward her and asks may i .
rags node her head and about to turn but sanskar stops her
he comes close to her and hugs her and unhooks her blouse by not seeing her from back.
rags understand it and smiles at him
sanskar : i want to make our night special ragini not like this and that u on that saree and points at that white saree.
he goes back and leans back at wall and closes his eyes soon rags changes her dress and leaves from their
soon after sanskar starts showing his dresses and says to rags
sanskar:- u also close your eyes baba i dont want to chanege infront of u before marriage and laughs
rags hits him and turns.
rags leaves with her dressess
sanskar also leaves from their with his dressess.
rags reaches towards arnav and swara and shows her selected dresses
arnav smiles at her and says wat a selection ragini.
ragini unders tands and smiles at him and gets blushes.
sanskar reaches to khushi and shows his selected dressess and khusi also teases him
swara and laksh gets confused saying of arnav and khushi.
they all meet at food court and behave like they dont know anything.
they leaves to their house every one says bye to each other
sanskar and ragini watches each other by seeing back.
next day at engagement

sanskar is wearing blue shewani and gold mix
ragini coming down in lenga which is also blue and yellow mix wearing
arnav and khushi smiles at their dressess which makes awekward moment for them
swara:- wow accidently u both dresses machted
laksh:- what a coincidence
sanskar and rags watches at each other and smiles
at another side arnav and khusi control theur laugh,
arnav:- will u keep on looking at her or will u exchange rings.
sanskar smiles and they both exchanege rings.

precap :- haldi preparations and sanskar and rags appliying to each other

Credit to: sindhu rm

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