All alone ragini episode 11


all leaves sanskar and ragini alone.
sanskar wear door bolt and turns to ragini who is standing and watching him ang get shy and turns around and stands at near window

sanskar takes his phone and plays a song
rags turns to him and immediately turns back by smiling
pehla pehla pyar hai
pehli pehli bar hai

sanskar come close and keeps his head on ragini shoulder and rags shyess nd turns her head in another side
he slowly palces his hands on around waist of ragini.
and pulls her back towards him where rags back is tounching sanskar front
he kisses her on neck which make ragini lifts his head to make easy to sankar
when he kisses her two times by clutching her waist
ragini immediately turns and hugs him.
sanskar hugs and start to dance slowly
songs completes
sanskar break hugs and lifts rags head and make her to watch his eyes.
sanskar: now its your turn.
ragini:- what seeing his eyes
sanskar:- i said how i loved u and from but you did not said untill now how u loved me i mean u now that.

ragini:- before that i want to ask u something shall ii
sanskar:- ragini how many times i said to u that no need for asking permission u should directly ask me .
ragini: do u belive that i love u but not lakk.
sanskar keeps her finger on her lips and says u just love me only ragini u understood i dont care anything
more than that.
rags gets teared eye ans sanskar wipes it and saw i cant see you with tears ragini.
ragini hugs him after a while.
ragini:- when u first came into my house and made me afraid i dont now that time every one got afraid of u but when u
touched my hand some sort of courage came in me
sanskar :-ohoo.
ragini:- if u say like this i am not going to say about to leave
but sanskar holds her tight and says ok baba i am sorry say i am excited.
rags smiles and says by every day i got abituated of u.
and when u married me i was in hell shock but later i lisened u saying my pain as if u also
facesed it yourself.
when my own people couldnt identify my pain then u saw my pain behind my tears sanskar.
that moment i got all my answers about my confusion feeling towards to is as loving you
rags : i love you sanskar and i dont want to go away from u even for single day and your are asking me to go for three days
sanskar:- i want to marry to by following all rituals.
ragini like a kid nodes her head in no and says
rag:- no we already married in temple na we took saath phere with all mantra you put sindoor and made me wear mangalsutra so wat else.

sanskar:- this all u dnot know naa .
rags keeps sad face
sanskar:- cups her face and asks what happen raa.
rags:- i dont want to go away from u that to for three days no.
sanskar:- ok then lets do all in single day.
rags: haa how.
sanskar : morning we will do engagement later afternoon we will do haldi after that evening mehndi
at night marriage whats say.
rags makes faces and says no.
sanskar: see i want to marry you again ragini will you.
ragini: nodes in yes and says yes.
sanskar comes close to her to kiss but they lisen a knock on door calling them.
sanskar : all will come at right moment.
ragini kisses him on cheeck and runs from their to open door.
sanskar smiles by touching his cheeck.
all elders are sitting at hall.
sanskar and ragini comes
dp: we are thinking you two should married with all rituals so
tomorrow will be your engagement after that day follows with haldi mehndi and then marriage.
sanskar in mind means four days no way.

sanskar: badai papa why cant we do it all in one day.
all laughs.
khushi catches his ears and says so hurry haa.
arnav:u just married just like that with out informing us.
khushi:- haa first this boy deserves a slap and slaps him littlightly.
all laughs.
shekhar :so today itself we will take ragini and swara also so that she will help us.
sanskar and rags both looks at each other
arnav:- actually uncle i too want to come your home to help in my sister marriage and hugs ragini from side ways.
shekhar happily agrees.
khushi: then i will take my brothers side.
rags packing clothes
sanskar hugs her from back side and says we will meet soon ragini

precap: wedding preparations starts
arnav and khushi masti
sanskar and ragini secrete romance

Credit to: sindhu rm

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