All alone ragini episode 10


The episode starts with .
Ragini coming out wearing a pink saree
Sanskar sees her and gets up slowly getting attracted to her.
He slowly moves towards her by reminding their kiss.
Ragini who is watching him coming close to her
Remembers kiss incident and starts moving back.
Sanskar in her mind.
I cant wait anymore ragini i sm going to say my feeling to you.
Sanskar:-ragini i want to say something to you.
And holds rags hand brings her close to him.
Ragini is watching at his eyes in excitement.
Sanskar:-i lo…

Phone rings .
Sanskar gets angry and takes his phone to cut but see the name and immediately goes from their leaving ragini hand.
Ragini watches him with surprised expression
Sanskar comes back and says we have to go back now itself.
They all reach maheswari mansion.
By entering .
A man stands and turns to sanskar with broad smile and two girls and one more boy are watching them.
Sanskar:-badai bhai and hugs him the man is relived as arnav singh asr.
And a girl comes from back side.
Khusi:-so u firgot ur bhabhi.
Sanskar goes and hugs her.
He wishes to that girl and boy.
Sanskar:-hi kavitha hi arjun.
Dp:-kavitha u mean to say same girl in your college days about to stop.
Laksh:-plz dad dont shout lisen to bhai onces.
Or else shall i say what happen.
Arjun comes forward and says no lucky i will say i didnt no that because of my prank this all hsppened and turns to sanskar says sorry yar after that incident my whole family died in london in accident leaving my sister alone .i have rushed to london and after that i lost all my contacts here and even i took kavitha there.
Dp:-will u tell me wat happen exactly.
Arjun .
Flash back.

Sanskar kavitha arjun used to study in intercollege kavitha and arjun used to love each other and their family also frds so their both marriage is fixed in their childhood.
Sanskar and laksh always used to be best brothers. Ajay my frd who is jeously of sanskar because sanskar used to score first rank always and one day he came to know about your scritness then he used laksh because they both brothers loves each other
Ajay to laksh
Ajay:-you know your brother loved kavitha and they both going to spend night in name of group studies.
Because he know that laksh will definetly says this all to their family in excitement .
Again in flashback
Laksh:-really my bhai loves someone else i happy for him.
Ajay:-but he is sad laksh.

Ajay:-because he is afraid that your papa means sanskar badaipapa will not accept. If you say that they love each other and you saw them in one room at night then they will immediately accept him and kavitha .
After that your bhai will be every hsppy.
And if your brother says its all fault then u say that because of fear he us lieing to u all.
Laksh:-says ok and goes and says everything .
Dp and ram slaps him without lisening from his side .
Sanskar:-this is all false dad me and her are frds infact kavitha and arjun are.
Dp skaps him again and says from now u r not going to live with us u leave to delhi.
Sanskar looks at ap and sujtha but both are also angry with him.
Sanskar:-one day u all will find truth that day u will reget wat ever you people are doing with me and goes from their leaving laksh to delhi.
Ajay felt bad by lisening wat happen to sanskar and later explains everything to laksh and says him to say everything snd asks him to say this his family.
Flash back ends

All has tears in their eyez.
Laksh:-i got afraid by thinking u too will send me far away.thats why i didnt say anything.
Rags is crying and wants to goes near sanskar but sees people all around her and stops.
Every one apolizes to him .
Sujatha and ram hugs him and cries.
Arnav wipes his tears and sees ragini.
Arnav goes near sanskar and say wont u make us meet your life partner.
Sanskar turns and sees ragini and thinks in his mind not life partner she is my life.
Khushi shakes him and say o hello if dont then i will go myself and meet my sister.
Arnav and khushi goes to her.
Arnav leans towards her and says wow khushi she is so pretty and innocent not like you.
Khusi:-yes and realises wat u said and hits him.
Arnav and khushi hugs her.
Laksh and sanskar hugs

Kavitha and arjun leaves from their.
At night
Sanskar is sitting at garden.
Khushi sees him and gies and sits next to sanskar.
Khushi :-so when your are going to say your love to ragini.
Arnav comes from behind and says haa first we say concern in your eyes for her but now we are seeing a crazy love in your eyes
Sanskar:-before that i should say to her the main readon why i married her after lisening i dont know how she will react.
Arnav:-everything will be ok.
Khushi:-sanskar its not like that first u loved ragini but situation didnot made u realise your love thats why u r thinking u married her in revengue but and stops seeing someone their and stands.

Sanskar:-how can i say that i married her because of my revengue and sees khushi watching some where.
Arnav and sanskar sees where khushi is seeing and gets shocked to see ragini with tears in her eyes standing like statue and goes from.
Arnav:-shit the way she came to know truth that not good sanskar.
Sanskar:-what should i do i cant see tears in her eyes.
Khushi:-makes him turn and says dont do anything just go and see straight in to her eyes and say how much u loved her from first sight say your lovestory from your side.
You know wat i means
Sanskar goes behind ragini.
At their room sanskar bolts room door and goes near ragini who is crying badly.
He about to touch ragini goes back by showing her hand.
Ragini:-u also sanskar i thought u as .
Sanskar:-lisen to me ragini.

Ragini:-no sanskar fault is not your here fault is my fate .
When i am 3 years old i lost my mom i used to love her so much.
Later dad brought sumi maa at first i got hurt by thinking he cheatedy mom but after knowing truth that my mom accepted them i learnt a lot from her.
Then laksh hurted my feeling
When i am trying to come out you came into my life i thought to start a new life with u but u too sanskar. U too .
Sanskar nodes his head in no lisen to me rags just once.
Rags:-u know wat fault is my fate actually their is no love snd happinesss in my life.
And turns towards him and asks like a kid your revengue is completed naa you proved yourself as innocent will u leave me know.

Sanskar:-shuts her mouth and say i love you ragini .
I love u alot
I wont leave you even in my dream .
Rags:-but why you did it.
Sanskar:-u always wanted answers right to day i will say and cups her face
The day i came to know laksh is playing with our emotions i came back to kolkata .
U do remember that day when your accident happen that was the first day i saw u and felt something strange and dont know why but i didnt able to see your tears i could not control my emotions and was about to come then u met with accident i was shattered to see you in blood before i came i saw laksh coming to u.

After that arnav bhai send best doctors to treat you.
After seeing laksh punishing him for his ddoing i thought he realised but he didnot.
Then i came to protect u in thought of wat do did anything in this insult but u should so strong and scacryfied everything for your sister.
Then i completely fall in love for u .
Then i thought to mske realises laksh mistakes and unwanteldly married you in hurry when your are facing problems.
Otherwise i want u to marry after propising my love.
Rags:-u love me.
Sanskar:-pagal i loved u when i lisened about you and when i saw you i completely in love with you.

You know how much i controlled my self for not to confess to you or not coming close to you untill my innocences proved.
I want to propose your and marry to infront of all by following all rituals .
Sanskar:- keeps her forehead on her forehead and says i love you ragini.
And see her eyes and says so ragini gogodia will u become ragini sanskar maheswari.
Ragini hits him and says i am already ragini sanskar maheswari and hugs him tightly and sanskar also hugs her back tightly .
Both are crying like small kids .
All of sudden they both hear claps and breaks their hug and feels embarresed by seeing all family members their.
Sujatha comes and hugs ragini and wipes her tears.
Arnav teases him .
Sanskar feels embaressed and shy
Khushi teases him by saying his face is turned into pink.
Arnav sees ragini and says .
Arnav:-ragini u always keeps your head down and now her head is down upto her knees in shyness.

Khusi:-dont tease my sister.
Arnav:-u can tease my brother right.
They both starts to fight.
Ragini gets worried thinking they are fighting for real.
Sanskar sees her tensed face and says.
Sanskar:-ragini relax they both always love to fight like this fact their way of loving eachother is fighting.
Arnav and khushi signal eachother.
Khushi:-awee so cute .
They both blushes.
Sanskar:-what i am just explaining her thats it.
Arnav:-keeps his hand in his pockets and nodes his head and says i can see that.
Khushi:-even i can see that.
They both leave .

Ragini is standing near door and sanskar at another corner both are seeing each other passionatingly.
Sanskar moves forward to ragini and raginj breathing heavily by seeing him coming towards her.

Precap:-sanskar and ragini some close moments and share few moments.
Narriage preparations starts and sanskar and ragini misses each other badly

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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