All alone ragini episode 1

Hi frd this is my second ff
I hope you will like it.
In this ff i make sujatha as postive
And no one knows that sanskar is acting as mad not even sujatha

Ff continues where laksh and swara getting

Ragini and sumi makes ready swara as a bride .
Swara turns
Swara:-i am asking u onces again ragini are u happy with this marriage.
Ragini:-ya i am.
Swara:-then why this tears.
Sumi:-because of happiness swara.
Dadi in her mind no one is seeing your sadness ragini all are busy in swara happiness that they are ignoring you and your lonelyness and you toom promise from me not to speak to any one about it.
Where ragini comes home and goes to room and cries remembering swara and laksh moments.
Dadi comes and places a hand on her.
Ragini turns and hugs her and starts crying.
Dadi and dadu:-dont cry ladoo we cant see u like this if u want laksh i will make him your by at any cost i will go to any extent.

Rags:-dadi u can make him to marry me but can u make him love me .
No naa i dont want that type of love and swara untill now she didnt got wat she deserved i mean dad love. All are happy about swara and u said na we will get original happiness when we see our loved ones happy.
I am very happy today because the two people whom i love are happy with each other.
Dadu:-but ladoo wat about u they all are happy and thinking u also happy but they unable to see you sadness in your heart.
Rags:-for u both r there naa thats enough for me its matter of few days i will be ok and promise me that u both u wont speak anything about wat we speak .
They both promise her.

Fb ends .
Rags smiles seeing her dadi.
Laksh family comes .
Sanskar asks sujatha.
Sanskar by looking here and there and asking i want my dost
Sujatha asks sumi to bring her.
Sumi:-ragini is making ready swara how she will come.
Sujatha:-if she wont come he will make nuisance plz call her.
Sumi:-no i wont happen like that i want this mattiage to be happen peacefully i will call her.
Sumi goes to swara room and explains everything and asks rags to come down before he create a scene.
Dadi gets angry and scolds sumi
Dadi:-how can be selfish .
Shekhar:-whats there selfish in this she is just asking help.
Dadi:-help u r just seeing one side thats way their is no wrong in it for u if u see on your daughter side then u will rags cuts her and says.
Rags:-i will go and goes down and watches laksh in bridal dress and wipes her tears.
Shekhar:-wat is that ma both are my daughters
And i am concern for both.

Dadi:-i too hope that u care for both and leaves from there.
Dadu:-i cant see rags like this.
Dadu:-we cant do anything she took promise.
Sanskar catches rags pallu corner and romes with her her and their.
Dp:-ragini can u get a glass of water.
Rags:-ya i will and about to go but sujatha stops her and says.
Sujatha:-from then u are managini my son and everything its ok beta for sometine u sit i will give water to bhaiyaa.
Sanskar:-ha hau sit.
Rags:-its ok aunty i will no problem.
Laksh comes to ragini.
Laksh:-thank you ragini for making swara accept my proposel and managinig my brother.
Ragini:-its ok laksh dont be formal.
Laksh:-firwards his hand and says frds.
Rags about to forward hand but sanskar stop her hand and says.
Sanskar:-no ragini is just my frd she us not your frd.
Laksh:-i am your small brother right so your frd can be my frd also.
Sanskar gets angry and starts shouting.
No no no.
Rags:-ok ok calm down lets go from here and takes him .
Sumi brings swara down.
One by one rituals are happening.

All showers flowers on them.
Rags stands with tears in her eyes but manages so that no one can see her with tears although dadi and dadu are watching them.
Dida to dadi.
Dida:-thinks in mind wat happen to herand asks why she is so silent.
Dadi:-nothing i am fine and i hope you r so happy that swara got married right.
Dida:-i will be more happy when my elder grand daughter gets married.
Dadi smiles and leaves from there.
Dida looks on
Ram prasad comes to sanskar and say.
Ramm:-shall we go beta.
Sanskar:-no i wont come.
Rags:-sanskar he is your dad so go with him i will meet you tomorriw.
Sanskar:-ok and leaves with him.
Ram keeps hand on ragini and blesses her
Sujatha:-ones cry hard and loudly ragini it will help u to live back nornally if u keep you tears underpressure it will never allow you to live.
Ragini:-i fine aunty.
Sujatha:-i can see that and thank you for caring my son.and leaves from there.
Swara bidaii
Rags hugs swara .

Precap:-swara and laksh consummation.
Rags crying being left alone.
Sujatha and ram thinks about rags.

In this ff my main leads are rags and sanskar as i feed up with many swara ff and i hope u will love it and one more thing u will see many famous leading couples in this ff .

Thank you and your feedback i hope you will like this ff as my ek anoki kahani.

Credit to: Sindhu rm


  1. Riya

    It’s awesome .u said right there are only swaras ff .so its a a happy news for ragini fans to see her positive and her ff thank u

  2. arshi

    Yeah me. Too… fed up with many swara ff.. this s nice…. ragini being a soft hearted nature became too evil… i think the way you proceeding is actually the way should be.. its superb

  3. Meghs

    I liked ragini so much so i hated swalak couple as it hurts ragini….
    Its very crucial moment of swaragini where story turned up ..

  4. manvi

    amazing yaar thank u so much for ragsan ff because I m huge and great fan of teju and varun u r amazing writer …plsss post next part soon

  5. sandra

    its really nice yaar
    actually i m a grt fan of ragini and love to see her in a positive manner,but these writers are making hell out of her character and all ffs are on swara .So its a grt treat to all ragini fans . thankyou so muchhhhhhhhhhh….

  6. Ramya

    This is what exactly Ragini’s character should have been!?! I love Ragini extremelyyyyyy! N yeah Ragsan wud b tooo cute❤! Thank u!

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