ALL ALONE (Part 7)

Here’s a small part . enjoy.
Just then the waiter came with the dishes.

His food looked creepy. Weird colour combinations and the smell too was weird. The waiter then served their salad and the juices.

They thanked the man. But he, never even cared to look at the poor man. How rude.

Both of then grabbed their forks and started digging in. They really loved salads.

They enjoyed it slowly. It was so good. They soon finished it and drank their juice.

They looked at him. He had already finished his meal. Man, he was fast.

The waiter then removed the plates and cleaned the table. Again the atmosphere became silent. So silent that the clocks ticking sound could be heard.

Suddenly sana got up from her chair and said that she had to use the washroom. When she was about to leave, someone got hold of her hand. She looked back. It was Heera who was holding her hand.

“Please come fast. I don’t want to be left alone with him.” She said with a cute innocent face.

“It won’t take long” saying that Sana left.
(For now, let us assume that they were talking in some other language, say Hindi.)

Just as she left, Heera looked down at her fingernails so that she won’t have to look at his face.

He was saying something. She looked up surprised. He was the cold look again and said that he is not a ghost to be afraid of. He then got up and left angrily. He was really mad at her.

Did he understand whatever they spoke. But how can he know our language.

Sana came after sometime. Looking at the empty seat, she asked about him.

Heera explained everything.

“But how could he understand that. You really need to apologize to him.”
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  1. Ha ha ha awesome so he know hindi

  2. fantastic episode

  3. Nic episode.. Update soon if possible.. Its a different story.

  4. thanks hayathi, swara and ananya. I will try to update as soon as possible.

  5. Awesome episode, cute one…he is really mad at heera…sana is right…heera should apologize him…maybe he knows hindi n understood everything…lovely epi..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  6. thanks Roma for sharing your views. Keep supporting me

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