ALL ALONE (Part 6)

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They kept on talking ignoring the world around them.

Heera: You look wonderful Sana. This black gown really suits you well.
Sana: Yeah I know. And you look good too. She said that with I knew it attitude.
Heera: Really!!!!!!!
Sana: I was just kidding. You look awesome. See how everyone is starring you.
Heera: I can’t stand these stares. They are just killing me

“Uh! Uhh!” Came the noise suddenly from nowhere. They looked at the direction from where the sound came. It was Radha, looking completely annoyed. Why wouldn’t she? They kept ignoring her all the while. She sure was mad.

Sana: Aunty!! Wow. Long time no see. I really missed your cooking.
Radha: I missed you too dear.

Saying this they both hugged.
Radha: but we’re are you going to stay.
Sana: like before, the house next to yours.


Both Sana and Heera were walking around while her mother found someone to talk with.
They took selfies with the magnificent artefacts and paintings in the corner of the hall were everyone failed to notice except for them.

After that they went to the dining area. The sight of the delicious food made them hungry. It had various varieties like Chinese, continental, Indian, Italian and so on. Their mouth started watering.

They immediately grabbed a plate and filled it with different kinds of food. They did it in a calm and composed manner as they had people staring them. They went to the corner table and started eating.

As they were eating, some men came to their side and sat next to them. Then they greeted the girls with a hi. They too said a hi hesitantly.

They were not Japanese but from other countries. They were three of them.

“Do you work here cause we never saw you before.” One of them enquired.

Sana: No, our fathers work here. You may know them. Her dad is Mr Akshay Mishra and my father is Mr Harshvardhan Sharma. Do you know them?

Foreigner(fr) 1: of course we know them. Actually we work under them.
Fr 2: by the way, are you guys from India?

Sana: you know that our dads are Indians, then why this question.

Fr 2: but we never know your fathers were Indians. I just guessed it from her sari.

Sana: Really!! You guessed we were Indians just because of her sari. And for your information, Indians are not the only one who wear saris. And we don’t buy whatever you said right now.

Fr: I give up. I knew it before.. He told the truth as soon as he got the fierce vibrations in her voice.

Fr3: by the way, what are your names? (Curious)
Sana replied “I am Sana Sharma”
Just as Heera was about to say her name, Sana cut her out, “and her name is Heera.”

“Why isn’t your friend talking?” Asked one.

“she is a bit shy type and ……” now Heera cut her and said“ and she never let me speak.”

Everyone laughed at it but Sana felt a little embarrassed.

“chill Sana, it was a joke” Heera tried to convince her, whispering into her ears.

Sana:now what are your names?

As they were about to say their names, the whole hall became silent. Someone was coming. They sure were important persons of the party.

They saw a man, a woman and a boy. They were Japanese.

“Who are they?” Sana asked the boys curiously. Heera too was waiting for their reply.

“What?? You don’t know who they are?” They asked surprised.

“No. It’s our first time seeing them.” Sana explained.

“They are our bosses”

Sana: “Boss means they own the company right.”

“Yes” said a man.

“That is why we don’t know them. They never appeared in magazines, news and all.” Sana explained their situation.

Heera felt like she had seen the boy before. But where, she thought. Did we meet before.

All her thoughts broke when her mother came to call them.


“Come fast. Your father is calling you. He wants to introduce his family to his boss.” Her mother said in a single breadth.
Heera looked at Sana and was about to leave.

“Sana, why are you still standing there. Come along.” Radha ordered.

The girls smiled and waved them bye.

They followed Radha. Both her dad and Harshvardhan, her uncle Harsh were waiting for them.

Heera was about to greet uncle Harsh, but they seemed to be in a hurry to meet their boss.
The next moment, they were with the boss and his family.

He seemed so friendly. And his wife too.

Her father and uncle Harsh introduced them to him.

Both Heera and Sana gave them a friendly smile. She suddenly looked at the boy standing behind them. But he… here. Was he their son?

Just then, the boss introduced his family to them. He said his name was Irie Kodaka and women was his wife, Irie Yozora and the boy, his son Irie Ren.

His son seemed uninterested in all this but the man and the woman was giving them a friendly smile all the time.

“So both of you study at the Parang university, right?” He enquired.

Heera nodded yes . But Sana, was she going to study there. She forgot to ask her about that.

Sana said “Yes sir. I haven’t attended the classes yet. Tomorrow will be my first day”

“Well then, best of luck on your first day. And please don’t call me sir,just call me uncle.” He said in a sweet voice.

“Thanks sir, …. sorry uncle.” She corrected herself. He and his wife smiled at that.

“Heera, don’t you know my son. You must have seen him somewhere in the college” he seemed curious to know her reply.

“Actually, we are in the same class.” She said hesitantly as she looked at his face. He was starring at her coldly after his father asked her that question.

“Then you must be friends. Just go out there and have fun.” He insisted.

Heera got hold of Sana’s hand and smiled a faint one.
She saw Ren walking fast. Heera took slow steps while Sana hurried to catch up with him.

She then suddenly turned back and saw Heera walking slowly.

“Is there anything wrong” Sana asked concerned. “Oh my God!! Heera your sari.” She let the last three words in panic which made Heera run to her.

“Wha… what’s wrong??” She let out the words in a rush.

“I was just kidding yar. There’s nothing wrong with your sari.

She was making fun of her. Heera’s face tyrned red due to anger. She was about to say something angrily but she gulped the words when she saw Ren walking towards them.

What is wrong with him. Why was he always giving her that weird stare. She didn’t do anything to him or done anything before to make him angry. Yes, once she asked him to get up from her seat, but she asked him in the gentliest and politest way.

Sana saw her looking at something fearfully. She turned back and saw Ren approaching.

“Are you coming or not. I can’t wait for ages.” He said coldly which made the two girls shiver.

“Yes” both of them answered almost immediately at the same time.

They followed him like ducklings following their mother.

They reached a small round table. He took a seat and the girls sat next to each other, a little far away from him.

He called out a waiter. Hearing his call, a man rushed to their table.

Ren ordered some food that had weird names that they have never heard of. The waiter wrote it down. Then he turned to the girls to take their order.

“No thanks. We ate already.” Sana said in a sweet voice as Heera didn’t even have the courage to speak up.

“Order something or are you here to watch me eating.” He said without any expression coming on his face.

“What” she thought. She then cleared her mind and ordered a plate of salad and two glasses of lemon juice. The waiter left after that.

There was a complete silence. Not even Sana opened her mouth and he was looking at something placed at infinity (I guess)
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