ALL ALONE (Part 5)


here’s the fifth part of ALL ALONE.

Part 5
Heera turned back and hugged the person.

“Sana, b..but why are you here. I thought you were doing your studies back in India. But why didn’t you inform me about you coming here. You should have told me about it when we talked over phone.” She said all that in a single breath.

“Ask one at a time Heera. I couldn’t make out whatever you said.” Sana tried to calm her down.

Heera:Why are you here Sana. And why didn’t you tell me about it.
Sana: so I shouldn’t be here right
Heera: Don’t be mad. I was just not expecting you here at all.
Sana: it was a surprise darling.
Heera: but that does not explain the reason for your visit. …… wait a minute, your father got a transfer too, didn’t he?
Sana: but how did you know ?
Heera: I guessed.

Heera then jogged her once again .”I missed you so much. I’m glad that you’re here.”
“I missed you too Heera”
Heera and Sana are childhood friends. Their fathers were close friends. They studied in the same college and now they are working in the same company. Sana’s mother died when she was very young and he refused to remarry. He believed that the stepmother would harm his daughter. So the girls grew up under Radha’s care.
Few months ago, her father got a transfer to the Delhi branch and she had to leave with him. She still remember that day.
After that they never saw each other though they kept contact.
A small part for all who was eager to know about the “person”.
Will introduce the hero soon.

Spoiler: Heera and the man of the story are going to meet at party.

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  1. pls make lengthy dear by the way story is very nice waiting for hero

  2. Wowww it will be fun na

  3. Nice story dear .

  4. Awesome episode, short but very interesting. …finally she found somebody known person in that stranger place, glad to see her with her best childhood friend…very excited for next episode, can’t wait to see her hero….keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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