ALL ALONE (Part 4)

Here I am again with the 4th part. Hope you will enjoy it.
Recap: Heera gonna wear a sari…

Part 4
Her mom and dad had already gone for shopping. And she was alone at home. He couldn’t stop herself from the thought. How’s the sari gonna look on her. She wondered.

She passed time by watching tv, movies but the thought again was with her.

At last she decided to search her mother’s drawer, shields Tec so that she would find something. As she was about to get up and search for it, she heard some knock at the door. She wondered who would it be and went near the the door to check. But it was her parents. They had finished their shopping. It was a bit fast as her mother took lot of time selecting dresses. She must have overseen what she was going to do.
After dinner, she went to her room. She dosed off thinking about tomorrow’s party………..

Next day
After having a good bubble bath, she went to her mother’s room to get ready.
And there it was the sari she is going to wear. She felt excited. She couldn’t control herself but ran towards it. I

It was a red sari with a golden border. It looked simple but elegant too. The blouse was a backless one with full sleeves and it was golden too. The colour suited her well.
Her mother was really an expert in shopping.

Her mother helped her in draping the sari. She looked so cute, hot, etc in it. She looked so beautiful that none would be able to ignore her.

She then wore the matching jewellery. It made it more beautiful. He let her hair long silky hair open. She looked like a deva.

Her father came and saw his beloved daughter in the sari and felt happy. She then hugged him and he blessed her.”my little girl has really grown up” he said with little tears in his eyes. They then left for the party.

At the party

The reached the party venue. They entered the large was huge. It surely looked like a palace.

As soon as she entered the hall, she became the centre of everyone’s attention. She was the prettiest girl of them all.

The women stared her with jealousy while the men were mesmerized by her beauty. She felt a bit awkward by all the attention.

She looked around so that she could find one familiar face at least. There were people from all over the world. There were Koreans, Japanese, Americans and many more.

Her father introduced them to his colleagues. He was speaking in Japanese. But when did he ever learn that. And he never told that before. She then looked at her mother. She too looked surprised. She wasn’t expecting this just like her.

After some time, she and her mother moved from there and sat at the corner table so that no one could spot them. She started hating those weird stares everyone gave her.

The party was really boring. How long are they going to sit here doing nothing.
Heera: Mom, it’s really boring. Can we go home now.
Mom: I feel the same way dear but we have to bear it for your father. It’s really important for him.
Her mother explained.

Just then someone came from the back and closed her eyes.
“Guess who” said the person.
Heera turned back and hugged the person.
Guess who???
Continue reading to know who it is.
Leave your comments and say how you felt about this part. Excuse me for the grammatical mistakes cause this is my first time writing a story.
Love you all.

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  4. Awesome episode, lovely narration, she must be looking very beautiful. …but who is this person…maybe Daniel???…but he was her teacher, so why would he close her eyes…hmmm so its somebody else. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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