ALL ALONE (Part 3)


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Part 3

She went down to have her breakfast. She chit chatting with her mother while doing so. Her dad had already left for job. He has arranged a driver for her. A young handsome fellow. Something about him drived her crazy.

He keeps on talking that too in his native tongue. She couldn’t make out a single word he spoke. But still acted accordingly with his changing tone. He doesn’t expect an answer from her. He makes her feel much better.

As always (almost 1 month passed) he came to pick her. She got into the car. He kept on talking till she reached her college. She said bye to him and walked to her class.

There everything was different. She always greeted others with a cute smile but no one cared to speak to her or even acknowledge her presence. She started hating this place. She don’t even know what they thought about her. Now she was used to all these. She really really badly missed her old friends. They would be there in India enjoying and look at her. She went to the library during th Dr breaks.(earlier she never even knew where the library was)

She was a bit happy today because weekend were near.

She had already reached her classroom. The same old boring one. She peeked inside to see whether anyone was there. She then entered the class seeing everyone there.

She then looked at her seat. Someone was already sitting there. It one of the boys from the last bench gang (she gave them the name).” The last bench gang”. They were the sons and daughters of the richest persons in the town. They never feared none. Before she could think of anything to speak, She was already there. Why won’t he just go away from there.

How dare he sit on my place. I’ll show him who I am. Her ferocious mind were telling her all these but she on the other hand was afraid to even go there.

She can’t turn back now. She started walking slowly(like a snail) towards her seat. She thought he would go from there seeing her. But that never happened.

“Excuse me but this is my seat.” She said with all the courage she had. He then looked at her. She was sweating all over. What have I done. I managed to wake up a sleeping lion.She thought of running away. But if she did that she was sure she would become a laughing stalk.

Now she has gained everyone’s attention. Each and every one of them were staring her. She couldn’t make what their look meant. Pity,anger.whatever.

Now she looked at him. The very look in his face would have made her faint. But luckily that didn’t happen. He then got up from there and left the class along with his friends.

As soon as he left, she sat there and placed her head on the table and buried it inside her arms. She felt relieved.
She reached home after college. Her face was having the usual smile when she knocked the door. No class tomorrow. She was happy now.

Her mother opened the door. She greeted her and then went upstairs to her room for a hot water bath. She then went to down to the kitchen searching for something to eat as she felt hungry.

Just then her mom came and asked her what she was searching for.
Heera: mom I’m hungry. I need something to eat.
Mom gave her the samoosas she made a while ago.

Heera: Samoosas!!! Thanks mom
She said excited as it was her favourite snack.

Mom: Heera, are you free tomorrow
Heera: yes mom what’s the matter?
Mom: can we go shopping tomorrow?
Heera: you don’t usually ask me for shopping. You always go with your friends. You really miss them Don’t you.
Mom: yes dear. When you and your father leave, I feel lonely. I spend the whole day sitting inside the house. I tried talking to the woman next door but she completely ignored me. I don’t know why she did that?
Heera: Same here mom. During the first days I too felt like this only. But after some days everything became normal. So don’t worry mom, everything would be fine.(She didn’t want her mother to know that she has no friends)
Mom:I hope that happens

After that there was a huge silence in the hall.
Heera: Mom.. You usually go shopping prior some parties or events. Is there any function coming up
Mom: I was going to talk about that
Heera: I guessed it right then
Mom: yes dear, your father’s company organised a party. So we have to go there.
Heera: Is it that important

Her mind began to wander. The old boring parties. She has attended some of them back at home. A party with only the high class people. The women would be boasting about their clothes, accessories and blah blah blah. But for men, their conversation would be all about business.

Earlier, she had friends with whom she could hang out with. But now, what would she do in this unknown place. She would be with her mom doing some serious talks and her father would be talking to his colleagues. The thought itself shook her.

She can’t stay back home as it was an important one. She had to do this for her father.
Heera: mom what do you think I should wear.
What about a gown.??
Mom: Everyone would be wearing something like that. We should look different. Since it’s not our place a sari would bee great. What do you think.
Heera:a sariii!! But I never wore one before. And where do you think you are going to find a sari here in Japan.
Mom: You don’t have to worry about that sweetheart I have it solved
Heera:but how?
Mom: I already have one for you.
Heera: but you never told me about it.
Mom: it was a surprise beta
Heera: Mom then show it to me. I am really excited to see.
Mom: Heera I already told it was a surprise.
Heera: at least tell me what colour it is.
Mom: it’s a surprise. And no more questions.

next part: New characters in the show.

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  3. Awesome episode, such a long time, waited soooooo looooooong for this story…it’s superb episode, they are so alone in Japan, specially heera , so sad…she gonna wear sari…wow that will be interesting. .keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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