ALL ALONE (Part 2)


Hey guys. This is the second part of my story.
He too leaned down to collect the papers. He then said sorry to her for bumping into her.
He was actually a foreigner. Perhaps an American and handsome too.
He then cut out her thoughts and asked her
He: I haven’t seen you here before.
She: actually it’s my first day.
He: Well then let me introduce myself. My name is Daniel and I teach English.

What? A teacher! He looked too young to be one.
She: hello sir. My name is Heera Mishra.

Just after she said her name, the expression on his face changed. He looked a bit tensed now.
He: oh! I forgot. I promised my students a special class at 8:30. I’m already late now.
He sighed at that
8:30. He must be joking.
She: but it is just 8:15.
She said by looking at her watch.
He: ah!!! How can I be so stupid?
He said to himself and laughed at his own stupidity.
He really was too immature to become a teacher.
He: well which section are you in?
She: 2nd year BBA.
He: so you are standing here cause you don’t know where your class is.
She nodded yes to his enquiry.
He: Don’t worry. I will drop you there. Actually I’m going there only.

On hearing that she was like thank God he bumped into her. With that a wide smile filled her face.
Now she started following him. There were many students there. She gave them a lovely smile.

He: so where are you from?
She: I’m from India
He: is this your first time here?
She: Yes
He: Why did you leave India and come here
She: my father got transferred here. So he took us with him.
He: us??
She: me and my mother.
He are the only child of your parents
She just nodes yes
He: you sure are not that talkative, aren’t you??

She just smiled at that.
There was a moment of silence now
He: here we are
They have ready reached the class.

She entered the class followed by him. The students greeted him
As soon as she entered the class she looked around for a seat. She saw that there were a few seats in the front. But there was one next to the window. She felt happy now. She started walking towards the seat, but just then Daniel sir called her from behind.

“Heera Why don’t you sit in the front bench.” He said.
She was sad now.
She silently walked towards the front bench and sat there.

After his class, she cared to look around. Not even a familiar face. She thought herself to be stupid. How was she going to find a familiar one here.

She tried to talk to her classmates but they don’t seem to care her presence.

Days passed on like this. She was all alone. She tried to make friends but she failed each and every time. She never told this to her parents as she never wanted them to worry about this.
She really missed her old friends, hanging out with them & all the crazy things they did.

Just then someone knocked her door. She woke up from her thoughts. It was her mother. She was having a cup of coffee in her hand. She was smiling (happy) seeing her daughter studying 😛
Please comment. If you don’t like my story then I’ll stop posting it

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