Alone…One Shot by Anu…(Includes only Anika’s POV)….

Hello guys..Anu Here..I am back with another OS..its just the POV of Shivika love story…this is a different idea and I am showing how being alone in your life do look how it feels…some of it is from my life of what I felt…do share your views on it….

Enjoy Reading..

Alone…OS by Anu…

Anika is sitting in her room…near the window….looking at the the moonlight we can see she has tears in her eyes…she is trying her maximum to hold her tears back….its a silent cry….

Anika POV

How it feels to be alone…I know everyone has difficulties in life but me…why did God do like this to me…

From my very small I am all parents ditched me in a orphanage…there I was treated badly…At the young age of 6 I was made to do all the daily,cleaning,washing and what lot more…and in return I would only get beatings…life was a hell…

I did all this only for my little sister chutki….I didn’t want her to do anything when I was there…I was like mother to her…

Then one day some people came and took chutki away with them…I was crying and pleading not to take her bit they didn’t care…they just took her away…I am all alone..

I thought to end my life…but I didn’t do it..because I am not a coward…I have to live..I know one day I will get my chutki back..she has only me as her relative…I cannot be selfish…

When I was 15 I was adopted by maa and baba…they took me to their home..they loved me very much…my happiness was unending…until that witch came….Baba’s sister….bua…

She treated me in a very bad way…She plotted against maa and baba only to get their property…and as she wanted my parents died in a car accident…she didn’t get the property as I was their adopted child and I was legally the owner of that place…

Before she could kill me I ran away with the papers..I ran and ran till I was tired….I was all alone…

I sat down near the steps of a mandir…I was hungry for many one gave me food…when I used to look to God all used to offer God with many things…but they didn’t care for a human who doesn’t have anything….

I was all alone then…

I used to pray to God..I was always thinking when God has created this universe,he is the supreme power of this world…why does he need all these small offerings..I feel God is more pleased when one gives the something to the needy..

Suddenly a man came…he was looking very rich…by seeing me he got very sad..he took me to a nearby restaurant and gave me food to eat..he then asked me from where I am and what happened with me…

I told him the whole story..he cried by hearing my story…he then took me to his home…He treated me as a daughter….I was very happy…And within that happiness I was scared that this happiness would also fade away like what happened with me before…but it didn’t…..

Now I have a good life..I have good father and a brother called Sahil..even if he is physically challenged he has many talents like painting and drawing..I help him with it….we both love each other a lot…

Now I am 22 and I love my life..I got all the happiness…I never let anyone be alone as I know the pain of being alone.. I always help everyone…I have started an orphanage…

But still I am alone because my chutki is not there with me..I know one day God will give me her back as I know God has planned something special for me..And I will surely get it….

The End..

I know I didn’t explain the topic Alone properly but I wanted this to have a small sweet ending..this is a random idea and I didn’t proof check this sorry for all the typos…now I am feeling alone and this idea came in my mind…that’s why I wrote it..I have some more ideas for this and if I can I will give an improvised story…Pls do share your views guys…Pls don’t make me feel alone…pls guys..pls…

With love

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  1. Anujohnson

    Sorry guys I forgot to write one more thing in the story..

    Then Anika came back from the world of her sadness which she explores daily,by wiping her tears…She then hopes to meet her chutki…

    Sorry guys I was in a hurry and I wanted to write something so this is a quick update..sorry…

  2. Kanfi

    Its good anu,,,,,
    I get it what u wanted to convey,,,
    If possibele do continue

  3. VHM

    Super awesome Anu….if you write this good in a hurry…i can imagine what wonder you will do when you write taking your time and i am eagerly waiting for your next update

  4. Dowlath786

    Nice ya anu it’s pleasant to read ur ff keep on going

  5. Awesome…?

  6. Realistic pov

  7. Deepika12

    Awesome OS anu. Loved it???. Mindblowinggggggggggg!! But pz dont feel alone. We all r with u na.
    Loved ur OS. Seeing for a new 1.
    Love u??

  8. very realistic got confused regarding sahils bua
    but overall os was awesome
    tittle was sad
    its fantastic

  9. Dhar

    Superb job, if you wrote this in a hurry then u can make magics happen when u take it time .

  10. Sam-99

    Nice one drrrrrr……….

  11. Anu this was an sad one because I know what u feel I can’t change anything but be happy dr as a friend I want u to be happy n this one was awesome.alone I know what it means.n I think u explained it in a good way.every sad story has a happy ending.u just wait for that happy ending anu.i didn’t type a lot about the OS as I don’t know what to say but be happy n smile ?????

  12. Fenil

    Nice story
    lil sad

  13. Arthi

    This is awesome dr and it was good even I can feel what exactly u felt about writing…and superb d

    1. Arthi


  14. a a a a a awesomeeeeee
    Keep writing anu
    You conveyed anika’s feelings amazingly
    Expect a lot of os like this from you?

  15. It was really beautiful anu..
    I am glad that you gave the story a happy ending…
    Keep writing dear… ?

  16. very nice dear

  17. Neha_Pheonix

    So marvelously wrote Anu. Dear, I am happy you had a happy ending.
    I could relate to the story and was happy that happiness wins at the end.
    The way you portrayed was awesome. Wish you all the best and you get blossoms in your life
    Love ya!

  18. Jerry_36

    Hey Anu its amazing. Loved every bit of it. You are an amazing writer??

  19. Alekhika20

    Wonderful os

  20. Sreenandana.suresh

    It made me solo emotional!!!!! Loved it….

  21. Chanya

    Awesome anu…emotional ..

  22. Awesome…

  23. Dramalover

    emotional atyachaar karne ke liye aaya hai ky? i loved it to bits and u are not alone, ok? hum sab hai na…. can u continue this one, i loved it so much

  24. Ashlyn.G

    Awsome story….I loved it to the core of my heart…keep giving us such a treat dear…

  25. Soumya85

    It was awesome anu I can feel it but u never feel alone anu we all r here for u…love u

  26. IME

    Loved it
    Post one more os
    Love you
    Take care

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