Hello! Friends… SoRRy for spelling mistakes.

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I thought that we were best friends ( Me and Aditi)
Um..But this feeling didn’t last long.

One day she we were just having simple conversation (Important messages written here only)

Me: So, I hope you are able to forget Abhay.
Aditi: Yeah! I don’t even care bout him
Me: Good, but how such a miracle has happened?
Aditi : Well, I like someone else
Me : Who is it?
Aditi : Actually…
Me : Oh c’mon don’t be shy tell me
Aditi : It’s Lydell
Me : What’s his ID
Aditi : Bullsfan108
Me: Okay!

He was Lydell my good friend. How could that be possible?!

* ID was a little link through which we could visit people’s game place

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  1. Oho again same thing na

  2. Hmmm, this aditi is very irritating…always crosses her way….Eagerly Waiting for the next episode…plzzzz make it long. ..take care

  3. Heyy… Anna… Sweet short one… Please can you give me the summary of your previous one…. If you don’t mind…..

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