Hallo everyone I have changed my story name from He,Me…UNKNOWN to ALONE… Because this story is going to friendship track from love track. Sorry for spelling mistakes I made.

What did Aditi mean by donate.. Ugh! I didn’t even care a damn. I had Many friends to Support me. I was quite lucky.
I was shocked by Abhay’s behaviour nowadays. He use to say quite weird things that reallyyyyyyyyyyy irritated me like anything.
After a few days Aditi left the game at was happy.

Abhay had broken my trust do I was angry with him.

One day I met one guy on the game his name was Lydell. He was quite cheerful.He really backed up my mood. We became very good friends. Finally I thought I should give Aditi and Abhay final chance. I became Aditi’s friend from then

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  1. Oho nice update dr

  2. what is going on the episode swaragini

  3. Thanks a lot Hayathi

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