IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 9 -What is this girl doing to me


As i promised today im back with chapter 9 as well…pls do comment and tell me ur views…thanks again for all ur support…enjoy reading 🙂

Chapter 9 – What is this girl doing to me?

Parth s pov:

I know Rd told me to go with Yoyo and keep an eye on Aggarwal house and on Ankit but im really worried for him and even for Sanyukta. She is a nice girl, if i would have a sister i would have wanted to be like her coz the way she was trying to protect her bro Ankit and her sis Vidushi really touched my heart. Speaking about my angel…im so glad i ll get the chance to see her now that we have to keep an eye on her house.

Parth: Yoyo we have to go to do what Rd told us…so go and bring the car we will leave imediatly.

Yoyo: Sure bro…right now

Parth: Jiggy, Sahil u guys be aware and keep the house safe ok!!! We dont want some unwanted company…you know what im reffering to ok??

Jiggy: Dont worry Parth bro we will be alert…you guys pls be safe

Sahil: Parth pls if u get some news about Rd bro pls give us a call…we will be waiting.

Parth: Yeah guys dont worry i ll call u.

Yoyo came with the car and Parth got on the passanger site and they drove thowards Aggarwal mansion.
Aggarwal mansion:

K.A.: Vidushi dear can u pls tell ur aunt to make me a cup of coffe?

Vids: Sure uncle…but i ll be the one to make it for my lovely uncle…said Vids kissing Kishore on his cheek.

K.A.(smiling at her inocense): Ok dear then i ll surlly enjoy it more

Ankit: Vidu pls bring me a cup of tea as well..

Vids: Sure bro…said Vids smiling

Ankit(with a naughty grin on his lips): Vidu sweety pls dont poison us ok!! Pls this time add sugar in dad coffe and in my tea and not salt like the other time…

Vids(with an angry face): Dont worry bro in uncle^s coffee i ll surly add sugar but in your tea i ll be adding chilly not even salt..

Both men started laughing at Vids childish behaviour.

Ankit: Dad u know when u and mom told me i ll get a sister…u know i was upset coz i thought Sanyu will get all the love and i ll be left alone…and when u guys decided to bring Vidu in our family i was again so upset coz i thought now the girls will get all the attencion and i ll be just their big bro who has to look after them…But u know what…now i want to say a big thank u to u and mom for bringing this two crazy girls in my life…if i wouldnt have Sanyu and Vidu in my life i donno what i would have done…i love them both more then my life…..and im sorry dad i couldnt take good care of them and i didnt do my dutie as their brother…im sorry dad if i would have went with them at their graduation party Sanyu wouldnt have been kidnapped…

K.A.(taking his son in a side hug): No son its not ur fault…dont be so hard on urself…ur the best bro in the world…

Vids: Bro…uncle is right…ur the best bro pls dont blame urself…a tear drop came from her eyes…

Ankit(coming quickly to her and wiping her tears): No dear pls dont cry…u know i cant see u and Sanyu crying…i can do whatever u want just to see u both smiling…said Ankit hugging her…

Vids: Uncle…aunty told me that we run out of sugar so i ll just go to the store to buy some…and ur coffe and bro,s tea will be ready in about 10 min so by then i ll be back.

K.A.: Ok u can go but pls be carefull ok dear?

Vids: Yes uncle dont worry i ll be safe.

Vids took her purse and went out of the house….Parth and Yoyo were in their car parked on the other side of Aggarwal mantion. When Parth so Vids his heart skiped a beat and he could only blabber ”What is this girl doing to me??!!” …he was hipnotised by her beauty but nevertheless he tried to be normal coz Yoyo was starting to look at him with questioning eyes…

Parth: Yoyo u stay here and keep an eye on Ankit and if he by chance leaves the house u just follow him and i ll catch u up later ok?

Yoyo: Ok bro but where are u going?

Parth: I have some important work…i ll be back…i wont take much time…u just do what i told u…understood?

Yoyo: Yeah bro dont worry…

Parth got off the car and went on the other side and followed Vids till he was sure that Yoyo couldnt see them. He then waited for her to come out of the store…

Parth: My princess is looking stunning…said Parth smiling like a silly boy…

Vids frozed in that place coz he recognised his voice…but she managed to composed herself and turned to him with an angry look…

Vids(smirking): Princess??!!…yes definitly!!!…..yours??!!….never!!!


Credit to: Anda

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  1. Wow dear it was amazing like always…thanks for vidarth chapter…ur dialogs are too funny dear when Ankit was making fun of Vids with the salt in coffe and tea was hilarious…and Vids reply that she will put chilly in his tea got me laughing so much…
    And the best dialogue was the last one….it totally sounded like Vids when she told Parth that she is definitly a princess but will never be HIS princess….woow ur amazing dear 🙂

  2. Nyc and awesome as usual

  3. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Thnx a lot dear for this awesome update…thnx fr keeping vidarth alive through ur writing….essence of vidarth was very much there in the update

  4. Thanks a lot for ur support guys…
    KARINA thanks a lot dear…ur support is priceless to me 🙂
    KIYA dear thanks for making time to read my ff…im glad u liked it and i really appreciate that u comment on every chapter 🙂
    SURANJANA BHATTACHARYA dear im glad u liked it…and like i said befor VIDARTH is an important part of my ff just like SANDHIR so dont worry they will be very much present in the ff 🙂

  5. hey anda
    as usual you did a great job. love it.. but please try to post it early…

    1. Hey thanks a lot for reading…sorry i cant post regulary but like i said im in my last year at university and i have a very busy schedual…i write when i get a little free time…hope u ll understand…im sorry again and thanks again for reading and commenting…it really means a lor to me to have all ur support…it motivates me to keep writting 🙂

  6. your story is really interesting and captivating
    pls post next chapter soon

  7. im also a big vidarth fan and im glad someone is writting an ff on both sandhir and vidarth coz im a big fan of both the couples

  8. SANA and KAJOL thanks for liking my ff dears 🙂

  9. MyrcellaStark

    Awww.. Parth’s feelings and confusion about what Vidu is doing to him.
    And she’s as sassy and cute as ever?
    But isn’t she worried that her antagonizing Parth could Harm Sanyu??
    Parth could use her worry for Sanyu to get her to be his princess XD

    I loved Vidushi’s bond with the rest of her family.

    But what I’m waiting for is Vidarth stuff. XD

    1. Hey dear im glad u liked it 🙂 keep reading to know what will happen next 😉 soonill have another surprise for VidArth fans and for SanDhir fans as well 😉

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