IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 7 – Running for my life


Hey guys im back with a new chapter..this one is a little longer…hope u ll enjoy…pls drop ur comments and share ur view..thanks a lot to all of u for the support and for reading my ff..

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Chapter 7- Running for my life:

Sanyu’s pov

I woke up in a big room on a king size bed and to my surprise i see laying on the bed a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt and also a pair of flat shoes…im so glad at least i can change the dress im having on coz it became a little unconfortable….i must say that my handsome kiddnapper did the best thing he could ever do by bringing me this clothes coz now i can move easily and i ll surlly getout of here…i have to get out of here by anyhow…

Come on Sanyu…u can do it…ur a smart girl…find something to unlock the door and run from her ( i was mentally encouriging myself)
I tryed to find a key to open the door but dint find one…i looker out from the window and i saw Jiggy, Yoyo and Sahil outside the house guarding the door…so i guess even if i succed in opening the door i wont be able to run coz they are out side…

Then it striked me…the window of the room is on the same side as the main door of the house but the balcony of the room is in the opposite direction…so if i climb down from the balcony i might have a chance to run from here coz the back of the house leads to the forest and from there i can manage to find the road from where we came last night…yes Sanyu u can do it..

So i climbed from the balcony to the pipe nearby and then i jumped on the fluffy grase from the little garden…in the fall i hurted my ankle a little and my leg started paining….but i complitly ignore it and started running for my life till the end of the back yard where i can enter the forest…

But my bad luck just then Rd and Parth entered the mantion and they were about to see me but i hide myself in time behind a tree…Both Rd and Parth started talking with Jiggy, Yoyo and Sahil and i took that chance and started running again to get at the begining of the forest and i got it….i was able to get in the forest….well done Sanyu now u only have to find the highway and get home…

Back at Rd’s house

Rd: Guys u all stay here i ll go to check on our little guest…said Rd smirking

Rd went in the house and opened his room’s door…he moved towards the bed and said…

” Miss Agarwal come on wake up…i think u slept quite a lot…”

” Oh our sleeping beauty is still in her dream land i guess” Come on miss wake up ur not here to enjoy urself” said Rd getting the sheets from the bed…

Rd got the shock of his life when he saw the bed empty…but he composed himself and thought that she must be in the bathroom so he went to check…he knocked at the door for a couple of times and said

“Miss are u in there? Look if u dont answer me i will break this door and i wont even bother if ur naked so answer me if u dont want to be exposed in front of me!!”

When he saw that he didnt get any response Rd broke the door and enter the bathroom to find it empty….

“Shit !!! She escaped….how this girl managed to escape ?” said Rd frustrated…

“Parth!!!!! Guys come here now!!!! screamed Rd

The men outside when they heard Rd screaming his lungs out came running to him

Parth: What happen Rd why are u shouting???

Rd: Hey guys dont panic….what do u see around??

All looked at him confused…

Parth: bro ur mad??? this is ur room….and btw its a little messy…said Parth smiling…

Rd (bolding his fist): ohhh really???no shit Sherlock!!!…yeah Parth ur right its my room…and what do u see besides of that ? Huhhh???

Parth: bro u should definitly go for a check up…i think u have problems with ur eyes coz there is nothing here…its just ur room bro…said Parth with a silly smile coz he was not getting Rd’s irony…

Rd: the hell with u all….thats what im saying…there is NOONE here….u idiots….where is Sanyukta ??? Yoyo, Jiggy, Sahil what were u all doing??? Where is she?

They all realised what Rd was talking about and all panic and statred looking for her everywhere…finally Yoyo saw the door of the balcony opened and pointed out to Rd…

“Stupid girl…she ran into the forest!!! said Rd banging his fist in the wall

“Bro what will we do now coz if she escaped from the forest she will go to police???” said Jiggy

” Rd i think we should worry about something else now and not about her going to police…u know at what im refering to”…said Parth a little nervouse.

“Yeah Parth thats what i was thinking…this stupid girl got herself in major danger by enterying this part of the forest” said Rd worringly…

So guys im hell busy with school right now so as u can see i cant update regulary…im so sorry coz of that…hope u ll understand..


Credit to: Anda

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  1. hey anda…. episode was really nice story is good…. want to know the danger sanyu is possessing can’t wait to read the next….

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  18. Sanyukta rathor

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