IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 24


Hey guys im back with a new chapter. This is one of the longest chapters that i wrote so i hope you ll enjoy reading it. Thank you all for supporting me and my ff.

Chapter 24 – When love takes over…

Randhir s house:

Parth and Vids arrived at Randhir s house. Parth asked Vids to wait in the car till he talks to Rd and tells him what is going on coz he hadnt had the time to talk with Rd after Vids asked him to take her to meet Sanyu.

Vids: Ok Parth i ll wait here and i hope Rd will understand the situation and will let me meet Sanyu.

Parth went in the house and found Rd in the kitchen drinking a glass of water.

Parth: Hey bro, whatssup ? said Parth a little nervouse rubbing the back of his neck…

Rd: Im fine Parth, u tell…i havent seen u around much…who is the lucky girl ? asked Rd with a smile, not sensing Parth s nervousness.

Parth: Lets just say my lucky girl knows your lucky girl…said Parth winking, making Rd almost choke with the water.

Rd: Whats that suppose to mean ? asked Rd almost out of breath.

Parth: Come on Rd…i know you better then anyone…im not only your best friend, im like your brother, even if we dont share the same blood. Tell me you dont have feelings for
Sanyu ? Come on…lie to me in my face and tell me you dont like her? Hell….i think you are even falling for her, and big time…you just dont wanna admit it….said Parth frustrated.

Rd was taken by surprise with this outburst of Parth coz Parth was always the calm one between the two of them. Finding no way out, Rd finally spoke.

Rd: Ok…fine…i like her Parth, i really like her…when im not arround her i feel like im suffocating…she is like a breath of fresh air to me…since i layed my eyes on her she took control over my mind and my body…so yeah…f**k…you are right im falling in love with her….shit…what am i going to do Parth ? said Rd getting his hand over his hair in frustration.

Parth: Well bro im glad you finally admitted your feelings….and im sorry i cant help you further coz im actually in the same shitty problem as you…said Parth slowly hoping Rd will not hear him, but to late…

Rd: What do you mean by „im actually in the same shitty problem as you” ? PARTHH ?? What did you do ? Shit…Parth please tell me its not what im thinking coz when you came and i asked you about your lucky lady, you said something about the fact that my lucky lady, as in Sanyu, knows your lucky lady…and unfortunately i ve seen how you were looking at Sanyu s sister, Vidushi, i think is her name…you were looking at her the same way i was looking at Sanyu….so please tell me you didnt do the same stupid mistake like me coz if you did it then we are officially screwed bro….said Rd almost yelling…

Parth: Rd…what brother would have i been if i wouldnt share the same problems as you…said Parth with a sad smile.

Rd: f**k…we are so screwed…said Rd putting his head in his palms….just spit it out already….

Parth told Rd how he kept on meeting Vids and how they both fell in love with each other, how they both got locked in Vids shop over the night, and he also told Rd about their date. Rd kept listening to him and smiling at Parth and feeling content that his brother was so happy.

Rd: Parth i know this will complicate things even more, but im happy for you bro, im really happy that you finally met your dream girl.

Parth: Thanks Rd…but unfortunately this is not all…here it comes the bad news..

Parth told Rd the conversation that Vids heard in her house about Sanyu s kiddnaping. Rd bold his fists and clentched his jaw in anger.

Rd: Shit Parth, now we are in big problem…why is this happening with me ? First i had to kiddnap Sanyu coz i was forced into it by circumstances and now that i finally found my dream girl this problem comes in our way…said Rd bangging his fist in the wall…i knew our relationship wasnt going to last coz, lets face it…i kiddnapt the girl…but, i dont know…i just thought i ll have more time to spend with her befor we have to get our buissness done…you know what im talking about…the buissness for what we kiddnapt Sanyu in the first place…said Rd putting his head down.

Parth: I know Rd…im feeling the same way, you know i also have to let go of Vids if things will get messy…said Parth sadly.

Rd: I know Parth and im sorry coz its my fault that you cant be with Vids, if i didnt had to kiddnap Sanyu, maybe you and Vids would have met in other circumstances and would have fallen in love and made a life together.

Parth: No Rd dont say like this, i know its not your fault, you were forces to kiddnap Sanyu and we both know the reason, which is damn strong…so dont blame yourself bro…said

Parth pattening Rd s shoulder….Rd i almost forgot to tell u…Vids is here…pls dont be mad…but she wants to see Sanyu…please understand her she is worried for her sister and she helpt us so i dont think she will creat problems for us.

Rd: Ufff…Parth, ok bring Vids in…anyways we are in deep trouble already so we better make the most of it…let me just go get Sanyu and you go and bring Vids..

Rd went upstairs to call Sanyu. When he entered the room he saw Sanyu sleeping peacefully on the bed. He went to her and bent down to her level kissing her forhead lovingly.
Sanyu sensed his touch and woke up.

Sanyu: Hey Rd…said Sanyu with a big smile on her face…i ve must have slept coz last night i didnt get much sleep…

Rd: Hey sleeping beauty…its time to wake up, i have a surprise for you…i want you to meet someone.

Sanyu: A surprise ? Who ?

Rd: Come downstairs and see for yourself…said Rd while grabbing her hand to lift her up.

Rd brought Sanyu down in the living room, when she was on the last stairs she could see that Parth was standing with a girl on the couch, but the girl had her back turned so Sanyu couldnt see her face. When she and Rd were almost entering the living room the girl turned her face to them.

Sanyu (shocked): Vidhuuuu!!!

Vids (almost crying): Sanyuuuu!!!

They both hugged each other with all their force and started crying their hearths out. Both Rd and Parth decided to give them some privacy so they went upstairs in Rd s room. Sanyu and Vids went to sit on the couch still hugging each other.

Sanyu: Vidhu what are you doing here ? How you find me, coz well, im still kiddnapt ? How is mom, dad, Ankit and Vardhan bro, Maya sis, Sana and Abhi ? asked Sanyu impatiantly…

Vids: Slowly Sanyu…i ll tell you everything from the beginning…said Vids a little sad….but first tell me are you fine ? Is Rd treating you right ?

Sanyu: Yes Vidhu dont worry im fine, actually Rd is treating me more then fine, its like im not even kiddnapt, he isnt like those criminals that torture their victims…on the contrary he has been nothing but sweet and carrying with me…i dont really know why he kiddnapt me, he never told me, but he assured me that he wont hurt me and…and…i…i belive him…said Sanyu with a little blush.

Vids: Yeah i can see that…said Vids with a teasing smile…i think its something more between you two…said Vids winking at Sanyu and pointing at her love mark on her neck, which Rd gave her last night when they played 7 minutes in Heaven.

Sanyu: Oh my God…said Sanyu all red, trying to hide the mark…but in the process she also saw Vids love bite on her collar bone, that Parth gave her on their date.

Sanyu: Well Vidhu…i guess im not the only one that has been having a lot of fun these days…said Sanyu with a teasing smirk, pointing at Vids collar bone.

Vids gasped in shock and was all blushing, putting her eyes down.

Sanyu: Im guessing Parth find a way to get to you, even after i refused to give him your name and number.

Vids: What ? Parth did what ?

Sanyu: Yeah…on the night that Rd kiddnapt me, Parth had to stop you from running after me and when he came back at Rd s house he was like in a love bubble…you really did your magic on him baby…he was like a love sick puppy…he said you are hot and he wants to date you…i was so scared and mad at that time that i started to curse him and threaten him to not go near you…said Sanyu almost laughing…

Vids: Oh my God…Parth is really crazy…said Vids smiling..

Sanyu: Now tell me…what is up with you two ?

Vids told Sanyu how she kept on meeting Parth, how they got stuck in her shop and Parth protected her from those thieves, how he kissed her when they fought and she was almost hit by a car, how she slowly started to have feelings for him, she told Sanyu about their date and that they both fell in love with each other deeply. Sanyu was very happy for her best friend coz in the past days she started to know Parth a little…and she saw that Parth was a really nice guy and he trully loves Vids…

Sanyu: Im really happy for u Vidhu…i think u found your dream boy…you both are perfect for each other…and im glad you have someone that loves you so much by your side.

Vids: Thank u Sanyu…but i think im not the only one that has found her knight in shinning armour….said Vids winking..

Sanyu: What do you mean ?

Vids: Oh come on Sanyu, dont tell me you didnt see the spark between you and Rd ? I ve seen how he looks at you and how you look at him…and the best proof that you both have feelings for each other is the fact that he is treating you like a princess…i havent heard of a kiddnaper to treat his victim like this…and also another solid proof lays on your neck…so miss lawyer did i gave you enough proofs to support my case already ? asked Vids mockinly…

Sanyu: Fine…fine… i ll admit…i like him and i think he likes me too…i think you should have been a laywer instead of a designer coz you have a sharp tongue…said Sanyu pouting…

Vids: I ll take that as a compliment miss lawyer…and i also think that you both dont only like each other…you both are falling in love with one another…dont try to deny it
Sanyu…said Vids with a seriouse look…

Sanyu (taking a deep breath): Yeah i think you are right…im falling in love with my kiddnaper and im sure he is falling for me too…but lets face it Vidhu…we dont have a future together…said Sanyu sadly…

Vids: About that…i have a news to tell you…actually thats why im here…well you probably know that when Rd kiddnapt you he called Kishor uncle and threaten us to not involv the police coz he will hurt you…but today i heard him and Ankit and Vardhan bro talking that they ll call the police and try to find u asap…Sanyu they dont know that you are fine and that Rd is treating you well…i couldnt have told them coz they would have asked me how i know it and we would have been in a bigger trouble…said Vids sadly…Sanyu you know the boys arent criminals but if the police finds them they ll go to jail coz at the end of the day they are still kiddnapers…i dont know what to do…i dont wanna lose Parth…said Vids with teary eyes…if i didnt know that you are ok and that Rd is treating you nicely i would have reacted the same way our family did, and i would do anything to find you…so i dont blame uncle for involving the police but Sanyu i dont want Parth to get in jail either…like you said…both Rd and Parth and their gang arent criminals and Rd said he was force by circumstances to kiddnap you…so i was thinking maybe if you could talk to him and make him tell you the truth of why he kiddnapt you, maybe we can help them out of the problem and get you back home befor the police finds you and arrests them…said Vids breathlessly..

Sanyu: Oh Vidhu…you are right…i dont want Rd to go to jail either and i know he isnt a bad person. He is not a criminal…he didnt tell me why he kiddnapt me but he said he did it coz he didnt have another choice…and like i said i belive him…i looked in his eyes when he told me this and he wasnt lieing…ok Vidhu i ll go and try to talk with Rd…lets see how we fix all this mess without the boys being put into jail and also without our family getting hurt in the process…Vidhu im missing our family a lot but also i dont really wanna separate from Rd…said Sanyu sadly with her eyes bent down…Vidhu i think you should tell Parth to get you home coz its quite late and i dont want dad to worry about you.

Vids: Yeah Sanyu, you are right i must go but please you try to talk with Rd.

Sanyu: Ok sweety dont worry…said Sanyu while hugging Vids and kissing her cheek….Vids hugged Sanyu back with the same love and kissed her cheek also…they both had tears in their eyes…

They boys came down and Parth came and wrapped his arms around Vids waist, while she blushed.

Sanyu: Parth, you better take good care of my sister, coz if not i ll chop your head off…Break her heart and i ll break your head…got it ? said Sanyu with a smirk…

Parth: Yes maam…i ll never ever think of hurting her…she means more then my life to me…said Parth looking down lovingly at Vids.

Rd: Enough with the emotional talk, Parth i think you should take Vids home befor her family starts calling her…said Rd while putting his arms around Sanyu s waist and pulling her closer to his chest and placing a small kiss on her hair…while Parth and Vids were looking in shocked and Sanyu blushed fully red…coz they never seen Rd behaving so romantically when people were around.

Parth (clearing his voice): Well bro i guess im not the only one whipped out by a girl….said Parth almost laughing while the girls chuckle..

Rd: Yeah…yeah…now go you two…said Rd with a glare…

Parth took Vids by her hand and led her thowards the door, but befor opening the door Vids stoped and turned to Sanyu and Rd.

Vids: Hmmm Rd ?

Rd: Yeah…

Vids: If you ll ever hurt my sister…i ll kick you so hard where the sun doesnt shine that even your ancestors will fell it…got it ? said Vids with a smirk while Sanyu and Parth were trying not to laught…

Rd: Got it…said Rd gulping in fear…man your sister is as feisty as you, my wild cat…said Rd smiling at Sanyu..

Sanyu: Well…i guess it runs in the family…said Sanyu winking.

Vids and Sanyu hugged one more time and both Parth and Vids took off in Parth s car…Sanyu s eyes had tears in it which didnt went unnoticed by Rd who hugged her….Sanyu just lost herself in his healing embrace….On the other side, Vids also had little tears falling down her cheeks which were whipped by Parth who took her hand in his and kissed her forhead lightly assuring her that all will be well…

This is the chapter guys…i really hope you all enjoyed reading it….thank you all and see you soon…


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