IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 23


Hello to all my beautiful readers. Im back with the next chapter. Thank you all for your support and i hope you all will like this chapter as well. Enjoy reading.

Chapter 23 – Problems ?!!?

Author s pov:

After their romantic date, Parth takes Vids home. He gets the car s door for her like a true gentleman and she smiles shyly at him. When they got in front of Vids house, Parth kissed her forhead and Vids hugged him with all her force. They both are like in a tiny bubble where they only see each other. I guess love is like this…it makes you forget the world around you, it makes you forget all your problems, even if the problems dont forget you. And this is the perfect example…although both Parth and Vids forgot for a moment all the problems in their lives by only being in each other s arms, unfortunately the problems that will come in their way now will be so big that its gonna be like a major test for their love…and not for their love only, but for the love of other two poor hearts as well…as in Sanyu and Rd, which havent figured out yet what is this feeling that took control of their hearts and making them to be lost in each other, to want to see more of one another, to want to feel the other person in your arms for the rest of your life, to want to just be around the person you love. The problems that are coming in the way of both SanDhir and VidArth will be causing a lot of tears and heartbreaks, but in the end we will be able to see if their love was strong enough to survive them.

Aggarwal s house:

Vids came back from her date with Parth, she took a shower and now she was trying to catch up with her work for her boutique. She started to draw some dresses that they have to make for an order that they got a couple of days ago. At some point she felt thirsty and she went down in the kitchen to pour herself a glass of water. Befor heading upstairs she hear Ankit, Vardhan and Kishor speaking about Sanyu s kidnapping, so she decided to listen a bit of their convertation thinking that they are probably very emotional and they are missing Sanyu coz its almost a week since she got kidnapped and after that phone call of Rd they didnt hear anything about them. She was also missing Sanyu, but at least she knew she is ok coz Parth told her that Rd will never hurt Sanyu and he will let her go safe and sound after their work gets done. Little did Vids know, that their conversation wont be only about Sanyu and wont be only an emotional conversation.

Ankit: Dad, its been almost a week since that bastard kidnapped my little sister and threatened us to not call the police….God knows if she is ok or not, if she is still alive or not…we have to do something dad…said Ankit frustrated.

Kishor: No son, dont say like this, im sure my little princess is alright…they wont kill her coz they need her alive…i dont know why they kidnapted her coz till now they didnt call for money or anything else but im sure they need her alive coz they know if they kill her, we wont be fullfilling their demands…said Kishor with teary eyes.

Ankit: Yes dad, u are right, they need her alive, but that doest mean they cant torture her or even worst, they can put their filthy hands on her dad, they can rape her…my little sister, i couldnt protected her…said Ankit almost in the verge of crying.

Vardhan: Ankit please lets think positive, our little princess is alive and fine, im sure…please lets not lose hope…said Vardhan while trying to control his tears.

Ankit: You are right bhai, we have to think how to save Sanyu and we have to be positive…dad i strongly belive that we should call the police and try to search Sanyu…we can try to trace her phone…maybe those bastards were stupid enough to let her phone open…remember when they kidnapted her they called us with her phone.

Kishor: Son, but they said that we shouldnt involve the police coz they will kill her…i dont know if its a good idea.

Vardhan: Uncle, i think Ankit is right, we should involve the police…its been almost a week since they called us, i think is high time we start telling the police what happened coz i dont think we have another option to bring Sanyu back.

Kishor: Sons, if u both think this is the best solution then im fine with it. Vardhan son go and call the inspector and tell him to come over and Ankit go and call your mother coz we have to prepair her for what will come.

Vardhan: Yes uncle, i ll just go to call the inspector and then i ll go to my room to talk to Maya coz we will need her here to support aunty.

Kishor: Yes son, you are right go call the inspector and bring Maya down. And Ankit u go take your mother and call Vidhu as well.

Ankit: Yes dad, i ll be right back.

Vids run upstairs with tears in her eyes. She was confused what to do….she wanted to call Parth and tell him what is going on coz she knew Sanyu is perfectly fine but if the police find Rd, Parth and his gang they will all go to jail for kidnapping Sanyu. Vids thought about it and decided to call Parth and tell him the truth and request him to let her meet Sanyu coz im sure if Sanyu found out the truth she can convince Rd to let her go and end this matter without the boys getting into jail.

Phone conversation:

Parth: Hey baby…miss me already ? said Parth with a smirk…

Vids:…i need u…said Vids almost in the verge of crying..

Parth: Baby are u ok ? What happened ? Why is your voice so low ? asked a worried Parth.

Vids: Im fine Parth. Its just we are in a big problem.

Parth: What happened baby? Please tell me…u are scaring me.

Vids: I heard uncle talking with Ankit bro and Vardhan bro and they are saying they will involve the police in Sanyu s kidnapping and will try to look for her…im scared Parth i dont want u to go to jail and i know that Rd will never hurt Sanyu so thats why i dont know what to do…i know Sanyu is ok but i cant tell the family coz they will ask me how i know it…

Parth: f**k!! Baby i have to go talk with Rd…i ll just call u later.

Vids: Wait, Parth…

Parth: Yes baby..

Vids: I wanna meet my sister…Parth please come and take me to meet Sanyu…i wanna see her…i wanna talk to her…i wanna make sure she is ok…and i think if i ll explain Sanyu the situation she can help u all…after all she is the one being kidnapt and she is a lawyer…she knows how to deal with legal stuff…please Parth.

Parth: Uff…ok baby…be ready i ll come and take you in ten minutes.

Vids: Ok…thank u Parth.

Author s pov:

In Aggarwal house, Kishor was waiting for Ankit and Vardhan to call the family members and the inspector. Ankit went to call Anju and Vids, but saw that Vids was missing so he thought that she went to her shop and decided to tell her what they are going to do when she came back. Little did he know that Vids just a few seconds ago got in Parth s car to go and meet Sanyu and talk to her about whats coming up. Vardhan called the inspector who said that in an hour will be at their house and he went upstairs to call Maya. He entered their room and saw his wife putting their two kids to bed. He kept looking at this beautiful imagine in front of him, while thanking God for giving him this amazing family.
Vardhan went and hugged Maya from behind and kisses her cheek. Maya sensed something was wrong and turned in his arms facing him.

Maya: Vardhan, what happened ? Are u ok ? said Maya while putting her arms on his chest and he circuled his arms around her waist.

Vardhan: Im fine baby, i was just thanking God for this beautiful family that He gave me and i was praying to keep u all safe and sound by my side.

Maya: You are thinking about Sanyu, arent you? Im also very worried about her…i hope we get her home soon.

Vardhan: Actually that is why i came, to let u know that uncle, Ankit and i decided that it is time to call the police and tell them what happened so that they help us find our little princess. Uncle said that he needs you to come down as well when the inspector comes coz he is afraid of how aunty will take this news, coz you know the kiddnapers told us to not call the police coz they ll kill Sanyu.

Maya: Sure Vardhan i ll be down in a minute coz our kids are asleep…but are u all sure about this ?

Vardhan: I dont know baby, i just want Sanyu back with us asap…said Vardhan while resting his forhead on Maya s head placing a small kiss on her hair and hugging her as if it was the end of the world.

Maya sensed that he was tensed and worried and hugged him back with all her force.

Maya: Hey baby, dont worry, im sure God will help us, we will get our Sanyu back…said Maya while kissing his cheek lovingly.

Both Maya and Vardhan kissed their kids and went down in the living room where Kishor, Anju and Ankit were waiting. Maya went to Anju and took her hand in hers assuring Anju that all will be well, while Vardhan stook by Kishor s side.

The bell rang and Ankit went to open it. The inspector with his policemen came in. Now this is it….the time has come to reveal the truth and see if the love stories of both SanDhir and VidArth will be strong enough to surviv what will come. For Sanyu and Vids was almost illegal to love those two handsome bad boys…now its time to see if their illegal love will turn into a legal one….

This is the chapter guys…i know it is a bit borring and its more of a filler chapter but it was needed so that the story can go further. I hope you still enjoied reading it. Thanks a gain for all the support and see you all soon.


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