IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 10 – My kidnapper or savior ?


Hiii guys…im back with another chapter…i got some more free time and i could update another chapter…im congratulating myself coz i was able to write 3 chapters in 2 days…hahaha…i ll stop now and i ll let u guys enjoy reading…thanks again for all ur support and pls do comment and share ur views 🙂

Chapter 10 – My kidnnaper or savior ?

Sanyu pov:

No this cant happen to me…They just killed that man…Pls God save me..
I cant believe i saw a murder and to top it off i screamed so loud that im sure those killers heard me….no im so dead right now…i have to hide…that bush over there i guess i ll hide there…my life is so upside down now…God if u get me out of this mess i swear i ll give free assistance as a lawery to all the needy ppl…i swear…..someone pls give me a paper and a pen i have to write my will…Sanyu ur so dead right now…say ur last prayers babe coz ur in big trouble…i was blabbering in my head….

Author pov (flashback):

Sanyu was walking aimlessly in the forest when she heard some voices. She was at first happy coz she thought that she found some ppl who will help her out of the forest. She started walking faster to the place where the sounds came from…she couldnt run coz her leg was hurt (remember that i told u when Sanyu climbed down throught the balcony of Rd house she hurt her leg in this process but she ignored it and kept walking and now due to continous pressure on the leg she wasnt able to walk properly let alone running). When she was almost near that place and she could see some siluets of 3 persons she was continously thanking her stars but before she could get in front of those men she heard a boom which let her shocked. When she looked in that direction she saw a man who fired a bullet in the was an advertisment bullet…she was petrified. She hide behind a tree and tried to peep at those ppl. It was a man who was on his knees begging for his life and another two men who were threathening him. One of them had a gun and the other had a knife. They were talking about some debt which wasnt paid obviously by that poor man who was standing on his knees. After a moment of silance there were another two booms indicating that two bullets were out this time and unfortunatelly now that poor man was laying in a pool of blood with 2 bullets in his head. Sanyu seeing this horifying view and also coz of the loud sound coz now she was very close to them she got really scared and screamed. She then realised her stupidity and tried to hide behind some bushes near but she was aware that those killers hear her…she was praying only that they dont find her. ( END of FLASHBACK )

Sanyu pov:

No why did i had to scream?? Pls God dont let them find me. Suddenly she heard some noises near the bush she was hiding. Sanyu ur so dead right now…they found u.

She closed her eyes in anticipation waiting for those men to find her. She felt a hand grabbing her from behind and pinning her to the ground. She felt a hand over her mouth and a weight was over her. She imediatlly opened her eyes and was shocked. Rd was standing over her with one hand on her waist and the other one on her mouth. He was on top of her but he wasnt looking at her. She could see his dark orbs looking here and there probably to see if those criminals left…but wait why was he saving her…he is a criminal too right? Who is he my kiddnaper or saviour ? Her mind was thinking about this only…

Rd: Stop staring at me miss…i cant concentrated…

Sanyu: Sorry…still blabbering

After some moments they again heard gun shoots. Sanyu closed her eyes and clutched Rd shirt in her tiny fist. Rd was just looking at her and was mesmerized by her beauty. Luckly those men went from there without looking for them.

Man 1: I swear i heard somone screaming. U know if someone saw us boss will kill us. We dont need some unwanted company.

Man 2: No it wasnt anyone there…see we already looked. It must have been a bird which flew away at the moment u shoot the bullets.

Man 1: Yeah ur right…lets go boss is waiting for us.

Over there Rd let out a sight of relief and looked at Sanyu who was still having her eyes closed and he tryed to get up but her grip on his shirt stopped him…

Rd(with a soft voice): Sanyu open ur eyes…your safe now…

Sanyu opened her eyes slowly and met his glittery eyes…they were so close to eachother that they could feel their breaths…he was enchanted by her inocent eyes and she was attracted to those dark orbs…they kept looking in eachother s eyes like there was no tomorrow…

I know is not so long but i ll try to make the next one longer…thanks again for ur support….waiting for ur views and comments…


Credit to: Anda

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