Alluringly Dangerous ( Episode 3 )

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The class was really cool and ma’am well like what I had already mentioned one of a kind you should definitely meet. Class got over about 15 minutes back and am still here stuck in this stupid rain. If it was any other day I would’ve danced happily in this weather but today is not just ‘another day’ , for this is the day I agreed to finally show myself at tuition’s. To say I feel exhausted would be an underestimation for I feel completely worn out. Rohan had some doubt so the boys are still in class which leaves only me in this quite spacious living room of my teacher. I leaned against the satin curtains, feeling its softness against my skin. A hot cup of coffee in my cozy room is all I want right at this moment. Sighing I started humming a random tune that came in my mind when all a sudden I feel that old familiar chill creep down my spine. I can feel it twisting itself against my wrist in a way coaxing me. Closing my eyes tight shut I bike keys so hard that my fingers stated stinging just so that I could get over this chill but it only seems like spreading slowly savoring each and every moment engulfing me completely until I couldn’t take it anymore. Gasping I spun around quickly only to hit myself at something so hard that my whole body shook.

“Whoa whoa! Lady, watch your steps” Rex muttered while he helped me getting back on my feet. His touch familiar but distant, sending a shiver across my spine despite the chillness I feel.
What kind of seemed weird is the fact that the left side of my body seemed warm the kind one finds refugee in. I turned to my left where Rohan held me authoritatively, this guy somehow looked different from the one I saw this morning- he seemed cool, carefree breathtakingly handsome and most importantly friendly. Of course not like I could ignore the screwed up faces of the 2 most handsome young men I happened to meet. But what caught me off guard was their eyes for the 2 pair of eyes watching me seemed delicate and understanding as though it knew exactly what exactly was going over here.

‘”Jazz, you really need to learn to walk” he stated matter-of-factly.
“Yeah Rohan I’ll definitely try” I tried to say but all that came out was some sort of a sound that seemed like a snort for which Rex chuckled.

“Stop mocking her Rex, she’s just having a hard time, Jazz you may as well call me Ro” Ro told as he helped me to the nearest chair. I slightly nodded trying hard to shake off this stupid tantrum my head is throwing at me.

I looked around to find ma’am but she was nowhere to be seen. That’s when Rex told the next classes started. They asked if they should even drop me for which I simply shook my head. Once my head got clear we three walked towards the gate as it finally stopped raining. They were about to take their bikes when I finally gathered up the wits to ask them what I had been having in my mind all this time.

“Re, Ro have we ever met before, I mean you know some kind of fest or something”. I saw them exchanging an understanding look before turning to me. But none of us spoke for what seemed like ages.
“Nah! Why do we look like someone you knew?” finally it was Re who broke the silence but his eyes seemed telling another story.

“Oh! You might have” I managed to choke out.
The ride back home wasn’t much smooth; all that kept going in my mind was the 2 boys I met a few hours ago. I thought only Rex was mysterious but now I’ve no idea who the real mysterious one is…….

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