Alluringly Dangerous ( Episode 2 )


thanks ireena roshni umama aastha for your support. sorry for the late update but you see being a medical entrance repeater our journey was going through many ups and down and i even lost my pets sunconure birds and so i hope youll understand . now coming to the story well i didnt say its mine exactly its about a story or rather a nightmare ive been having since my 8th grade along with a plot ive been having in my mind.

Summoning up all the courage i could, i slightly pushed open the gates and slowly started scrolling towards the front porch. I can tell i was going all nerves and thats when i noticed mam talking to 2 boys of my age,they were standing with their back turned towards me.She didnt seem to have noticed me so i made a little sound with my heels as i didnt wanna stand here for long and as expected she did turn and along with her one of the boys also turned who seemed to be annoyed while the other one was seriously engrossed in his books. As soon as mam so me her face lit up ‘mrng mam’ i warmly greeted her. As soon as those words words were out of my mouth i saw the other boy tilting his head,eyes snapping out at once and finally giving me a slightly amused smile said, ‘oh! is she the new one.’ he asked turning towards mam.She nodded and turning towards me said , ‘mrng jezz, even these 2 are in your grade. now that theres 15 more minutes for the class to begin u may go follow them, the class is in the 1st floor”

I slightly nodded my head but couldnt say anything as myself was in a trance and all that kept going in my head was ‘OMG!’he was indeed very handsome.As soon as i saw his eyes i felt deeply relaxed and my mind was once again at peace.The three of us walked with utter silence. i was walking along with the 2nd one while the 1st was lagging-and it was clearly written on his face how much he despised coming.While i was walking i kept stealing glances at the 2nd one.

Once we were there as i turned to take a seat but thats when the 2nd boy beamed ‘Hii, am Rex and this is Rehan’ ,’hey ,myself jezz’ i replied offering my hand which he gladly took. Oh my! if looks could kill i swear i wouldve been dead by then. As soon as i felt his hands i felt sparks running through my body and a familiar yet grave chill crept down my spine. He seemed to have noticed it for he raised his eyebrows giving a questioning glare to which i simply shook my head smiling a bit irrespective of the fear creeping through my body. Then we had some casual talks. Rehan seemed to be a reserved type but Rex seemed to be casual not a flirt but friendly. This is how our friendship started. He was so handsome but there was something about him which wouldnt let my guards down whenever we meet.Or to be frank everything about Rex was/is alluringly dangerous.

hope whoever is reading this have enjoyed it. am sorry if theres any kind of mistakes and ill only be able to write once in a week or at times 2 weeks . i hope youll understand my worries

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  1. nyc epi dr…update nxt epi soon

  2. Nice story anandha dear..plz update asap

  3. Nice episode dear. Waiting for next one . Update as per your convenience.

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